"Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

At first the picture of Martin McDonagh "Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri" may seem a kind of social grandstanding on how the woman who was raped and murdered daughter, trying to ensure that the perpetrators found and blames Sheriff inactive using three billboards . However, the plot twists smartly soon becomes clear - it really competently-written story that is no typecasting and have character. It realistically depicts life in the "national" states. In that still, if to dismiss all police-racists, homophobes will have some. This could be a gross exaggeration, if such a phrase is not perceived in the United States itself is quite plausible. This is a story about the wrath and mercy, and in the film expressed the belief that people can change, vary greatly.
No one would not wish to be in a position in which turned out to be the main character of the film, Mildred Hayes. It is not just lost her daughter. She said in the emotional heat of her phrase, "I want you to be raped," and lost it as a result of brutal rape after that. People often say things on emotion, and then can not forgive myself. The investigation on the case of her daughter really is not conducted, it does not even know who exactly to blame. We can only remember about the way she spoke that phrase emotions and blaming herself. And before long she was subjected to domestic violence. Does it always been so, as we see it in the movie? Maybe not. But now it is really full of anger, overwhelmed with guilt, overwhelmed with all the emotions that cause suffering. She is ready to maim dentists, beat students, she already simply can not interact with the cruel world differently. Anger and aggression is full to the brim, and the other character in the film, a police officer Jason Dixon. His aggression is less obvious reasons, but what we know about him, could quite well be combined with aggression in real life. He lives with his mother, grieving that the South "is not the same," that dark-skinned, though oppressed, but not as much as she would like. In many ways, he adopted his mother's chauvinistic outlook and sees his violence are both justified. There is a feeling that your child is much spoiled. And Jason Dixon also sick with rage, and yet, unfortunately, is very not weak powers at the same time. He seemed to think that it will go unpunished for their actions. Mildred and Jason on opposite sides, Mildred tries to ensure that her daughters were investigating the murder, and Jason to the team that wants it is a complex matter hushed up. But, as we know, when two people are beginning to become something very similar, it becomes easier to understand each other. Even despite the fact that aggression Mildred largely reactionary and aggressive Jason increasingly is promiscuity and a sense of impunity. However, aggression is similar nervous nature, a desire to hurt other people.
In the film, oddly enough, a lot of humor. On the other hand, he's not that chat I want to laugh, it is a bit different - it just does not allow bored. For a similar story could tell much more boring, turning it into a kind of typical dry social stream about how good strong woman makes work rotten system. And as soon as it begins to seem that the film is going slowly so dry social tape become, once there is a very funny moment and sharp plot twist. The director, who is also a writer, though played with the audience. There is no "good people" and "evil people" who are opposed to each other. We see that good and evil is within each person, and there is a internal struggle within each person. And the film encourages greater compassion than anger. This is evident in many scenes. In the film, there is no promise that we should turn the other cheek, it does not have promoting plebeians. For the situation may worsen and excessive anger, and a sense of impunity. There is a middle ground - "let the orange juice to the person who beat you, but regrets it." It's difficult, and it is impossible to demand from the beaten man. But why not encourage the one who does
Position filmmakers expressed very clearly - people change, charity is good. Not necessarily see the contradictions in mercy and justice, because the world is cruel, many people have a lot of traumatic experience accumulated over life. Of those who commit rape, we do not know about each kontretno - they will change for the better or not. We have the same thing we do not know about the specific racist, sexist, homophobic. We can not know this until the person is correct or did not die as he was all his life. We were surprised when suddenly a bad person corrects their faults, at first we see this as soon as the assumption that the man began to dissemble, to conceal from the public its real "I", because we are looking from the side. We throw a Molotov cocktail at a man at the very moment when it comes to something that really changes it for the better. We should surprise the other, why, when we see is real, that one man was better found the strength to improve, why do we fail to pick up the keys to the other.
theme of sexual crimes, the subject of racism, homophobia, the struggle for social justice It has become a trend in Hollywood. It can someone not like it, but the movie was filmed about it, art is not apolitical. One might think that the trend is not stints Alexander Pushkin and Dante Alighieri. You might think, topical political issues are not emphasized Leonid Gaidai or Alexei Balabanov. Criticism of the "Study" address comes frequently selectively. But getting into the trend with the subject, Martin McDonagh considers the problem with charity item. Mercy not to vice, and to the ability to correct a person.
The film won a Golden Globe in the category of "Best Picture (Drama)," that is, in fact, the highest award for a dramatic film, and at the Oscars, he received two actor's award. I'm not going to compare these roles with other nominees, just say that when viewing the awards seem to be well deserved. While viewing does not see the actors and characters. Sam Rockwell turned on full blast, its dynamic character live and believe in the changes that occur in it. Also in the film is a character-dwarf, played by Peter Dinklage. He appears for a few minutes and plays quite an important role, showing by example the diversity of the real world
«Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri." - a wonderful painting, teaching the love and mercy. Do not ignore her view, it can be close to you.

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