This documen൴ is for use byഠany Life Scoutഠwhose Eagle Sc൯ut Service Pro൪ect has been a൰proved by the ൓cout’s local B൓A Distri Essay

Troop 76
Checklist for Submitting an Eagle Scout Rank Application
This document is employed by a Life Scout whoever Eagle Scout Service venture has previously
been authorized in writing by the Scatacook Di strict Advancement Chairperson, and it has been
completed towards satisfaction regarding the Project sponsor.
? Review this checklist together with your Troop Eagle Advi sor plus moms and dads. It should be completed,
signed on the 2nd page, and brought by you to your Scoutmaster Confer
? With all the help of y our Troop Eagle Advisor, com plete your Eagle Scout provider Project write up
using the state Eagle Scout Service venture Workbook or a duplicate associated with the workbook. Please feel free to
include y our own supplem ental docum ents, and “before” and “after” photographs.
? Obtain all required signatures in the Workbook. Signatures should be acquired into the order listed,
and dated chronologically. Signa tures dated out of purchase can cause the applying become rejected by
the District Advancem ent Com mittee, and certainly will postpone your Eagle Board of Review.
? Upon com pletion of y our task, y ou m ust obtain a signed and dated letter from the project sponsor
acknowledging the com pletion for the project with their satisfaction. This letter m ust be included as a
supplem ental docum ent within y our project workbook.
? Ask the Troop Advancem ent Chairperson or y our Eagle Advisor to acquire (1) a duplicate of your
Scouting history, as shown in the Council’s com put er documents, and (2) a duplicate of y our Scouting
history as shown within the Troop’s documents (from TroopM aster), and use those records to confirm the
chronological accuracy of y our personal Scouting record.
? Make sure most of the Merit Badges that y ou accustomed be eligible for the Star, lifetime, and Eagle ranks
(both needed and optional Merit Badges), as show n in y our Scout Handbook, have already been included on
your Eagle Application. For Scouts that have com pleted above 21 m erit badges, this product is very
important since only 21 badges are expected for Eagle — the 21 Merit Badges that y ou entered in
your Handbook must be the exact same Merit Badges that y ou list in the Eagle Application. Also make
sure that the appropriate Merit Badges are noted on the Eagle Rank page in y our Handbook.
? With the assistance of y our Eagle Advisor, com plete y our Eagle Scout Rank Application. This
includes the essay placed in requirement 6. The com pleted application and essay m ust m eet with the
Advisor’ s approval. Take note that y our Eagle Project com pletion date is the sam age because the date y our
project sponsor wrote their page acknow ledging the com pletion of y our task.
? Make certain that y ou have a genuine signed and dated Blue Card for every single for the 21 Merit Badges
that y ou have listed on the application. The dates in the Blue Card will be the times which should be used
in the application, even if they disagree using the Council or Troop records. Notify your Eagle Advisor
if there was a discrepancy or if any cards are m issing.
? Prepare for y our Scoutm aster Conference and Eagle Board of Review by speaking about them with your
Eagle Advisor. Ensure y ou understand the Scout Oath and Scout Law! Otherwise, that you don't need
to study for y our Scoutm aster Conference or Eagle Board of Review
? After com pleting y our Project Workbook and y our Ea gle Scout Application towards the satisfaction of y our
Eagle Advisor, contact the Scoutm aster and m ake an appointm ent for a Scoutm aster Conference.
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? Arrive for y our Scoutm aster Conference in a neat and clean, complete course A Scout uniform, including
your Merit Badge sash. Make sure that all uni type patches, insignia, or m edals are properly
applied. You need to have a Life Rank area on y our uniform top pocket, and also the current y ear’s
Quality device patch in your sleeve. The badge of workplace on y our sleeve m ust function as the place y ou
currently hold into the Troop; if y ou have com pleted junior leader training for that place, y ou m ust
have a “Trained” spot on y our sleeve. Y our Merit Badge sash should correctly display all the Merit
Badges y ou have actually won and m ust be used over your right shoulder. Never wear y our purchase of the
Arrow sash. Bring y our Boy Scout Handbook(s), Mer it Badge Blue Cards, Eagle Scout Service
Project Workbook, Eagle Scout Rank Application, and this Checklist towards Scoutm aster
Conference. Expect the Scoutm aster Conference to just take approxim ately 60-90 m inutes.
? After effectively com pleting y our Scoutm aster Conference, contact the Troop Com mittee
Chairperson and make an appointm ent to meet with him or her. The requirem ents are the sam e as for
the Scoutm aster Conference. Expect that m eeting to take approxim ately 20-30 m inutes.
? Finally, contact Mr. Richard Barton, Scatacook District Advancem ent Chairperson, and m ake an
appointm ent to m eet with him, to provide him your com pleted venture Workbook and Eagle Scout Rank
Application. You m ay be expected to create one or more copy of y our Project Workbook and Eagle
Application. Make sure y ou keep a copy of most m aterials that y ou bring for this m eeting.
Otherwise, the requirem ents are the sam e as tho se for the Scoutm aster Conference and Com mittee
Chairperson m eetings. This step MUST take place before your 18 th birthday celebration; you will find NO
? After review of y our Workbook and Application, Mr. Barton will contact y ou and/or Scoutm aster to
schedule a tim e and location for y our Eagle Board of Review. If you're driving towards Eagle Board
by yourself, m ake certain y ou have actually detailed driving instructions. The requirem ents for y our Eagle Board
(uniform, handbook, blue cards) are identical to that of the Scoutm aster seminar. Your
Scoutm aster will accom pany one to the Board of Review, and but his part would be compared to an observer.
Your Eagle Advisor (or another, if y our Advisor isn't available) will represent the Troop
Com mittee and you will be a voting m ember of this Board of Review. Expect the Board of Review to take
approxim ately 30-45 m inutes.
? Upon successful com pletion of y our Board of Review, Mr. Barton will sign y our Scout Handbook
and y our Eagle Application, return y our Project Workbook to you, and forward y our application
through the BSA Council office towards nationwide BSA offi ce in Irving, Texas. Enable 4-6 weeks
for the application form become reviewed by the Nati onal BSA office and once approved, came back to the
Scoutm aster via the Council workplace. When this occurs you are formally an Eagle Scout! The effective
date of y our Eagle Scout ranking could be the date of y our Board of Review. Only now must certanly be begin
planning y our Eagle Court of Honor. Allow at l eastern eight days between your nationwide approval and
your Court of Honor.
We have read and realize the things included in this Checklist:
Eagle Scout Candidate: " ____________________________ Date: _________________
Troop Eagle Scout Advisor: " ____________________________ Date: _________________
Eagle Scout Parent: " ____________________________ Date: _________________
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