"They Fought for Their Country" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Early in the morning June 22, 1941 Nazi Germany made a treacherous attack on the Soviet Union ... "The circumstances of the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, known to everyone from school, but for me it is obvious that it is time to stop play pathos formulas. Never any 'perfidious' was not! Stalin knew that the Wehrmacht attacks can not be avoided, just afraid to look facts in the face, preferring to sit in shame at his dacha. The fact that the first two years of war, the Red Army suffered one serious defeat after another, continually retreating - entirely blame short-sighted leadership of the country. Ordinary citizens do not understand and could not understand the meaning of such a wretched and strategy perforce saw the defenders of the Motherland inept and worse, cowardly fighters. We must, simply must to know the true story of the Great War and to help us such imperishable hits of Soviet cinema, as "They Fought for Their Country '
confess that. I highly do not like what is now removed everyones 'mladorezhissery' on the main war of the XX century. One decent picture, like 'We're from the future' have to a dozen frank 'garbage', where Red Army soldiers do not look exhausted and white-toothed male model at a fashion show. Was there even one film 70s, brought together a galaxy of stars of the first magnitude? I do not know this. On the eve of the fortieth anniversary of the epic cloth Sergei Bondarchuk these great artists again and again ready to turn to us with his stern instructions to - see the Currently, a movie about the war, where there are no cuts, but there is truth. Even from the first frame of the film adaptation of Sholokhov's works by heart-stopping: not youngsters and solid men, many of them in years, tired to wander the pass. Their unwashed faces no micron fraction of complacency, and because it is so familiar to us - the star must strike arrogance! These distinguished people you will not find a 'celebrity' attributes, they appear more urgent than even in the 75th.
who just came up with that pejorative word 'martinet'? This is not about a Russian soldier. He's not heartless graven image clutching Mosin rifle or PCA. Our fighter - soul of the company, kind, resourceful and direct communication, but more importantly, he has a soul and a flaming heart. For living it is better not to cling to because they do not have to fight him to teach! This is not a composite portrait is quite specific figure of a soldier - Peter LOPAKHIN. Even against the backdrop of an outstanding environment Vasily Shukshin convincingly demonstrates the importance of the notion of 'main character'. At first LOPAKHIN it looks serious. Ashamed to say, we can consider that this fighter is good only at rest, entertaining their comrades. Talk to the old woman, Cossack, however, clarifies the character of Peter. Yes, he loves pobalagurit and women is Pobol his fellow soldiers, but the Holy soldier's honor for him did not exist. 'An elderly male' 'bug' 'little flea "- by the nickname he is rich, but it does not negate the fact - it is a symbol of LOPAKHIN regiment. Cruel fate: Vasiliy Kravchuk left us too early, but if you do and should be some kind of role, becoming the crown and career and life, it is just such a
Sergei Bondarchuk is not in vain considered the master of direction in his epic it for. each found a unique way. He himself - a middle-aged ex-combiner, which is sharper than the other understands the scale of the disaster inflicted by the fascist invaders. Each fighter - a real workaholic, ready fossilized teeth picks open ground to the trench. But above all, they are all men, every where, in the rear of life remained. Sasha Kopytovsky turns out, scared to death of water, Nikolai Streltsov wife left, and in the ordinary Nekrasov altogether four children waiting at home. None of them wails, not whining, not making a confusion in the system, even though the men have to oh how difficult. 'What we eat something we ?!' - indignantly asks LOPAKHIN the cook. It is well known: the whole country gave the last piece of the front, but all is still not enough. To fight on the bare patriotism - one of the semantic point Bondarchuk's picture. It should not be, but it was! Guys weaken, they become irritable, but no one will throw the weapon, while the country is in trouble!
'They fought for their country' in the first place, battle cinema. Who are interested in the personal experiences of the soldiers, if they do not fight. And these 'shoot sparrows' feat of arms know by heart. We are further away from the tragic events of the summer of 1942, but thanks to this film, we can feel the "presence effect". Only the common people, they also experience fear at the sight of the tank in a few tens of meters, and only have time to dodge the fire 'Messerschmitt'. Every endeavor not just to survive, but to cause maximum damage to enemy units. No one is ready to die, but Khakee and boys feat Kochetygova leaves no other options for fellow soldiers, but to follow his example. Take off like a movie now dead, there is no doubt, would be many times more. But Bondarchuk front line all is not exhausted, he shows the horrors of war from many different angles. Polubredovy monologue Zvyagintsev given in the soul of each phrase. Strange things concern seriously wounded soldier! But whether the whole, whether crippled, and each person does not want to turn into an unnamed victim, which even the boots' more useless. " The then leaders of the country did not care how many people die for a just cause. In her crew look different: each fighter - not just a bayonet. This is the man, the person, he may be afraid of death, but much more he is afraid of forgetting!
Looking at what is now happening in the world, you know that the value of the paintings, like "They Fought for Their Motherland" over the years, only grows stronger. We continue to live, and, alas, is not far off the hour when the dead will be no party to the great battles. What continues to make war movies? Hopefully, not for mere honoraria. But none 'remake' never get up on a par with the brainchild of Sergei Bondarchuk. The people who created this immortal movie only imagine how much more important work they submit. They were easier to understand war, because then it was not so far away as it is now. Opt out of the trenches the soldiers do not cry 'Stalin', and this is not accidental. They fought not for the leaders. The whole essence of the feat of the Soviet people not in the countless millions who died, are in the notion of 'native land', for which each was willing to fight and die. This movie makes love our country. If only every second student will have a look carefully drama Bondarchuk, the legend of the Soviet cinema tried not in vain and then they will live. Forever.
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P.S. 'Dedicated to all veterans who have so little left to us. Thank you for your victory! '

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