"Three Poplars at Plyushchikha (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Soviet cinema 60s. blockbusters, created by hands of talented women-directed T. Lioznova, gave us "17 Moments of Spring" and not less than (have) the classic "Carnival".
course, analogues of the films can result in a lot, and, in my opinion, the greatest similarity in the storyline, vsyo nevertheless, it belongs to a much more modern movie "Bridges of Madison County." But to compare the two pictures, of course, is impossible, because no matter how much time had passed since the most distant '60s, but OUR cinema has always been, is and will be that picture, after seeing that our descendants as do we with one voice, breath, will repeat the phrase: «Yes, well, that's able as before to shoot good movies» and even if it looks overly patriotic, but our Soviet cinema never should. forgotten, but instead be reviewed periodically, as many of the galaxy of stars of Soviet cinema for a long time no longer among us, but it is in fl x films they acquire their cinematic immortality and thanks to them they will "live" in our hearts forever ...
«Three Poplars at Plyushchikha» - love story, or rather of its instant . of course, in our time it may look incredibly boring, but, in my opinion, it is worth a look to see the standard, the sample of the very real sense, which in that distant era and inspired our directors to create their art film works, and at the same time was something light, good, in what is not yet p ovliyalo spirit of the times
image of the main character Nura -. rural women, mothers, faithful and devoted wife to be very vivid and memorable, of course, thanks to fulfill this role, the actress, Tatiana Doronina The talent and natural beauty. this inimitable actress helped to move to the screen that femininity, tenderness and warmth of a simple Russian woman who by the will of fate was there, where it is not appreciated and loved not properly. and, it would seem, here it is life, every day, which begins and ends the same, one and the same "scenario" as, that you begin to think that the way it should be, that here it is a peaceful family life, but ... brief trip to the capital to change this view.
How much time you need to understand that now he (she) is the same man, your other half? Sometimes it takes years, sometimes enough and a few minutes - and everything becomes clear
Moments ... Moments of love and happiness Let fleeting, but.. yet the ones that you will never be able to forget. The ones you will resemble a song, a word that even though you do not know for sure, but always know and remember her motive.
Choice. He accompanies us throughout our life, and the difficulty it always boils down to the fact that sometimes a decision can not be weighed and the result of your thoughts and meditations taken immediately minutely. But whether it is correct and justified - that it would be worth to think
Such questions, in fact, ask a after viewing pictures of T. Lioznova.. And, perhaps, it should revise throughout his life, because in its different periods and "Three Poplars ..." looks different. In 15 years, probably not so much perceived the emotional background, the tension that the film is released and, therefore, the main character is assessed based on their perception of the world of youth. But with age, when the changing attitude and have formed their own, based on experience, a vital position in this issue is already becoming difficult to give an unambiguous assessment of what we see in this, at first glance, a simple and simple story.
Conclusion one: for viewing recommended. Look at the true Russian beauty Tatiana Doronin, "read" in the view of mental attitude and feelings and, of course, penetrate the music, which sounds for almost the entire film is definitely worth the viewer's attention. A theme song «Tenderness» by Maya Kristalinskaya is still admired for its touching, but at the same time force, a force capable to break the ice in the heart of anyone to someone "touched" her tune.
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