"Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Missouri, a fictional town Ebbing. Mountains, wide fields and impenetrable forests. This Midwestern American heartland. Past three dilapidated billboards time for a long-forgotten road, which is used by only stray people or "morons", passes the same battered woman's life. It Mildred Hayes, a 50-year-old hostess gift shop. She is divorced and lives with his teenage son and ... she killed her daughter. Raped and killed. This happened seven months ago. The investigation has not found guilty. Internal dissatisfaction and grief lead heroine Mildred to reckless, but courageous action - use these billboards as a reminder of the failure of law enforcement agencies to track down the murderer of her own daughter. Such is the plot of the film and tie around these billboards will be built base composition
Martin McDonagh at the moment -. One of the most talented storytellers in film. Originally from England, an Irishman by birth, he gained fame mainly as a playwright. And after as a director and screenwriter. In his drama he put the everyday problems of the Irish people: drinking, fights, domestic violence, intolerable suffocating environment and the hope of salvation. All these attributes plays transported to the "Three billboard." In my opinion, here his vision attracts Russian viewers. The idea of ​​writing the script came to him when Martin traveled the US states and saw billboards on unsolved crimes. In the title role he wanted to show a strong woman with a strong character and an unbending will. He got it, since this role performed great Frances McDormand.
Beginning his career in the Coen brothers, these virtuosos display the same "American West", it still consistently surpasses itself with each new film. That only is her role in "Fargo." I am convinced that without this actress film "Three billboard" would not take place uniquely. She embodied the desired image of a woman in our time, able to stand up for themselves and for their environment, to achieve the goal. Bypassing the newfangled "feminism", McDonagh was able to solve this problem. Through the gift of storytelling Martin, you deeply empathize almost "real and lively" character.
around "three billboards," indeed, and will take place the whole drama. This scene is good reception helps keep concentration when viewing: because they will despise Mildred in the town, the police only and will think (for good reason) about the impossibility of solving the crime. Billboards and then silhouetted landscape of the surrounding area of ​​the city, decorating backdrops. Color is also an embodiment chosen correctly - black letters on a bright red background aggressively criticized the police headed by chief Bill Willoughby (Woody Harrelson)
socially very diverse town.. Their transmission passes through the family of Mildred and police chief Wednesday Willoughby with his assistant Dixon (Sam Rockwell). Bickering with her son, her former husband and his 19-year-old mistress, cops opens in a new main character, sometimes contradictory facets. Here she sits at a reception at the dentist and dental apparatus pierces his finger, but a minute later, she was gentle and motherly worries about the police chief Bill Regarding health status
of the experience of killing daughter Mildred:. It can neither think about anything else other than that. Anguish in the soul of the heroine for seven months passed on to all her loved ones, while they have long been willing to forget the death of a loved one. Mother remembers everything in great detail how she parted for the last time with his daughter, all the details of her brutal murder (also burnt). Mildred wants a simple, fair punishment "here and now", in this world, not a posthumous reward. She is tormented because of the indifference of the police. And it can easily understand and support. When the author's theme being of the unknown after death there is an invisible thread throughout the film below, inadvertently get up on the side of regretful woman (for example, in the same conversation with the priest). The heroine Frances McDormand, of course, unconsciously resist this idea. In this regard, indicative memorable "live" communication Mildred scene with a deer. Here is revealed the inner, spiritual organization heroine of her love and respect for the world (perhaps a kind of associative roll with "birch" for the Russian audience of "Kalina Krasnaya" Shukshin).
In general, the very nature of the genre of the film can be attributed to the tragicomedy and to tragidrame. This, of course, the merit of the dramatic past and high-skill "storytelling" by Martin McDonagh. The film, in fact can be divided into three parts - the beginning of the resistance and the same "hope for the best," McDonagh. In this case, at the end of the movie plot outline is seriously changing. Archetypes metamorphosed into a positive and unexpected
plan should also mention the game Sam Rockwell in the role of the antagonist -. Officer Jason Dixon, who, after half of the film, the viewer is opened for another person, literally "rise from the ashes like a phoenix." The fate of the character to follow is as interesting as for the main character.
role of Woody Harrelson, unfortunately, I am not surprised. Put another in his place a good actor - and the film would not have deteriorated
film is very colorful, in the chamber plans to neutral, does not distract from the story, the music accompanies the atmosphere of the American periphery.. And you all this willingly believe.
end of the movie, of course, gorgeous. Diametrically opposite the beginning, the ending leaves with great surprise and uncertainty. But that is how it should have ended. Three billboards have done their job. The viewer remains wide smile together with the heroine McDormand.
Martin McDonagh wrote a brilliant and necessary history which today is precisely to respond in many hearts and minds. unfairness problems in society, the complex relationships between people in many forms at this point is "critical", not only for America. Here, the director was in the era of the collective unconscious, as the same Jean-Luc Godard in the early works of the 60s about the growing "revolutionary breath" French youth or Alexei Balabanov, who directed "The Brothers", describing the existential hopelessness of the late 20th century in Russia. However, McDonagh, how loud sounds, in contrast, is extrapolated to the whole world. Such heavy stories of ordinary people is characterized by all the countries.
Now the film "Three billboard" buried in all kinds of awards, prizes and nominations. «Golden Globe», «BAFTA», the upcoming "Oscar". Undoubtedly, McDonagh deserved reward for a "script" and McDormand and Rockwell for the "actor's game." It is remarkable to note the award at the Venice Film Festival, as a priority in this regard is still worth giving Europe. The film earned each statuette, award and praise. In all this it is clear that the picture is a breath of fresh air for the industry as a whole. The film is exactly preserved in history and will gain a cult status in the future. Of course, McDonagh - master new work which will look forward
9 out of 10.

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