This essay focuses on the theme of “political economy”, mainly about the wide uses of

This essay focuses on the theme of “political economy”, mainly about the wide uses of

capitalism system via blockchain technology and decentralised finance and platform


From ride sharing applications like Grab and GoJek in Asia to Bitcoin and Ethereum

transaction services in Europe, such services are increasingly prominent in our society

and both are easily accessible to the public while finding a way around capitalism . 1

Firstly, I feel that the concept of blockchain technology and decentralised finance is

impressive as it dodges the capitalism of transaction while operating in a save

environment. By removing third parties like the credit card companies from a transaction

of a product, total cost incurred is reduced as credit card service cost is saved using

crypto-currency like bitcoin, which is derived from blockchain technology. This allows

sellers to offer a fairer price for their products on the internet where most transactions 2

occur. Blockchain technology also offers security to prevent identity theft by blocking 3

information from being replicated. This means that hackers or scammers are unable to

duplicate important personal data like bank account or credit card numbers. All of which

is extremely accessible through our smartphones and online services on the worldwide

web. It is important especially in today’s context where information means power and a

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slippage in information security could be lethal to one. With its benefits, inconveniences

are also prevalent. Because these currencies are readily available in large volume, it is

extremely volatile resulting in an unstable value of the currency itself. One can easily

lose hard earned money when dealing with cryptocurrencies . It is the uncertainty and 4

instability of the system that makes me skeptical on whether it really is safe for the

masses to use. Perhaps in the future, when these technology advances from its current

infant stage, it will then be safer for use.

Secondly, platform cooperativism also beats capitalism by a slightly unorthodox way as

compared to blockchain technology. Instead of eliminating the third party, it introduces a

third party to facilitate capitalism . Mobile applications like AirBnB and Uber act as a 5

moderator, aiding in the search for temporary accommodation or ride sharing services

by linking them to privately owned property or car owners. This is an alternative to the

conventional chain hotel or cabs that can be found everywhere. I feel that it is a creative

approach as it creates a mutual relationship between the buyer and seller while

eliminating the bourgeoisie system because profits earned by the owner is highly

dependent on the services that they are willing to offer rather than leveraging on

employees. Although this may seem ideal, there are inherent flaws to this idea. In

extreme cases, these services may dominate the market leading to job losses sustained

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by employers due to a saturated supply that far exceeds the demand. In my opinion, the

best solution is to have a balance between the services provided by both parties so that

they can have a healthy competition while providing the best service for customers.

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