"Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"But where's mother silently stood there, so no one look and did not dare to." Anna Axmatova
The elderly woman with a slender unsmiling face and dull eyes signs a contract for an annual rent of three warp billboards, protruding along byway on the outskirts of Ebbing in Missouri. She orders inscriptions in large black letters on a scarlet as blood, background, "She was raped until she died." "And still no arrest," "How is it, Sheriff Willoughby?" The woman's name Mildred Hayes.. Seven months ago, her teenage daughter Angela was raped, killed, doused with gasoline and set on fire not far from the house. Reklamnye panels - a blow to the complacency of the local police, led by Sheriff Bill Willoughby, who failed to find the killer and the case was postponed to section unsolved. And interest in the unsolved cases, over time, weakens and dies. What hints Ebbing city name.
Most ebbingtsev disapprove Mildred attack against the sheriff and sympathize with him a decent man who did vco I could, trying to find the culprit. Just life is not a popular series 'Law & Order', where in each episode a murderer or rapist will be calculated, arrested and convicted for an hour. B justice prevails life very long. Or never. Otets Kathy Paige confirm it. Kathy molodaya mother of two children, was found dead in a burnt-out car nepodaleky from his home in the Texas town of Vidor in 1991. For 27 years, her father puts billboards at the entrance to the city. On them, he openly called killer ex-husband dochepi and angrily rebukes the local police, who could neither deny nor confirm the accusation. 86-year-old has vowed that the billboards will stand as long as he is alive. Or until the killer behind bars will not appear. This true story is brought to life the idea of ​​a movie about 20 years ago, when Martin MakDona traveled across America by bus and noticed along the road billboard with harsh, even brutal message. Not knowing the details, McDonagh thought about the grief that caused so much pain. He suggested that it was the cry of the soul of mother tragically lost a child, and the story began to take shape by itself.
soul Mildred Hayes burned suffering and rage to such an extent that it causes and the profound sympathy and, at times, the same deep aversion. Single woman, working in the gift shop, do not rely on anyone, and it is tightly buttoned overalls and tie a tight gray polka-dot bandanna as a military uniform. She is ready to fight, even if it has no chance of winning, and steadfastness - the main feature of her nature. But behind a stone façade humanity and inescapable sense of personal guilt for what happened. A smile, a rare guest on the gloomy face of Mildred pozvolyaet see the power of the spirit and the depth of feelings of this woman, which could well become a reality in an alternate Marge Gunderson. The police chief of the town in the north in 'Fargo' Coen brothers and desperate mother who fought for justice for murdered daughter in Ebbinge - two defining role McDormand, separated by two decades. Face Marge, the pregnant woman in the seventh month, lit anticipation of future motherhood. Mildred's face, suffering from a terrible loss docheri, a mask of pain, guilt and sorrow. Both stand out among the inhabitants of a remote provincial towns, where they happen to live, and where they seek to uncover the brutal senseless killing.
invited to work on the 'billboards' composer Carter Burwell and actress, which cooperate at the Coen brothers, the Irish McDonagh confident located on their territory eccentric film that do not fit into the framework of certain genres of variations on the theme nuarny drama with elements of comedy grim. At the same time, sarcastic monologue with which Mildred responds to soft persuasion of the local priest, it is directed by referring to the drama "Calvary" of his brother John, the controversy about the collective responsibility of the community for the crimes. And repeatedly reminded 'of Manchester by the Sea' by Kenneth Lonergan, akin to 'billboards' whirlpool of agony and anger, forgiveness and redemption. But if the soul Lonergan took dramatic realism, then MakDona rather collects bizarre emotional puzzle, film kaleidoscope in which genres and alliances are changing before our eyes. Initially, the film takes the form of politicized drama about the confrontation of the little man and clumsy incompetent system of combating crime. Then, the author almost convince us that the offender will be just about cxvachen. But 'Three billboard ..' deeper than twisted whodunit. This gloomy parable with grim humor about the obsession with anger, grief, guilt and vengeance, which would inevitably lead to self-destruction, if we can not see in a violent blindness, understand and know each other.
painting captures the unexpected, spontaneous decisions, which take its heroes. Many of them are confusing, and even the opposition protest. But their motivation and actions are logically follows from the nature and ways of thinking. They are not imposed personazham their creator to neatly tie the ends meet for the final. In this case, the movie is not perfect and McDonagh makes some important events remain without consequences. But the actors of his game make you forget about the shortcomings syuzheta Irish humor McDonough caught in the American heartland, and he understands and sympathizes with his characters, even those who find it difficult to empathize. Such as a police officer Jason Dixon, narrow-minded and offensive sissy-racist, it would seem an obvious villain who is undergoing a course of action for a profound transformation. As it would be hard to believe, if not inspired performance and charm of Sam Rockwell, highlight the image of Dixon from unexpected angles, and talent-McDonagh writer, finding them in the created heroes hidden depths, which they themselves did not know.
' three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri 'turned heavy, fierce,' nepriglazhennym 'filmom because it is reflected in the unjust and cruel world nepriyutny. Solutions to his problems is not present at the audience, nor the father has long killed Cathy Paige, no heroes tragicomedy Martin McDonagh, nor his own. Ebbing ne Fargo to become a mother, and this detective torn Andzhely Hayes, a full namesake girl dreams of American Beauty tape. But reserved unsentimental McDonagh grieved for them and with them, setting the tone for the film the old Irish song "The Last Rose of Summer." Achingly tender and infinitely sad, it sounds like a requiem for senselessly desecrated the young beauty, and ruined lives, oborvannoy on takeoff. Doing ending deliberately open, the director gives space to our imagination, putting a truism in the 'mouth of the infant', he returns to her original depth and meaning. Anger creates even greater anger, and his only contact with humanity and kindness of the soul, not corroded by hatred and vengeance, leaving room nadezhde and light.

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