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Explain Analysis of the Current Problems Faced By the Company?



Problems in project management techniques can occur if the project management techniques are not implemented properly for the organization This report provides a discussion on the current project management difficulties that the Clemet Corp Company is facing The report contains the background of the company, the analysis of the problems that are faced by the company, the comparison of the cultures of the company with the other organizations and some recommendations for the successful implementation of the project management techniques on the company.


The clement corp company is an integrated provider of the operational and financial software [2]. The business is based on the small and mid-sized businesses in the sector of real estate and construction industry. In addition to this the company also provides a huge rage of support services.

In the current situation the performance evaluation of the department of project management of the company is described. Matt Garner is the director of the department of project management of the company. In addition to this, Matt is an experienced project manager. He worked as a project management consultant. The evaluation of the company is to be done by him. In the evaluation it is seen some of the projects were successful and the rest were not.

Analysis of the Current problems faced by the company

The Clemet Company possessed a project management department that was in a state of despair [3]. There were various issues due to which the company was in this state of despair.

Firstly, the due to the internal promotion system that prevailed in the company the technical staffs were promoted to the position of the project manager [4]. But they were very inefficient due to their limited experience in the field of project management.

In addition to this there was a huge lack of credibility among the staffs. This was because the staffs did not have a proper training of the project management techniques. In addition to this the employees did not understand the utilities of the training that was being conducted by the company. The project managers were basically creating the documentations for the projects and worked on the maintenance part of the project. They did not understand the role of the project manager properly. They had the sense that they required to maintain the schedule of the project but they were not properly trained on how to implement these schedules properly and also did not know how to maintain these schedules. In addition to this they were also unable to make proper decisions for the project and also did not realize the impact of the decisions on the project.

In addition to this for the resolution of the issues proper training of the project managers could have been conducted by Matt, but there was number of ongoing project from which the project managers were to be taken out and in addition to this there was a number of projects that were incoming hence it was very difficult to conduct the training sessions of the projects managers that was intended by Matt [5].

In addition to this the project managers seem to be busy all the time on the activities that are very minimal and could be handled by themselves. They are participating in the issues that more of an administrative type. Whereas, they should be concentrating on issues that are related to project management.

In addition to this the communication was also a very big issue for the company. The project managers did not have the sufficient amount of communication that was required with the upper level of the authorities [6]. It resulted in a lack of commitment and support from the management. They also had no idea about the progress of the project.

In addition to this the staffs were mostly engineers and they got bored of the sessions very easily and stopped attending them. They were unwilling to understand the essence of proper project management and were also unable to understand the concepts of project management.

Clement Corp culture VS the culture of organizations

There was a huge difference in between a successfully organizational culture and the organizational culture that was prevalent in the company.

Firstly the project team of the company needs to be very efficient. The purpose of the project team is to be efficiently defined, but the staffs of the company are not sure about the purpose of the projects.

Secondly, the right people with the right kind of technicalities are assigned in the position of the company but for the Clemet Corp Company the assignment of the staffs were not efficiently done due to the internal promotion system of the company.

In addition to this employees of the companies should be aware of their roles and responsibilities but in the Clemet Corp organization the employees were not perfectly aware of their roles and responsibilities [7]. They lacked the efficiency that was required for the successful implementation of the project management techniques.


For the implementation of the efficient project management techniques the following recommendation are provided for the Clemet Corp Company and the CEO of the company.

Development of Project management culture: The project management culture of the company is to be developed by providing clear and consistent project management technique and object for the company [8].

Communication: The communication in between the higher officials and the lower level staffs need to performed efficiently for increasing the efficiency of the company.

Developing an efficient project purpose: The Company needs to develop an efficient project purpose for the project tem describing the objective and aims of the project and also defining the scope and budget of the project.


For conclusion it can be said that the Clemet Corp Company is in need of a proper project management implementations. The problems that the company is facing are described in this report and some recommendations are provided for improve their project management department.


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