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Thinking for yourself Instead of trying to find a job that you feel will impress others, find a job that reflects your interests and talents in life. Don’t allow people to pressure you into a career you don’t want to do, it will only set you back in the long run. Instead of looking for a job with largest possible income, focus more on the actual workplace aspects of the job and specific job qualities. Doing all of these things will lead you to become a happier individual in the future, and will result in less career changes throughout your life. Studies show that many teens and adults feels extreme pressure by their parents, as well as other adult figures in their lives, to choose a certain career path based on the possible income that can be made doing this job. Most valuable lesson you were never taught The discovery of the self is the most valuable lesson you were never taught. School does not educate the students on how to find their true selves, but yet expects students to have their entire life planned out by at least 17. Not yet old enough to purchase alcohol, cigarettes or to gamble but old enough to choose a career in which they will pursue for the rest of their lives. How to reduce pressure of choosing career 1. Don’t wait for a new career to start being creative. Every job is creative. Every job presents problems that need solving, and problem solving is a creative act. If what you mean by creativity is that you want to paint with watercolors, then go home at night and do that. Why do you need to get paid to make art? It’s enjoyable and fulfilling and a fine thing to do in your free time, even if you have only fifteen minutes of free time a day. 2. Stop looking for a career to save your life. A job is not a life. A job is something to do with your time that is rewarding and fosters personal growth. A career can’t make you happy. Relationships will make you happy. Figure out what you can get from a career and what you can’t. Once you recognize that you will rescue you, not your career, there’s a lot less pressure in the career hunt realm. 3. Relax about the career choices you make. Try something. If you don’t like it, try another thing. There are not rules that say you have to stay in the career you choose. In fact, moving from one career to another at a breakneck pace til you love something might be good for you, and taking ten years to figure something out is fine. The life or death decision is about living below your means. As long as you do this, you have lots of choices in life. If you don’t live below your means, you get stuck in a career. 4. Don’t wait until you know yourself. You never really know yourself. It’s a process. If it’s a precondition for finding a career, then you could be learning about yourself forever and never feel ready to choose a career. Forget the soul-search and just try something. Ironically, the best way to learn about yourself is to do things and see if you like them, so the inactive, soul-searching time is, in some ways, counter-productive. Try testing the waters with a lot of lower risk moves, instead. 5. Talk about yourself the way you want to be. To figure out what sort of career will suit you, try talking about yourself like you’re already there and see how it feels. We intuitively know what stories feel right, and we can make a career change more efficiently if we create stories about our process. You might actually surprise yourself by figuring out what you want to do by figuring out what story seems natural to tell. A short story to reduce pressure and choices to make at every point in life from which has helped me and can help you as well. Sandeep kumar is an Indian entrepreneur, photographer, and motivational speaker. He is best recognized as the founder and CEO of the website that has the largest collection of Indian images. As a speaker, he is known for conducting Free Motivational Life Changing Seminars in order to inspire the minds of today’s youth. A dropout from Korari Mal College, Delhi, Sandeep is one of those people who have failed, struggled, and eventually moved ahead in search of success, contentment, and happiness. Through his many ups and downs, it was time that taught him the real meaning of life. A former freelancer, Sandeep has now emerged as one of the top businessmen in the country. Today, he doesn’t hesitate from sharing the secret of his success with the world and is constantly doing so through his seminars and sessions. A husband and a father of two, kumar is truly a family man. Rise to stardom As a young man, kumar initially joined his family’s aluminum business which later collapsed. In order to contribute to the family’s income, he started doing everything he could, from joining a marketing agency to manufacturing and marketing household products. During this time, he decided to drop out of college and embark on the journey of learning the subject of life. At the age of 19, kumar began his career as a model. However, he got disappointed due to the rampant harassment and exploitation in the modeling world. Moved by his negative experience, he decided to bring a positive change in the modeling world. With the aim of helping aspiring models, kumar started working as a freelance photographer. Later, he set up his company Mash Audio Visuals Pvt. Ltd. and began making portfolios. In 2002, he, along with his three friends, opened a new company that didn’t thrive and was eventually shut down. Despite the failure, kumar decided to move forward. In 2003, he wrote a book on marketing and launched a consultancy firm. He once again failed and had to return to photography. The same year, he created a world record of taking more than 10k shots of 122 models in 10 hours and 45 minutes. In 2006, kumar launched images Bazaar. Since it was not a huge setup, he began multitasking as a photographer, telecaller and counselor all by himself. His journey continued and he became a big name among the entrepreneurs of the country. Today, Images Bazaar is the world's largest hub of Indian pictures having more than a million images and over 7000 clients across 45 countries. Besides being a businessman, kumar is also a guide, a mentor, a youth icon and a role model for millions of people all around the globe. He is a very prominent motivational speaker who has delivered speeches in prestigious venues internationally. Till date, Sandeep kumar has won numerous awards and recognitions. The British Council once awarded him the Young Creative Entrepreneur Award. The Global Youth Marketing Forum has honored him with their Star Youth Achiever Award. He has also been featured in several leading magazines, television channels, and newspapers, such as India Today, The Economic Times, ET Now, CNBC-TV18, and NewsX , to name a few. Conclusion Some students may know what they want to do early on. They can then take advantage of the opportunities offered by Hays High and take classes to help them prepare for college and their future career, but not every student has that clarity. While it may seem like most students know what they want to do, many change their minds several times before they even apply for the job. When over 50 percent of college students change their majors according to George Mason University Admissions, sometimes even two or three times, it’s clear that high school students don’t know what they want to do either. This is why we shouldn’t be pushed to name a career path. It’s good for students to think about their futures and possible careers they can enjoy, but society needs to slow down and not force the choice on them and encourage kids that it’s okay to wait to choose. You can always choose to switch your major or your career later, but you can’t always get rid of the stress from being told to make the choice.

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