"Three Idiots" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Indian film "3 idiots" - is one of the few examples of what good movies are not just American, and an exception to the rule: "Good movies are made mostly in the US and in Europe." This beautiful and light-hearted film, in which you want to fall in love and about which you do not want to forget.
The plot twists around three idiots friends (Rancho, Farhan and Raju) and another idiot (Catur), who always tried to prove that he best by multiple zubreshki the university and kowtowing to the boss after graduation. Last inviting the protagonists to the place where once, during his university years, he promised them, being humiliated, it will achieve in life very much and will look better than they are. But things can only Farhan and Raju, and, of course, they did not care about Chatura achievements over the past 10 years. They are now 5 years have not seen Ranch. He just disappeared, gone, vanished. And these three are sent to the protagonist searches simultaneously recalling his student days.
This film is simple and unobtrusive. Staging a picture, especially in the first hour, very much reminiscent of the French film "Amelie." The main character is as simple and easy looks at the world around him. I remember the moment when the teacher asked Ranch definition of the machine on which the hero replied that it was a device that would facilitate our work. The teacher did not agree and asked to answer Chatura. Young wonk easily repeated the content of the textbook, which was written the same thing that he said Ranch, only in a more complicated form. When Rancho tried to explain that the person is important to understand the meaning, rather than learn the exact definition, it kicked out of class. Then the hero decided to show his innocence, he returned and explained that he had forgotten to textbooks, but only in a very complex form, thus showing that much clearer when things are explained simply.
That is, in this film there is a certain challenge to the existing system mass education. The hero does not understand why students need training, not understanding why requires knowledge of a certain textbook, although there are others where intelligibly described certain concepts. However, the system does not break down, even though the attempt of the hero -. It is possibly one of the small steps to change
It is also not without its good old Indian tradition. Singing. In the first half of the film you can watch two performances. Two beautiful and good songs, which immediately lifted the mood. the movie itself is imbued with a certain kindness, atmosphere of sincere friendship and understanding, but it is not without tragedy. For example, at the end of the first song, the characters can see through the camera, one of the students committed suicide. And a friend of the hero, too, commits suicide. It seems quite normal that some students have committed suicide. After all, there would not take the job without higher education. And if you do not take a job, no one will give his daughter to marry him. Who needs a man there without a higher education. No one, it is unlikely to survive, and certainly will not be a normal person. Although, perhaps, in those suicides there is some sarcasm on reality. If you did not accept the thesis in college boy, the best remedy - samoubivatsya
Speaking of jokes.. The film was originally positioned as a comedy, and, incidentally, a very good job with their task. One can think of the opening scene, where one of the three core idiots pretending to stop the plane. It turned out pretty funny.
This film is multi-faceted. He highlights a few issues such as friendship, love, struggle with the system, competition and trying to look at it through the eyes of a simple ranch. Thus, his unblemished kindness he resembles a Hollywood movie "Slumdog Millionaire." Despite the big joke this film, however, is dramatic. ... And the rain cleans the end of the film is easily comparable with the rain of frogs in "Magnolia." It is he who puts everything in its place. All the characters forget their differences, and even the stronghold of ignorance and grouchy as director Viru Sahastrabuthe softened, as if repenting of their sins.
It is a beautiful movie to watch, but sometimes the characters behave like idiots ...
... Maybe our world is full of idiots? Maybe we are all in their own idiots?
9 out of 10

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