Tips for a successful new year sale Essay

To have a flourishing sale, you have to make your planning for the year ahead. Businesses who set up their new year resolutions and set a deadline to achieve them make a set of actionable steps to convert their dream into reality.

The average US person spends around $850 on new year gifts every year, giving e-commerce retailers an excellent opportunity to drive up their sales revenue.

So, here I am outshining top 10 tips for implementing a successful new year sale for the year 2019.

1. Promote your new products on social media with an attractive new year hashtags. Around 85 percent of millennials don’t trust general advertising, they trust social media. So accelerate your special new year products with trending hashtags like “#newyear, #newresolutions, #its2019”.Coca-Cola has started its social media new year campaign as-

One Gift you’re allowed to open early… #ShareACoke #NewYearEve

New year sale contest

2. Organize exciting new year contests for buyers to encourage more purchases like Refer a friend contest, question-answer contests, Logo designing contests, tag a friend contest, Like-share-upload and many more.

This retains the engagement of customers with your products. Start it during the last week of December and impress your customers with exciting prizes.

New year quizes

3. Initiate discount coupons and gift cards for future purchases along with presently sold products. Decide upon offering a tiered discount structure to your customers i.e more they spend, more they save. For eg., if any customer spends $500, they will avail 10% off, but if they spend $800 they will get 20%off. So, this type of structure will fascinate your customer to buy more product.

4. Produce interactive new year sale oriented contents. It has been found that interactive content has the capacity of generating double conversions than other modes of promotion. Apart from writing blogs and articles, you can refer to other types of contents also like-

Conduct a lucrative quiz on your site like what new year products would you like to purchase this year? Your favorite new year celebration spots? Etc.

Beautify your site with interactive infographics related to New year resolutions.

You can also demand a New year themed short responses from your customers in the form of emojis on your Instagram story and twitter profile.

5. Make early planning of your new year sale by doing a complete analysis of previous year trends. Go through Analytics or google trends to explore what were the hunting choices of customers. Also, scan the competitor’s strategy before forming yours.

6. Focus more on retargeting existing customers rather than acquiring new ones. Always focus on making brand awareness tactics to gain larger retargeting pools during December month. Rather than making plans for gaining the attention of new prospects work upon old ones. Retarget them by sending new year oriented emails, gifts, smart cards, etc.

For more details refer- Top 10 leading remarketing tactics must-to-have for any business this festive sale!

7. Create quick landing pages to have an effective promotion of your deals and establish a good customer relationship. Customize your check-out pages for easy navigation and make a special category of your new year sale offers. Use Heatmaps to examine where your visitors existed for more time.

8. Manage your inventory beforehand. Implement quality management testing in order to avoid delayed shipment. Follow these key points to avoid any mismanagement-

Ensure that you have one place in a system which integrates all stock of data.

Separate consignment stock from your own inventory

Make use of USB Barcode scanner to track both inbound and outbound stock

9. Offer free shipping services as a special new year gift to your customers.

As per ComScore study, around 58% of shoppers purchased more product to qualify for free shipping service, while around 83% are ready to wait for 2 more days to avail service of free shipping.

Want to know more about shipping and delivery? Go through-

Post checkout trick Fulfillment- Shipping & Delivery

10. Price your new year products as per technique of psychological pricing like instead of pricing as $200, use $199. This motivates buyers to make additional purchases without thinking about price.

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