"Three Idiots" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This is not just a film, it is masterpiece of world cinema ! Despite its duration - looks at one go: unexpected plot twists, funny situations, interesting dialogues, original characters, catchy songs, and of course the inimitable Aamir Khan! How much energy it! In life, he was forty-odd, but then it really is not more than 20, and it's not the makeup artist-instructors, etc. Donning a 40-year-old man T-shirt, jeans and make up - do not turn it into a student must have enthusiasm, a kind of spark in the eyes
Two students, Farhan and Raju enter the College of Engineering. One of his father's insistence and against their dream of being an artist photo, the other for the sake of earnings, guaranteed after the end of the college to support his poor family. Both with their problems, their fears. And then there it is. His name Rancho. On the first day he replaces the seniors, and then wipes his nose to the Director. He's special. Rancho has not been studied for a diploma, and for the sake of knowledge . He had a way of thinking, has always remained true to himself and that is why succeeded.
Aamir Khan. he's a genius for me! Seriously, I have not seen such Aamir the actor who so could infect your energy and inspire action to change. If Taare Zameen Par he attacked the school system, there is criticism and satire undergone facilities for young people are older. What game! His facial expressions, habits, look, gestures - all magnet for others! Besides we all know about the famous Khan's meticulousness. He removed no more than one film at a time, which is incredibly strange to Bollywood, and completely give themselves to him to the last drop. And you know, it is felt. His name - synonymous with quality label. Aamir correctly selects films and wants to do-not typical cliched Indian cinema, most familiar and new, to take the niche, which is empty. And he's fast strides towards its goal.
Sharman Joshi and Madhavan. They also conquered my heart. The latter way under forty, but looks no more than 20 years. Great characters, they were so realistic that it seems the world is where the exact same Raju and Farhan - simple, unsophisticated and are familiar to the pain. Very well played. Heroes thoroughly thought through, not superficial and recognizable among our friends and acquaintances.
Boman Irani. I can not express my surprise! After watching the film, I decided to see who it was, where he was shot and was shocked! Here is the reincarnation! His virus even though he was a hindrance to the three friends, and not only, he still got my rough sympathy. At its core, it is a good man, who chose the wrong course. Although the audience did not show, I hope after a meeting with the main character, he changed the order of the Imperial College, in any case, at the graduation, he looked quite friendly.
Kareena Kapoor. I know many do not like it. I treat her exactly. It plays well. There was in the right place, it Pius turned mixed in a good way: the good, but a bit boring, honest, sometimes funny, sometimes insanely nice, especially in the video Zoobi Doobi. By the way: I think Kareena do not like because of its inability to choose roles. Drama good at it as the role of strict girls, so why is it making a choice in favor of roles fidgety girls? I would like to see more of her in a dramatic role.
I know there are those who do not like Indian cinema from the abundance of songs. Dear: urgently see this movie and you change your mind Elegant music and it does not prevent to perceive the film, but only gives him the right mood and acts as a spice The entire film is not enough that you can pull apart at the quotes, so also take the example of the hero and learn from the mistakes of his friends. The film teaches the right attitude to learn (no sense of teaching, if you study, not for your benefit not chase for success:. Perfection, perfection, and then success will come to you myself!), the original problem solving (Salt water - a great electric conductors all knew it, and he applied.!), the choice of profession (he loves photography and marrying machines!), with respect to the formation of (Why bank employee engineering degree?), to estimate (He did not hesitate to be the last, and not put on airs as the first), and more. These quotes - drop in the ocean. Very mature and at the same time an easy film. Deep Thought served with humor and does not lose its significance
And now a small spoon of tar in this barrel of honey:. Did not like the presence, albeit in small quantities, the American "toilet" humor and a few silly jokes, mean episode when Rancho demonstrated Raju on catur that cramming is, the wrong way to achieve success. As it is not very much. I know, I would argue, they say it's students dormitory and kind of humor to the place, but I'm still going against. He could show this by using what some other words. At the very beginning I was confused scene as the Cubs pay tribute to the older a very peculiar way. If you, like me, want to turn off the film at this point, do not do it, just wait out. Aamir will appear and you will not be able to press on the brake.
I would have a lot that I could write, talk, praise the film, but it is simply to see! Personally, I watched it 3 months ago and since then has constantly reviewed and songs and all jammed. I recommend to all, especially to those who do not like Indian cinema! Do not read reviews, do not hesitate, do not hesitate to 'is it worth?', And immediately sit down and look, look, look!
P.S. Then someone wrote about SRK . Many thanks to him for his refusal, as someone has already mentioned: his style is a smooch on the screen (except for such work as the My name is Khan ). Ranch could draw only Aamir, I say this not out of sympathy for the great actor, but because of his professionalism. Wherever he played - always given to the role completely. A Shah may play in several films at the same time, not caring about the full and meticulous - like Aamir - getting used to the role. She laughs and cries the same. No offense said, but Shahi may only play solo, because it is immediately clear - it is It, otherwise it just does not look at the screen, and where he is not in charge? Less him as an actor for it. Although by Shah Rukh, I also cherish considerable sympathy, but still Aamir on the level above it.
P.P.S. And more: BBC St. Petersburg - the best translation of the film
10 of 10.

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