"Three Poplars at Plyushchikha (1968)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Such as a field, beautiful faces in the film unit. Ingrid Bergman, I do not know, Hanna Schygulla, Tatiana Doronin - and miscalculated. Doroninoj screen time - maybe three and a half of the film, who know everything, and a dozen forgotten - but a light breath of her roles, personal tone, luminosity of her gift -. Not to be confused with someone
amazing how she managed not to spill the view in the final of the "Three poplars at Plyushchikha". The taxi driver called in the movie please a woman, and she did not come to him - between the lines of this simple story told is one of the most important of the great myths of humanity - a meeting (and non-meeting), men and women. Ugly, exemplary courageous Efremov, with its stingy acting minimalism and dazzling mature, serene beauty Doronin, like the ocean, filled the screen in waves with cresting of his artistic expression (which is "larger than life") - together they have played perhaps the most beautiful . our kinoduet
She played life, just as rye: house, palisade and a pig in a puddle of primordial zaokonny space, trees with a white crust, and then - izbyanaya sadness, anger sosedstvennaya living wall against the wall, dobychlivy husband velets, a married otzhitaya a weasel; most importantly - the children, all thoughts to them. The theme of the hero of Ephraim - urban, multi loneliness - buttoned into silence solitude golostvologo poplar (there are many other solitudes: embittered orphan loneliness of old age, an honest man's loneliness, which for it is not love, loneliness beautiful, but a criminal, but a great love) From the beginning of the movie they are moving toward each other: she goes to the city to sell the meat, he travels around the sun-drenched on the eve of the July rain Moscow and will take it from the station - so the orbit of the lives of two very dissimilar people - not even n eresekutsya, but only - affect each other. And it turns out that, with her inexperience, unspent tenderness, vibrant life, she told him - neispitaya joy, Indian summer, to stupor if breathed fresh air. She is natural, from the beginning, morality and purity do not give to see that the hero of Ephraim realized she still sat in his car, and was silent about the whole movie - this entailing an inexplicable attraction. She will sing for him a favorite song and she did not notice the intimate moments: while, cut off from all the rain, she gave him her (well, anyone except Doronin, also could sing - no?) Tenderness - there, in the car, swell pours Antonovka - old - man -. hops two bodies
She gives little importance to their meeting, he would forget about the invitation to the movies, and the taxi driver a few hours prozhdet under her windows. When she realizes some uterine force fling her to meet him - incomprehensible to her elemental force that throws a man and a woman to each other, in which a mixed attraction, gratitude, pity, despair - all exposing and sweeping away everything extraneous. It is in any case not a conscious rebellion, but - beautiful senseless impulse, natural, instinctive - a woman in front of a change of despair locked door
This is the moment of breaking.. When, cry in front of a closed door, Doroninoj heroine found the keys, she already understands everything, what he needs right now, he wants to be there - but she has a house, children, husband and life, simple as rye, and the palisade, and a pig in a puddle. And, realizing this, I did not come to him. Nothing happened, not even mentioned among them, but life is opened - an hour at the closed door Doroninoj heroine looked into the gaping abyss, and not shrinking back, succumbed to the greatest and most terrible temptation when it seems that all things are naked and turned the desert, and happiness weighed and if enough people
little understanding of happiness, envy Nyura assert that it is literally awash in it and do not realize that happiness -. is a fleeting impression of his wonderful immediacy and intensity, the jammed eyes tears E. Ephraim Hero was happy when she sang it "Tenderness". Doroninoj heroine was happy when I saw that he was still waiting for her at the door. Neminuchey feeling of loss of happiness, his countenance instantly - about the same time he is sad, leaning against the steering wheel, it is silent the whole picture. This was probably thinking she was in the final film, when poured from the radio is still the same "Tenderness": amazing how she managed not to spill the view to keep the tears began to boil at this, the most recent, border. It is possible not every viewer (not me).
'I can not, he thought, I can not for no reason, no reason to come to this city, where her husband, her three year old girl, all her family and all her ordinary life! ' And this city seemed to him a kind of special, protected the city, and the thought that she had to live in it his lonely life often, perhaps remembering it, remembering their random, such fleeting encounters, and he will never not see it, this idea was amazed and impressed him.
(Ivan Bunin, "Sunstroke»)
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