"They Fought for Their Country" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Soviet cinema nice strong bands of the Great Patriotic War, the nice thing, that they are our ancestors who they really were and remain in our memories, the real heroes are not schadivshih his life for our future with you. Not that it showed a great modern "geniuses" who created a "masterpiece" on state money, its a lie in relation to its own past, showing disrespect to the memory of ancestors, you realize to whom I allude. I admit there were great exceptions to the rule, but the situation is far from this theme movies have not changed. Is it so hard to do as you did before?
One of those examples where the soldier, the army that liberated the world from Nazism, showed a real live person, where everyone has a simple human soul. About such domestic raised, the element that unites our Motherland, says the painting "They Fought for Their Motherland" Sergei Bondarchuk. Picture, where one of the main roles, starred the great director himself. With him folk artists legends, many of whom were front-line experience, so he directed the war took place, having experienced on himself the whole burden of it. At least for the people in the family, he is not particularly fond of spread about his service in the army. And yet, in this work, Bondarchuk sought to complement the script a little bit their memories. This, incidentally, combines his work with his own debut "the destiny of man." There, he also sought to show not much work in the headquarters of the generals, and the fate of the common man mountain passes of trials and tribulations. Only here in the film 75-year ignorant of the fate of the regiment to retreat to the Don and take part in the fighting, which gave the necessary time to prepare the troops for the battle of Stalingrad. In the same year he published the famous decree under number 227 "Not one step back!". That was the crucial days events, which ought to be remembered. Events about which was not able to finish his novel, Sholokhov, on whose book and created films. The author himself for a while did not dare to give their works Bondarchuk, doubt, and the work on it was not completed, but still managed to do a lot Bondarchuk. It Bondarchuk tried maximally accurate, down to the smallest detail closer to the Soviet soldier and his difficult weekdays, home, where it is not known whether you will stay alive, and how not to lose the ability to smile even after when burning wheat fields, houses, and somewhere then your friend dies. Its maximum credible approach to the matter concerned and explosions themselves, when shooting was spent about 30 tons of TNT, and the village was built even koeyu was planned burn, huge work has been done in all senses of the word.
I will single camera work Vadim Yusova who worked with Tarkovsky. I would like to express that in some scenes filmed them, there is a share of Tarkovsky. Those who saw "Ivan's Childhood", or "Andrei Rublev" will understand what I am saying. War shot them looks terrible poetic, really scary is akin to the film "Come and See". Each of the scenes, it's life, as if it may sound trite. It is the ability to show the real life of ordinary people in the movie, is the subject of a true genius. One of the most memorable moments of the picture, this is where the hero Tikhonova, can not because of a concussion, climb out of the trench in the attack, and his eyes nahlostyvayutsya tears, he wants as well as his comrades to fight in the battle, but only out of weakness and impotence can only scream. As another point, where Nikulin tells funny anecdote, and how people laugh by his story sitting in the trenches, to whom go on the offensive tomorrow, or else wait for the opponent's attack. all the scenes should be allocated to the Shukshin an actor, played their way Screwtape. Hiding under the mask of jovial, in fact, a person suffering from a serious loss of their homeland, understand the grief of mothers, it is not possible to look with indifference. Yes, all Shukshin had to pull the whole weight of the filming, because of his illness, he had an ulcer. It is very sad that it was due to her in September 1974, the actor has left our world. Without seeing yourself in this wonderful this tale tells of the four days of military service in those days dashing accursed war, where each of the unnamed regiment passed a lot of miles military, became a hero of which we must not forget.
By the way, it is noteworthy audited by the Board, the head of which is for himself, Defense Minister Grechko, have specified a number of comments related to the mismatch of the charter (no political officers or political officer, and of the charter it was not enough). That such occurred while injustice in relation to the monument to all those who died for our land. Who really need to remember, and be sure to keep coming back to it. To understand what war veterans, great people, which becomes a pity to have less and less every year. I hope that the memory of their feat of my descendants will not forget it is thanks to the film by Sergei Bondarchuk, to whom I say thank you very much.
«In the name of all those who are alive and those who are no longer, and those who will then. »
peaceful sky over your heads, all the best, thank you for your attention.

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