Tips for preparing your first ski trip Essay

Tips for preparing your first ski trip

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Trips to the snow: Prepare the equipment, the ski pass or the ski insurance

Have you always dreamed of sliding through the snow and have never dared? Have you been proposed to take a ski trip and, in addition to not having started in winter sports, do you have doubts about other steps to plan your getaway? With these tips you can prepare and make your trip to the snow and enjoy sliding safely in the ski area.

My first ski trip: What do I need to know and prepare?Trips to the snow: How to train for skiing or snowboarding

Train yourself before you start skiing

Both skiing and snowboarding are very intense sports. Therefore, muscles and joints must be prepared for this effort. It is convenient not to go from a sedentary life to skiing for days because, besides overloading the muscles, we can injure ourselves. Tones the legs running or walking and doing exercises to increase the strength of the quadriceps and glutes. When organizing your ski trip, you can check our skiing and snowboarding training tips.

To which ski resort should I travel?

Where to go skiing is something that depends on the type of trip you want to do: skiing in a place near your home, in an international destination to get to know another country or do it as a family in a ski resort to go with children . It may be that the station has many après-ski activities or you may want to be in a quiet and uncrowded resort, with many green slopes for beginners or that you prefer stations with tracks that are a challenge for you.

Accommodation on ski trips

Accommodation is something that we must book in advance so that our trip to ski is cheaper and find the best place to sleep. Like the station, we will choose the accommodation according to our preferences. For example, if you travel with a large group or with children, the best option may be an apartment at the foot of the track. If you want to move through different seasons, known as safari skiing , it is best to stay somewhere at an intermediate distance. As for choosing an apartment or hotel, it depends on the tastes and the budget of each one when traveling. One of the best options is to hire a ski package + ski pass , you will save time and money.

In the station or outside it? Where to stay when making a ski trip

About transportation

If you have chosen an international destination for your trip to the snow and want to travel by plane find out what is necessary to transport the skis , since in most cases you have to book and even depending on the destination, pay a supplement. The same happens if you go by bus or train . In these cases it is best to book as soon as possible, so we can choose the days we want and it will be cheaper. If you decide to move by car do not underestimate the mountain and take the chains to hand. Of course, try before going out to put or remove them so that if you need them, do it as soon as possible.

What is the ski pass? And the skipass?What is the ski pass? Travel to the snow and move around the ski slope with this pass

The pass is the pass that identifies you at the station and that will allow you to access and move around the ski slopes using the ski lifts. Without this bonus you will be able to ski on the track but you will have to move on foot moving the skis up the mountain.

Although you can hire packages that include accommodation and ski passes or even transportation, choose the ski pass days based on your physical condition and your planning. If you go many days, maybe one day you want to ski only half a day and then relax in a spa, or prefer to change seasons due to bad weather conditions.

The skipass is a system faster access to tracks and you can recharge online.

The ski slopes

Mark a tour and take the map with you always. Thus, you can discover the clues or areas that you like or adapt to your level and how to go from one to the other taking better advantage of the time of your getaway in the snow. Be aware of the extent to which you master the ski equipment and technique and do not intend to slide on a track that is not your level . From lower to higher difficulty, the tracks are classified by colors: green, blue, red or black , in addition to other types and exclusive itineraries for professionals and good connoisseurs of the station.

If you are an expert and your thing is the freeride or off-piste , understanding off-piste as any area of ​​the mountain that is not the marked tracks of the station, you take risks like the cost of the rescue, which can be very high, especially if helicopter assistance is necessary.Knowing the types of ski slopes is essential when making a trip to the snow

Travel with a ski insurance

Whether you ski in Spain or abroad, the rescue on slopes is not free, so if you do not carry ski insurance you will have to pay the costs. An insurance to practice snow sports such as Wintersports, supports you anywhere in the world with an unlimited coverage of search and rescue expenses both on tracks and in the mountains, even by helicopter.

In addition, InterMundial's winter sports insurance pays you the cost of renting sports equipment in case the airline mislays you or if it is accidentally damaged at the station. Other expenses that you can recover are the cost of the ski pass and contracted classes that you can not enjoy in case of illness or accident.

Wintersports is a flexible insurance that gives you the possibility of extending rehabilitation costs if you get injured, and can use private healthcare to treat you. You can also choose the Wintersport basic version to have the essential protection on your ski trip.

In addition to covering the realization of more than 20 snow sports , Wintersports is also a travel insurance that assists you during the entire stay in case of incidents and expenses of medical assistance, repatriation, problems with luggage or transport, loss of contracted reserves or Cancellation and interruption of the trip, among others.

How to choose equipment and clothing for proper skiingBoots, skis, fixings, board: How to choose the ski equipment for the first time

In your ski trip you should not miss a good equipment or comfortable clothes and that at the same time protect you from the cold and sun.

As for the ski equipment for amateurs, it is best to opt for a multipurpose ski that suits all types of slopes and ways to slide. In addition to the level, it is important to consider the height and weight of the skier.

When choosing boots , let yourself be advised very well by the professional of the store. To find the ideals, we must take into account the level of skiing we have and the size and shape of the foot. Beginners should choose boots with a Flex 60 index or lower, which indicates a soft stiffness that will allow you to modify the position and exerts little resistance to flexion. The size of the ski boots is based on the Mondopoint system, which is equivalent to the length in centimeters of our foot. Measure your largest foot, since our feet are not identical. As for the last, the different brands design more or less wide models. Do not neglect the choice of socks and insolesif you need them Boots can lose almost half of their volume after skiing for several days, so do not have to choose loose.Anorak, polar, thermal shirt, helmet ... Choosing clothes to ski properly is essential in your trip to the snow

The bindings join the boot and the board, so it is necessary to choose them well for safety. You also have to choose them according to weight, height, shoe size, age, level and way of skiing.

With regard to ski clothing , if you are a beginner you should know that you do not need to wear three sweaters and five sweatshirts to avoid being cold in the snow. It may surprise you to know that with three layers of clothing is enough. First of all, you need a T-shirt and thermal pants that keep the heat but transpire. A polar will protect us from the cold and an anorak and waterproof pants will make us windbreaker and keep us away from the humidity. If it is hot, we will dispense with the polar and thermal pants, but never the anorak.

In addition, it is very important to wear waterproof gloves , a hat , a panty for the neck, helmet and goggles to protect our eyes from harmful sunrays.

Before, during and after, we apply sunscreen and lip balm so that our skin does not burn, and stop from time to time to replenish energy taking energy bars, chocolate or nuts and of course, water.

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