"Three Idiots" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Finally, the expectation of a grand Bollywood project called "Three Idiots" ( "3 Idiots") completed! All fans of Indian cinema will be one hundred percent satisfied, and what is there to be upset? The film was a success, as confirmation of - an ambitious, incredible, the biggest in the history of Bollywood box office ! For the first time the 3 weeks the film has collected $ 70 million! And this is only the beginning of the triumphant march of the film at cinemas worldwide. And the company Big Pictures, distributors, shows the film on 2126 screens worldwide, including 366 screens overseas
Vinod Chopra, the film's producer commented as follows:. "Charges were overwhelming on all continents. I knew before, that people will like my film, but it's something something. .. we have received reports from places like Australia, which states that they are reduce the number of sessions 'Avatar', and increased the number of sessions of our film. " That's it, "3 Idiots" - turned out to be more interesting in content and meaning than the sensational "Avatar" and much more fond of viewers from around the world, deservedly so
This comedy Soul Plane, it is difficult to isolate one thing!, some major component of the success of this painting. What did it so catchy ? A stunning selection of actors - an unexpected pair of Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor; reincarnation Aamir 44-year-old man (in my life) in a teenager on the screen, or it damn well written script with the full arsenal of sharp jokes and adventures of three insane friends - that it turned out to be decisive it is unknown, but all together - bomb!
little about the actors. Initially, the film play a leading role was the king Shahrukh Khan, but he did not succeed due to other projects. Kajol (Kajol) also had to play in the film, but she had problems with time, so the role was in Kareena Kapoor (called, incidentally, the alleged Russian name ). It must be said Aamir, who plays the student's educational institution under the name of Imperial College of Engineering, made a kind of 'heroism' - a short shooting period, only in order to fit into the role, dropped 8 kg, and completely changed the body! So do not be surprised, looking first at the little-fed carcass Bollywood stars, gradually turns into a standard model.
film based on the book Chetan Bhagat 'Five Point Someone'. Why it is based - in fact, the book and the film have really very little to do. When the director decided to film the book, consisting of short stories and having one cohesive story, suitable for a feature film, he asked permission from the writer's own interpretation of the book and wrote the screenplay. Then showed cetanah script and he gave his consent to the shooting, though he thought his book with "three idiots" brings together not more than 2-5%! True, after the premiere, he changed his opinion after seeing what creative ideas of madness and book is still the same as the film is neither more nor less than 70% .
The film started shooting July 28, 2008 and released to the Christmas 2009. And already in 2010 began a triumphal procession of the film at various festivals! 21 nominated for Star Screen Awards ( 10 of them wins ) and 11 nominations gave the prestigious 55th Filmfare Awards (the results will be February 27). ! It is possible that this is one of the best paintings in the history of Indian cinema
especially recommend the movie fan to pay attention to the official website - it is something one big joke! You find yourself in the same insane and unbelievable atmosphere of the film - writing graffiti, solve puzzles and answer questions tupeyshie supposedly studying at the Academy of Idiots. In general, something difficult. (This is not advertising, God forbid). Lars Von Trier and his "idiot", who in their time of worship, as well as the "Dogme 95", now sitting quietly. Very much the Indians turned smartly to remove about our generation of idiots - young, incredibly self-motivated, who know a lot about friendship and love, ready for a missing friend to rush to the end of the world
most eminent film critics have responded exceptionally unanimously - all recommend to go to a movie, that we, by a dreadful misunderstanding and omissions do not show in Russia! Sometimes it seems that all the most ambitious world premieres pass, if we are living on another planet ...
is expected that this will be the first Indian film, the exposed officially on YouTube, is already 12 weeks after release . on the big screen
Especially memorable and "stuck in my head," the main soundtrack - 'Zoobi Doobi'. The clip, which performs this song with Kareena, Aamir, has already become a hit. In general, all of the music for the film was written by composer Shantanu Moitra ( «Bro Munna", "Fallen Angel"), and the words were written by well-known in India, director, writer, actor and screenwriter serials Svananda Kirkirey (Swanand Kirkire) ( «Paa», «Parineeta», «Laaga Chunari Mein Daag»).
In general, I have a lot of emotions! Viewing experience very positive, in spite of the film's length (3.5 hours). The plot and the basic tricks will not reveal, that is to believe it is necessary to see the most, I can only say -.. These idiots were annealed to the full! See all.
10 of 10

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