"To Live (1952)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Akira Kurosawa's film "Life." The idea was inspired by the movie, / inspired / plot story of Leo Tolstoy's "The Death of Ivan Ilyich».
classic film about human life / correlative time lived and stayed until the end of life / attempt of finding himself / in the context of the meaning of his life / and philanthropy in the highest sense of its meaning.
Akira Kurosawa, Japanese film director, classic of world cinema. Over 57 creative work took 30 films. Kurosawa's work has had a huge impact on the development of world cinema.
Leo Tolstoy, Russian writer, a recognized classic during his lifetime.
hero of this dramatic history, which occurred in post-war Japan, a regular employee, the head of the city council, Kanji Watanabe / Tokasi Shimura / 30 years, worked at his post, / without holidays and weekends /. And he learns that he has cancer of the stomach and him to live no more than six months. He was stunned, what to do, who to look for support / simple understanding /. With her son had little to do, the only meaning of his life was to work / which made no sense / and was shifting papers from one folder to another. In an attempt to understand themselves, and in this situation for the first time Watanabe goes not to work, and in the night of Tokyo, a city where all the colors of plays and simmering.
live. What does it mean? Somehow you do not reflect on this issue, yet relatively young, yet relatively healthy, while still relatively happy. Cool, vert, earn money, develop life. And like all happy, / like /. But there is something in the depths of the soul, / is a little mental discomfort /, and in what sense, this very live. Well, obviously not to be found in the life of a warm place, so you can always eat sweet and sweet sleep, / to any shocks and disasters /. But the idea of ​​pounding somewhere in the depths of consciousness, and in the morning wake-up call with a job / meaningless, but the revenue / okay.
The night bar, Watanabe meets the poet, in black / Yunoske Ito / person with a completely different way thoughts and understanding of life, / the very life which he failed /. They talk about life / well, just like Faust with Mephistopheles / drink bitter and walk the city at night. Sometimes it is very helpful for a friendly chat to think about the bread, I looked into the soul of his interlocutor to see his reflection, his fear and his phobia.
Then Watanabe meets girl and help her quit the hated work and this, perhaps the first and selfless act staot the first step to enlightenment, / to the moral purification / to inner harmony, to the light.
live, it's not easy to live, it is to create. Good, eternal. Perhaps what you manage to create, and will not last forever, / everything under /, but it will. It will be some time to warm the hearts of the people. It will be a good memory for you. A good memory, it is not so little.
And Watanabe decides to build a playground on the site of an abandoned wasteland. Common playground. But it was not there. Playground for children, it is the land, which in the city can bring windfall, / any land in any city, it's an opportunity a lot of money /, be it shopping mall, parking lot, or something. We all live in the capital of the world and all understand that money makes money.
Therefore, to build a platform will not be easy, / mighty of this plan is not easy to break /, for humanity in the business plans do not fit.
This is a difficult film / the most important points, for you and me /. About people. About the people on the ground of the living. About us wonder about that with us the same people. They too hard, / understand the basic issues / life and death. Nobody taught us life, we are either wrong, or do not understand the essence of the problem, because of that everything is so easy. We do not want and do not know how to listen, even to his friends, / Take for example the relationship between Watanabe and his son / corny do not know how to forgive, we are not able to give up their small pleasures. We do not know how to love. A love of self demand. And go out of it, build our relationship with the world. But this world, but arranged differently, you have to give, not take. Give everything / give with love / only then to live, / and do not exist /. And other options to find meaning / gain happiness in this world, / no.
And a few words in addition to the eternal truths. We're all going to die at one time, but not all die happy, not all die with a smile on his face.

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