"Three Idiots" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Is there such rock films as "Everything will be fine." Heroes tend to wade through the thicket of troubles, lose faith and break his legs, but still reach the finish line. In fact, apart from the most depressed and supposedly realistic samples, all art aspires to the cry of, imbued with humanism, awakens the love of life, they say, what are you doing, guy / girl, then the worlds fate heard by the people suffer, but do not give up, and you ... "the Three idiots" was able to fill up a unique collection of regular pearl, while proudly showing off her Indian essence and not shyly hiding her for a thousand veils, where from the stale air and can suffocate.
on paper, we will have "American pie" with Bollywood contrast. Drinking, singing and dancing, fun. Even Hooters found somewhere to stick! But de-facto ... afraid to drown his own saliva. Cinema is like a man, the aspirant during that whatever the cost to go to heaven and therefore all religions: it is well wrapped in a robe clownish comedy, and then, abruptly sdornuv outfit to reveal the ugly body of the drama; it diligently and vytantsovyvaetsya bawl, claiming to be a musical; it can even grab the throat of Hitchcock, a wild cry: "Do you think I do not know how to escalate suspense ?!"; at the end of it all, it invades America, drags the two first got the genre - the buddy film and road movie, and then, with a cheerful whoop, throws the ingredients in the mixer and half-mad gaze of the protagonist, a la Donnie Darko, presses cherished button
Great soundtrack and peerless actor's game -. that is honestly did not expect - complement the already glossy picture of the merits of calling to jump up and somehow throw infinite positive, bestowed tape. Desirably the dance. And if Indian motifs can not all come to mind, the idea uchinonnoe Litsedeyami hardly anyone indifferent. How he rapped his party Aamir Khan! I was blown away when I found out how old he actually him to pretend to be a student, even more successful than DiCaprio portrayed youngster in "Catch Me If You Can".
The "Three Idiots" is not the tree that It dissolves the roots of the perimeter, in order to hold during a storm, it rushes into the depths, piercing hardened layers of human lives in order to accomplish insight. Change the fucking laptop on the camera. Skillfully alternating comedy with drama, film ... no, filmische unleashes a ruthless butt on the viewer's head, still smiling, not had time to switch from a life-affirming motto on a shocking revelation. Intelligently weaved social motives combat system, which many have been taught the creators of "Cloud Atlas", forced - yes, almost under the wire appliance pursuing anyone who will desire to urinate in the wrong place - to empathize with the characters, thereby cretins such imperfect and thus relatives.
But if you fool around, fooling around with sincerity, there is always a risk of over-excited about. Firstly, a masterpiece of Indian cinema often the "pie" more than might be desired, even if manages to not stoop to worship ass and farts. And secondly, Sia Saga simply is the brain makes its hronometrazhom. Yes, three hours to the eyeballs filled with significant events and sometimes hard to believe that the characters had changed so much in just one film, without resorting to a sequel, to smooth protruding corners awkward "10 years later". Yes, because the tape can not throw out a single episode, otherwise it is no longer subtle but extremely important manifestation of its essence, impressive mental notes - be it teaching a mini-Rancho career or a fun game of "find a donkey with the help of green sauce." Yet monumentality and diversity Bollywood creations, made friends with the consciousness involuntarily creates thought: "I would cut it into serialchik". And remove the second season. In the garden because clearly there was something.
possible to memorize by rote every favorite passage, admiring the filigree and the content of the doers of outrages, but if the lesson has not passed in vain, we just wasted "Three Idiots" inside, to the fourth, where they staged another mass dance - so far without him? - and certainly herald:
10 of 10 «All Izz Well».

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