"Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri (2017)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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«Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri" - criminal - a dramatic comedy with elements of tragedy Irish director, screenwriter, producer and playwright Martin McDonagh. His third film after "In Bruges" and "Seven Psychopaths". Tape-winner of the recent film award "Oscar" in the category "Best Actress" and "Best Actor". Winner of identical awards, in addition to "Best Screenplay" and "Best Film-Drama," according to the "Golden Globe" and the proud bearers of the highest scenario title Venice Film Festival.
The plot is a single mother Mildred Hayes, or rather three billboards on entrance to Ebbing, Missouri, which it leases to secure action by the local police in the case of his dead daughter. Mildred sees no choice but to hang three posters, briefly reminding the murder of Angela and inaction Sheriff Bill Willoughby. This act is not weakly shakes quiet and measured life of provincial town of the American heartland.
Without false modesty, we can say that this is one of the best if not the best film of recent times. It is simple, but also complex and deep as far as allowing the definition. McDonagh this film does not try to exalt the idea of ​​the radical assertion of personal rights and beliefs through the demonstration only, at first glance, the correct and effective solution to the main character in relation to the police. On the contrary, as a director, McDonagh said that at times, seeming initially good or at least fair and innocent, a certain act can lead completely to the consequences, which had to the original idea, partly echoing the well-known saying about wanting to do everything as a result of the better and, this desire does not justify itself. But do not think that, in its structure, the picture is limited to such superficial idea, not developing it in the context of interpersonal relations of the characters in the story as the keynote of the plot. After continuing the theme of the impact of the behavior of a particular individual to the surrounding society, the director delves into the question of the introduction of actively participating opposite sides of the conflict, in the face of "lazy cops" Ebbing, and in the face of the inhabitants of the city who do not want to put up with the actions of the main character, structurally separated tape on separate local stories different characters are closely linked, and as a consequence, and have a direct influence on each other. Nontrivial bringing to the viewer an idea of ​​how differently people have an impact on their own kind in their desire to achieve the best outcome of events. That, in a washed-end, comes down to direct opposition lines Mildred Hayes and Dixon officer, "a stumbling block" in the relations between them and those are the three most billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri. Because, thanks to the appearance of billboards both characters go through the highest point of catharsis in its development, acquiring a completely new outlook on their environment and the people living in this reality.
During timing, McDonagh puts less and less priority on the original goal of unconditional victory over evil, in the end, finally leveling it before more global result of personal growth, to mention much more important internal winning for each character individually. Thus, the director clearly communicates the idea of ​​acceptance and change the future through knowledge of the mistakes of the past, do not give people a normal life in the present.
In addition, the tape touches the subject of explicit violence in the society, again referring to the cleansing and the adoption of a way of thinking through the prism of the formation of this society on a new path of development as a result of the impact of this violence. But, as in real life, including the oppressor and infinitely depressive events in the film there is a place and excellent humor, directed, first of all, to demonstrate the liveliness of the characters of the main characters from some verbal skirmishes that inadvertently can catch attacks sincere and genuine laughter. All of this is a credit to the incredible in its submission script that fully reflects all the grandeur of the painting and deserves absolutely all paean in praise by film critics in his address. That, in some degree, in common with the creation of the film McDonagh no less famous Kenneth Lonergan, similar accolades awarded in 2016 for a story about the infantile plumbing from Queens.
but one, albeit very high quality highly detailed script to create the po- really good film is not enough if it is not in accordance with the execution and the full commitment of actors on the set. The benefit of this in the "Billboard" there are no problems. On the contrary, it sometimes seems that the actors over-fulfill the norm of wagering, if such a judgment is generally permissible to fully merge with their on-screen characters. This applies in particular to the works of his favorite "Cohen" prima - Frances McDormand and charming Sam Rockwell, executed, probably, their the best role of his career at the moment. So strong to transfer the image of lazy, stupid and aggressive police officer with a penchant for intolerance and racism, who lives with her mother and around her to listen, deservedly awarded its most prestigious golden statuette in the field of cinema. What is equally for the Performance McDormand, also honored with an identical award in its category for the incarnation of the character of a tough and uncompromising on the outside but vulnerable, lost and feels guilty for the death of his own daughter a woman inside, desperately trying to vent heartache at police, not hurrying to reveal that interests her business. Though the bulk of the blankets pulled over just a couple of the above, the other actors did not lose out on their background, but rather to complement the images formed by making each contribute to the development of history. Woody Harlson, Lucas Hedges, Peter Dinklage and Caleb Landry Jones is an example.
Special mention should soundtrack. The unique combination of compositions in the genres of country, blues and folk music conveys an enchanting atmosphere oppressive, but good melancholy little American outback. And just good to hear nice songs, sometimes so skillfully accentuate the mood of individual scenes. That only stands at the moment «His Master's Voice» indie band «Monsters Of Folk», you will still be a long scroll in his head, analyzing the stupidity of hopeless violence in moments of greatest despair.
Cinematography Ben Davis as if all sums movie splendor, while stressing the important details and framing prepodnosimye ideas clearly form a picture. Does not differ in quality from the other components of the tape, it is replete with mainly medium and large plans, appealing interesting camera angles, which complements the already unique atmosphere
«Three billboard on the border Ebbing, Missouri." - unique movie, reminding the viewer, that there are no overtly good or bad people, because for everyone, including us, the truth will look differently themselves. And that any act, even having the character of virtue, may at any time turn against the person who committed it. After all, as you know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or not?
The choice always remains yours.
9,5 10

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