"They Fought for Their Country" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Before doing a detailed analysis of the pros and cons, I want to analyze why this picture is so popular among the huge number of spectators
success of this gigantic motion picture in 1975 is quite easy to explain:.
First, BOB is the selected theme, the events that were still fresh in the memory of many people who lived through those terrible times.
Second, season with all this action is known and knows his business actors.
third, is ambitious and quite realistic staging battles with the Germans (realistic for someone who does not p idiraetsya to every detail, such as models of tanks, aircraft, machines). For her, even built up a farm-decoration, which is then quite impressive and bombed
These were objective advantages of the film, now what specifically liked and disliked me personally
1). Hero Lopakhin, played by charismatic V.Shukshin and overdubbed I. Efimov, almost holding the whole movie, because it was out of his mouth sounded the most interesting and memorable phrases (thank Sholokhov for the screenplay) . Examples:.
«I'm his grief to the exhibition not exhibit»
«The earthworks as in love, it is necessary to reach a certain depth»
2) <.. / b> The music in the film is very well conveys the atmosphere of what is happening, emphasizes the dramatic nature of certain moments.
3). is also remembered some bright scenes, such as windmills and blazing burning field, showing the absurdity of war, leaving behind only emptiness and an open wound on the body of the earth and in the human mind.
4). have come to the liking of the scene digging trenches and a few words spoken by the hero Bondarchu minute, which gave to understand how it was a serious matter for our ancestors: «! This is not the land, and injury to people," "Yes, in any workday our work does not put!»
5). is quite strong it turned elders Poprishchenko by I. Lapikova, but due to certain circumstances, which I will describe in the negative, the expected catharsis occurs.
in general, most beloved to me the details I listed, although in the movie there is still a considerable number of quite interesting scenes and replicas
Now what I did not like:..
1) not Braves dyn ka movie, which is why the first hour of the film looks with interest, and the second hour is saturated sugary fights, sometimes crazy and unnecessary scenes, and as a result of sitting with the thought: "When will this end!»
2). Despite the high-quality game S. Bondarchuk me his hero, Zvyagintsev totally loved (here it is again in the script, but this time in a negative sense). The result was a fairly bydlovaty, quarrelsome and tactless character who is all women under a bushel customize: «Terrible ushloe animal - woman», then begins to vent their anger at LOPAKHIN that somehow tries to comfort him after the fight, and runs into blatant rudeness, which is then instantly forgotten. And finally an episode where Zvyagintsev operate, shows all the "cultural" the man who saves a life, and he has even here it turns out to blurt out some absurdity: «What you looking at me so hard to see the woman that you are never naked men We did not see?!. » In general, despite the efforts of S. Bondarchuk me his hero completely fails to empathize.
3). it irritated me the local representatives of the" Aryan race ", but rather then as shown by them. When the Germans porli tanks without covering infantry, it has to endure can, when Nazi planes bombed our only after the N-th number of destroyed German tanks and soldiers, it can be explained by the conventions of staging the film, but when shown the episode of reaching a level ranks soldiers led by an officer, who did not respond to three! shot character Bondarchuk, and only after being thoroughly washed their machine-gun fire, they fell to the ground and began to somehow respond adequately to the enemy ... That's when I had already begun to give the impression that this is not a war, but some funny postrelushki in-dash ...
well it's good when our show just how brave patriots and German only stupid morons who get drunk before the attack ( «Yes, he's a drunk, a dog!» Bondarchuk), there is a so realistic! That's why the Germans were so easily conquered half of Europe, and have done hitherto unseen nix in the USSR ... Personally, I believe that no matter what the enemy was not underestimated it can never be, because then it translates into huge losses, or huge shame (as in the case of the Finnish war).
4). also, I cut my tired eyes from the analysis, the episode with the nurse and wounded Zvyagintsev, which looks highly implausible and exaggerated, and all for the sake of show incredibly dramatic scene with an actor and director in the bottom face. Where is it ever heard that on the whole battlefield was one wounded man, but one unfortunate girl saves him ?! This despite the fact that the fight is over, despite the fact that the nurse there at least no one (on the whole regiment), and there is such a wonderful thing called a stretcher ... Well, why not make for the sake of drama! Well, the cherry on the cake of all this nonsense word itself speaks nurses: «And will poryadochke. War loves poryadochek » .
5). And finally, one of the most important shortcomings of the film, is that the deaths of many heroes is impossible to empathize fully, eg ordinary tan tank or Lieutenant of the regiment, and all because the characters are present on the screen, just a couple of minutes and are administered only to die game, the heroic and the remaining cardboard.
that is why we are really strong elders Poprishchenko which I mentioned earlier, It did not produce the desired effect on me. Now, if someone died of the main characters, and of course, provided a competent wagering situation, things could be different. But alas, the film is overloaded ordinary characters and unresolved, and even with Nikulin Burkov (which I respect), there is more to beautiful furniture
Conclusion:. film turned out very uneven and ambiguous, so with in my view, it is clearly not a masterpiece, but I too do not take it to the bad picture, most certainly, is strong such a good movie, which, though zdorovski flavored pompous propaganda, but it carries with it the right idea about what the ground must be protected, whatever it was not ... to view only recommend it if you ready for all of the above, but if you really want to see a masterpiece about the feats of ancestors, it's best to look at «Go to fight some" old » . That's where the really high-quality humor and a real genuine drama, and the scene at the end, with Smirnov and bulls, all I reflexively causes bitter tears ...
For colossal robot and at the same time is not an ideal scenario and staging, objectively and impartially put:
6 of 10

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