"Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Billboard №1 - «American Beauty»
Once in the "one-storey America" ​​appears hero who is ripe to go to the "second floor" level of development. Rebel immediately quits his job on favorable terms, buys a red sports car, falls in love with a virgin, he begins to belong to himself that leads him into inevitable conflict with the old world.
new consciousness of Hero masterfully shown as an empty plastic bag, which flies close to the ground among the architectural ugliness garages with closed doors
true name history "Void American-style." - this is a watered-down to the limit of the inner world of America, where dreams fly at inanimate matter - pho we without content. Gloss false delusions and illusions to the rank values ​​of the nation, which does not share the freedom of choice and becomes a death sentence for the Hero. Hero of the Executioner - is "looking for the sheep" with a license to kill, which is not afraid of being recognized. Homosexuality shows its teeth and requires legality in every sense
America's Future -. Children are abandoned to their fate in the emasculated, empty, prickly world cellophane welfare
billboard №2 -. «Mystic River»
«Evil - is ignorance of himself. "- a mysterious spiritual river within each of us
Nullity of the internal structure of the Hero of the story stuck at the level of animal instincts, to which it is another animal and discuss her husband. All! There is nothing sacred in this American world - there is only Vengeance! Wife - the mother brings her husband, without delving into the details, and she builds for himself a comfortable path later in life without shame contrived. The father of your children - it is an empty phrase in a spiritual, somber river frightened woman
children were killed in this utter moral vacuum of the nation.. Maniacs - killers are like a childhood friend, husbands -. Everything around breathes distrust and anger
saddest thing - you can escape punishment if you kill someone and wrong. The police will be on your side. And it brings the bad news - the mother. Men listen to denunciations of wives to their husbands, they fully trust them, and they were not guards
billboard №3 -. «Dislike»
I listened carefully to interview Andrei Zvyagintsev, when he admired the film "Mystic River," which more then suggested the idea - we will see something similar in his work
Volga river flows among crooked trees ugliness.. Mother of the Russian soul looks like a gutter, and the trees on the bank - it's the Russian people with mutilated souls. Picture a long time and gradually makes the viewer see himself in allegory. The appearance of a teenager who goes through a dangerous area of ​​the river pulls us out of the dark symbol of Russia. Boy goes against the current of the river - life, which inevitably introduces us with his future executioner. He goes to meet a man with a dog - sealed the fate of the boy
Mystic River -. It is the Volga, the boy - a dead girl in Eastwood's parents - are selfish animals who love only themselves. Maniacs kill children, but here maniac punished.
There is nothing else except a long and pointless search for the child. The final chord of sound from the TV's mother's curse from the Donbass, who directly addressed deliberately heroine - mother of the deceased child. She already deaf. She defiantly opens onto a balcony with the word "Russia" and begins to run on the spot. All - Russia stopped! Russia is dying! There is no future in this dark film without a single ray of the sun, which killed an abandoned child on the tree red and white ribbon symbolizes us - Russia - a scene
Billboard №4 -! «Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri»
Englishman McDonagh makes a film about America - What else to expect from an Englishman? Political correctness and the English humor. He is not at home shits
What is surprising is that it's not even a full meter and a half of the first series of the infinite series in the style of "agropank" about the adventures of tractor driver -. Feminists and mama's boy. But, it is made so skillfully that you can forgive everything - the absence of the antagonist, the climax, the final
Three billboard -. It is a deadly hook fifteen minutes for the viewer of the image, where the broken all stereotypes drama
Again -. Speculation infant death which always works for an Oscar. If you have killed a child - you become a true executioner. Each of us sitting in this monster! Now any act looks like a feat! - this is the real inscriptions on billboards screaming subtext of
All the men in this story seem to be weak against the ruthless heroin.. American feminism is gushing over the edge, smashing everything in its path. Nobody even tries to accuse her that she - a bad mother. It was she who pushed her daughter to death, her husband left her, because her children are grown crooked, rough and lonely.
This story is about the price to be paid in this world where only love yourself. Fuel selfishness becomes a husband, children, a rebellion against the system. The most surprising is that the heroine inside - empty as a drum! There has never been a beautiful dream, women's health illusion of love, care, warmth. Death gave her daughter the meaning of life, which inevitably endowed her furious energy. Revenge has transformed her life to the search for his own death. Even exotic sex with a dwarf no longer looks like something special. Sex is not in any way look -. It is sublimated into the idea of ​​global justice
English humor director ironically left the audience in the middle of history. We only learned about the intentions of the heroine to go through. And here the main question is hidden - whom she wants to find? After it became known that the suspect is already guilty. It now does not matter! We will find who to indict! In this world, a lot of injustice!
Challenge to all those who in some way to blame. In this there is something of the American foreign policy. And a subtle hint that we leave a Missouri edom and in another state, is more like a trip around the world
Billboard №5 -. «Hope»
This is the fifth billboard that stands apart from the main entrance to the cinema "Kodak" on it until there is nothing - it is perfectly white
I would like to see ever was written some beautiful and life-affirming title that celebrates the beauty of the human soul in every sense
there is an opinion.. that separates us from cannibalism just seventy-two hours of hunger. It's so small! That is what is the very brink of the cultural layer of humanity, which we have developed over thousands of years. This labor of millions of people who in the name of life are the arts at heart, serve this great faith without stopping. . Being a part of that greatness to someone is the meaning of life
I believe that it is opposed to Billboard №5 world of cynicism and sarcasm - there is no other, even if on it has not tweeted yet at the gates of the American dream factory.

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