"They Fought for Their Country" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

June 28, 1942, German troops, developing the major success achieved in Kharkov (it Unfortunately for the Red Army the city), began an offensive on the southern flank of the Soviet-German front, which in the beginning will lead the Soviet Union to the brink of military defeat (and at times even it would seem that for it) and then result in the Stalingrad battle and the battle for the Caucasus, our victory which will provide a radical change in the course of the war. Moreover, if the 6th Army surrendered in February 1943, the battle for the Caucasus will end only with the burglary "Blue Line", taking Novorossiysk and complete purging of the Germans of the Taman Peninsula, what will happen even more than six months.
particles of these grand, fateful events of the country and reflected the Soviet director in the film "They fought for Their Motherland", filmed by the same name, the unfinished novel by Mikhail Sholokhov. As far as I can tell, this is the final phase of the fighting Soviet troops in the Don bend.
The plot is infantry regiment of the Red Army, which departs from the Kharkov and suffered heavy losses in previous fights. But, not being the defeated, dispersed, he continues to act as a fighting force, repeatedly stopping vkapyvayas in the ground and with the Germans taking the bloody tribute by performing a combat mission. Difficult once vividly aware of these events. The analogy I can only give a certain boxer who constantly skipping beats, covering cuts and bleeding under the ongoing battle over and over again is a knockout and knockdown. But over and over again and gets up. And do not give up, achieving already in fact only one -. Get out of the ring on his own feet
stopping regiment again and is once again under the influence of the German war machine, which hews its remnants artillery, aircraft, tanks and infantry pressing, knocking the last fighters and commanders.
worthy of special mention and how to show the effect on the actions of the German artillery and aviation in the defense line. An extremely small number of films can boast of creating a false impression of the audience "safe defense," which you just need to correctly build and no problems at all will not be. Meanwhile, the impact of this regiment lost most of his men.
Many movie scenes and now me personally wade deeply. . Especially, of course, it is a sergeant at the funeral of the last commander of the regiment
How many times have listened and seen, but still almost to tears
«They fought for their country." - doubtless imperishable classics of Soviet cinema of the Great Patriotic War. Besides offering excellent director, it is flavored with a constellation of talented Soviet actors who, still feeling the breath of the war, their roles more experienced.
Are there still a consummate our modern movie battle scenes. No matter how many times did not declare "our response to the ordinary Ryan" but the Soviet film made back in 1975 for purely technical aspect pulls him much more. Moreover, Sergei Ursulyak worthwhile to look to learn, under what kind of music they should show.
What is particularly interesting film spherically neideologichen. In the sense that there is exactly one promise, and it is very simple: love their country and die for it without hesitation if you are standing at least something. However, it is not the voice of the political instructor, Commissioner, NKVD, Stalin or anyone else. He was not angazhiruyut detachments with machine guns and screaming hysterically commanders shaking for persuasiveness pistol. The entire film is about how people fight and die themselves. Making them is nobody forces. And this is what will happen to the vast majority of people in our modern movies about the war.
Perhaps we, Russian, some wrong. No matter how many high intellectuals did not remove heavy about the fate of defectors, traitors, collaborators, nameless sovestlivtsev leading their own struggle in the Red Army with the ruthless totalitarianism, hunting is one - a simple man, a soldier, who wants to end the war, to love and to build a world
. After all, like so became known as the first street, was built up from the ruins of Stalingrad?
Usually, the 9th of May, the federal TV show, "They fought for Their Country" in the early morning and a man who woke up in, say, 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning, It would later be called aslazhdatsya more such masterpieces as "Stronger than Fire" or "1941" with birch beacon of our movie starring.
Thank you very much, of course.
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