"Three Idiots" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I like just about anything !!! It's just a brilliant film! I even nothing to complain about. Very good script with a deep underlying reason. And coupled with a good cast of, good directing and wonderful soundtrack of the movie was a hit. This is certainly a terrific comedy, but behind all this laughter are very correct and good ideas, raised a very important and topical issues.
Firstly, the problem of the race for the estimates. It's no secret that today very few people care about knowledge in its pure form, few people think about self-improvement. People just need to get a good grade for show, then to get a diploma, and then get a job. Here are just a it is often a method of teaching in the future completely cancels all your sufferings with cramming things when you are not able to express themselves in the case, ie it appear incompetent that perfectly demonstrates this wonderful film at the end, when we see someone become a movie heroes . This is a simple but brilliant idea - to engage in what you like
Secondly, the problems in the education system.. It is clear that authoritarianism is not extinct, what we are trying hard to convince the lectures in pedagogy and methods of teaching. Until now, the authoritarian system in many establishments does not hand over their positions. And the film clearly shows us the miserable results of this. It not only inhibits progress, but often cripples the personality.
Rancho, also known as Aamir Khan . I won this hero. From the name it is clearly seen that the film tells the story of three heroes, but even when they are shown in one frame three of us, always glued his eyes to just one Rancho . He simply outshines all others! Stunning character! A genius who is sick machine. He really wanted to go to this institution and want to gain knowledge. Knowledge, but not evaluation. He does not require cramming to be a successful student. He is not afraid to speak out against the teachers and even the principal. However, in spite of all his genius, this character wins his inner qualities. He is always ready to come to the rescue of friends and comrades and anyone who needs help. Rancho sincerely loves his friends. He is a good psychologist, evaluates the great people around. It helps your friends to understand themselves and find their way in life. Very surprised when she learned that Aamir at the time of the shooting was 44 years old, as he plays a young guy and looks like YOUNG guy. It's incredible! He never grows old? It is stored in the attic of a portrait that gets old for him?
As friends Ranch, both the actor showed us the living, different characters. They each have their own problems, one nepominanie with his father, and the second - family poverty. Nevertheless, this does not prevent them to be friends, have fun and get into various alterations. Of course I was very tsepanul the moment virus brought Raju to a white heat the terrible choice, which was according to the Virus destroy their friendship. And action Raju, even if it is incredibly stupid, showed his pure soul and a strong friendship. Perhaps it was the most emotional moment in the film. I even cried. Thank you for all the good in the end resolved.
Pia . When I saw in the roles of the name Kareena Kapoor, I confess that I was greatly disappointed. After the 'And in sorrow and in joy' I adhered to a negative opinion about the acting skills of the actress. But I must say that in this movie, I looked at her in a new way. It is not only annoying here, but it was pleasant and even charming. From myself I did not expect, but I liked it in this movie. Of course this is not the level of the actress Kajol, Rani Mukerji and Preity Zinta, but at least the cross on it should not be put as quickly I did.
viruses . He dad Pia . He is director of the Institute. A tyrant and a despot. Bessserdechnaya beast that killed his son, graduate student (and possibly many other students) and nearly ruined Raju . Of course, this is not entirely negative character. In it, there are good features. But I can not forgive him for the death of those people.
More should say a few words about Shatura ,-crammer student. He was the protagonist of many comical situations. Thanks to him, we know what kind of person should never be. Small and insignificant, it nevertheless is capable of much harm. The complete opposite of the main characters.
And summing up what we have? Excellent movie, when watching that rests the soul and at the same time zadumyveshsya about many things. I put on a par with my favorite 'And in sorrow and in joy' and 'Kal Ho Naa Ho' . I will be reviewed. Many times.
10 of 10

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