"To Live (1952)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

What do you usually say after seeing the film, which did not cause emotions and not forced to think about? You say that the movie is not much. What usually happens when you see something elitist, classical, and you have to show this film tribute. Even if you did not cause anything except zova answered something like, yes, a good movie. And yet Rate, say, eight. "Well, one must throw for the fact that one of the first films on this theme and and all that. Not cattle, I for some to talk about this film is bad. »
The main character discovers that he was sick. Six months left to live. Through pain and suffering, he learns about the futility of his life. After a while, after the booze and carousing, he decides to do something really worthwhile ...
's about the whole story, stretched by 2, 5 hours. Which forced to watch this movie. Recommendations on KP. Positive reviews. Cult director, author of "The Seven Samurai».
In the film, there is always a topical issue. The bureaucracy of the public committee, which sends to the Department for Construction, health, nature, childhood, etc. Philosophizing hero about his life. By the way, I must say that have never met in life heroes Chekhov and Dostoevsky. E. The "little man", who in adult life modestly lowers his head when he chastises the one who, for example, good daughter, who is modest for someone to ask about anything, not to ask ... Who can have their say senile years, behaves shyly and uncertainly. And it is in the film Head! I do not believe. Such a life is simply no.
learns that he has a disease and then right before his eyes sweeping the whole of his life, much of which he spent on ... no matter what. Hoping somehow to forget and enjoy life, go into the gap with a random friend of liquor. This guy from the institution formed, he is honest, has a special sympathy and empathy, so that the town red goes with the main character, in order to support him. Note that this is about forty minutes of the movie, and to see that you have repeatedly seen in the movies, just boring.
to leave behind anything, than you would be proud of, the protagonist builds a park. He supervised the construction and cares about making sure the park was erected. Watanabe hero is faced with obstacles that run counter to his life and character. He has to fight, even though it is in the film takes very little time.
In a story that fits into a couple of sentences out 2.5 hours. Dry and emotional Watanabe discovers that his life is still half a year. Next existential thoughts lead him to the revelry, and then to what it is in life never done with love and understanding - he supervised the construction of the park, to overcome all difficulties. Thus leaving behind at least something for other people, and so leaves behind at least something useful. Since production has been more than 60 years!
Cinema, which can inspire new achievements, for example, to shoot something for the next generation of people. That's what this film is designed, well and in the rare people who delight in the film.
possible, for a proper understanding of the tape need to be Japanese, who know their history, that is, history of their country. Mentality, they say, the chiefs in this country such modest zabivsheysya mouse in the corner, and so
Generally, if to reflect on why the old cinema is perceived, so you can ask the following questions.
Why nobody reads drevneellinskuyu literature or medieval? Maybe because it is obsolete for the average educated person? About uneducated do not speak for all of guano because guano and read? "Who needs it - four-eyes." So here it is difficult to assess what a half-century ago was considered a genius, because today there are more digestible things look with great interest. For example, "Knockin 'on Heaven" or "The Bucket List". That's something enthusiastically perceive things more modern, although I understand that there is something in the film industry, which was the pillars ... But why did none of the educated people do not move to the literature does not read such literature fathers as: ,, Alcaeus Anacreon, Alcman, Pindar, Vakhilida, Sappho (by the way, the first woman, announced the existence of lesbian love)
or a representative of the Middle Ages:. Petrarch, Rabelais' Gargantua and Pantagruel. " In the opinion, the famous scientist, Bakhtin, is one of the authors who laid the foundations of modern European literature, Michel de Montaigne, Erasmus, Thomas More, Lope de Vega. Yes, what can I say, Shakespeare's most avidly read?
When I was younger, I could throw a couple of points for the fact that something was one of the first in the genre. But I live in the 21st century, and I am not a professional film critic (though they many not particularly fond of the classics), Goba to say that that has affected and where the roots. I am talking about how much fun to watch a movie right now. The conclusion is simple, the movie one of the first of its kind, but dull and commonplace, even if artificially to give this idea, they say, without it there would be no other ... no, it would be. If more than one director is certainly talented, then the other. As with radio, Russia Popov invented in Italy - Guglielmo Marconi, Germany - Mahlon Loomis in the US - David Hughes, etc. Everywhere Radio Day holiday is associated with different people. So naturally there is not one, so the other at about the same time.
So much for Kurosawa ... In general, before stating that the film he says, is designed for a special audience with the thinking that will be able to notice small apt things ... Read'd rather something clever, like Nietzsche, Freud, or more simple, but also the elite of Thomas Mann. The head is more likely to be working than to watch a movie in which there is no special philosophy. Well, or there, but at the level of: "Come on, mate, kitchen pobazarili for life»
Do not be fooled by others, put an adequate assessment..

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