Title: help word count : 909 Essay

Title: help word count : 909

Fate is something I will choose

So cold, so cloudy, so dark…

I gasped as the wind hit me; I rubbed my hands and went through my bag to grab my umbrella. I finally got it and zipped my jacket up; as soon as I stepped out of the shed, the wind screamed in anger, the trees moaned as their limbs were brutally ripped from their body’s, the hailstones viciously attacked my face with no remorse as it left scratches on my face.

“Why didn’t I bring my gloves” I grumbled under my breath. I rubbed my hands again and ran as fast as I could to the bus stop, the wind wrenched onto my umbrella heaven words, “bloody hell what can I use to cover my head now, god this is killing me”. I looked up to see the bus times, the notice caught my eye.


“Damn” I mumbled under my breath. I looked around and spotted the Chinese takeaway; ran as fast as I could, wincing as the hailstones hit my skin. As soon as I opened the door the heat inside started to warm me up slowly. And there was good old Sammy with his new dyed blonde hair.

“Don’t want the ladies off me do we eh? “He said when he was talking about it. “Callum how you doing and why the hell are you out there in that bloody weather”.

“I was at football training, I want to improve ma skills don’t ah. The bus isn’t on because of the weather so I will have to walk home don’t ah. The hailstones are too much and it’s too cold so a thought it was okay to stay here and warm up “I said.

“It’s okay, I’ll make you some chips and soup to get you warmed up before you head out again “he said with a grin heading towards the kitchen.

“Thanks Sammy” I called back. “No problem he replied. I sat down facing the window and watched as the rain and wind formed an alliance to try to attack me through the window. I rubbed my hands again, I was getting warmer but my clothes were still soaked and I have to bear in mind that I will have to go out again and the weather would still be bad. A while passed. I could smell the food from the kitchen. “God I was so hungry”.

Sammy came out with food in his hands smiling brightly. “There you are enjoy”. “Thanks Sammy” I said as he walked back to the counter. I ate as fast as I could then stood up and called out to Sammy as I was leaving when he said goodbye thanking him. I zipped up my jacket, rubbed my hands.

The weather left a gift. Destruction, branches abandoned on the ground; street signs hanging to its last leg. A damp smell filled the air. The sky was filled with nothing but darkness not a star in sight, no birds heard just silence.

I put my hands into my pockets and took out my phone and checked it.

A message from my dad 20 minutes ago. “GET HERE NOW”

My hands started to shake as I opened the door. He was lying down drunk. Beer spilled down his top.

There was a time we were happy when my mum was alive but it didn’t last long, he didn’t hide the fact he cheated on her multiple time and wore her down. She was planning to divorce him and take me away with her but she got sick and didn’t get better, we both knew she was dying .He went to jail for assault, I wanted him to stay in jail so I don’t get to see his disgusting face never again. After he came back from jail he said “your mum deserved it she was a dirty wee slut who was going to take you away from me and leave me”.

Mum told me she was going to take me away from this hell hole and away from him to build a proper happy life with me and her but now there is no one to help me, no one to free me from the devil I call dad.

He stood up with disgust in his face “ what right do you have to stay out for so long, you disgust me I am so sick of looking at you” he said gritting his teeth. “I should have killed you along with your mum you dirty wee insect” he walked away to the kitchen to get himself another beer. I didn’t know what to say I just stood there. I finally got the courage to say it. “You’re a fucking disgusting coward“. Before I thought about my next action my dad took a glass bottle and threw it at my head, I collapsed onto the floor.

The bottle hit my head. I touched my forehead it was bleeding. I looked up and saw him smirking and he said “who is the coward now; watch it before I bloody send you to your bastard of a mother”.

It was the next day when I woke up. I was lying in front of the staircase, I dragged myself upstairs flinching at every movements. I sat down in the shower not even bothering to take my kit off and let the hot water run. The cut started to sting, it was bigger than I thought. I will have to take a few days off school.

I’m not stupid I know I can go and get help and get out of this place but where does that get me into …homeless, foster care , I don’t have any other family that will actually take me. I had my mum the one person that truly loved me but now she’s gone. I will make my own life a life I want and need.

The happy life

Nobody can help me. I have to create my own happy ending.

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