"They Fought for Their Country" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

1) Strong camera work. The long, slow shots in Tarkovsky's style. None of this terrible flickering in the frame, jerking the camera for a Clip consciousness as is now customary to take off in the same Bondarchuk Jr.
2) Excellent visual metaphors:.
- rye, taken at waist level, which go hand and wants to stroke spikelets (in Gladiator, it was also good shots that convey the mood)
- last blades of a windmill as a demonstration of wanton destruction of war (analogue was in the Avatar - horses with burning manes)
- large frames rocky scorched earth (land poor, but it is ours and it is worth defending)
- burning
field of wheat - the final scene, when from a height of demonstrate how soldiers columns, machines, tanks, artillery, going in the direction of Stalingrad. You understand that the war is a gigantic logistics. The bars a lot of people over thousands of kilometers, to kill someone.
3) At the time of the highest heating or death of the hero lost all external sounds a person hears only his own breathing and heartbeat. This is a very effective technique used everywhere, from the 'Come and See' to The Hunger Games.
4) Good scene of battle with prayer Bondarchuk, pandemonium on earth. Still, the man most brutal species. As the joke in a video about the divers' In the picture you can see the most dangerous animal on earth. Near floats peacefully unsuspecting of the impending danger to her large tiger shark '.
5) Tikhonov played very well!
6) Mordjukova just wow! Very strong energy of a woman. Although it is unclear why the soldiers simply do not have selected her and the villagers all that they need. Especially under direct orders of Stalin during the retreat to burn everything, including the house, along with the residents 'did not get to the Germans' (see 'feat' Zoe Kosmodemyanskoy, etc...)
1) The regiment is 30km per day, but no sweat. Was it difficult to get rid of the actors at least 10km in the heat in full gear?
2) In general, a very well-fed faces of the actors, it would not hurt to put on a diet, at least one month before the shooting.
3) Soldiers everywhere go in helmets although I understand that a heavy thing, a bullet and shrapnel does not protect only unmasks, so they are not particularly used only as a container to drink water from the creek.
4) Place the film on the story becomes apparent agitation. E. The characters from scratch begin pushing pathos of speech. Well, can not know the old lady in a forgotten hamlet word 'power'. And after the Revolution and the Civil War, people realized that the push of speech 'is not agreement with the bosses' fraught, especially in wartime.
5) all too smoothed, no injuries (almost), prisoners, panties, all living or once dead heroes.
6) Most of the soldiers 40 ~ 50 years, although not all youth 42g has ended. Clear desire to remove the director of popular actors, but they are clearly out of the age of the typical soldier.
7) Nikulin & Bourke spoil the film. All the while waiting for them jokes (and unfortunately, wait unhumorous and inappropriate). Still, they are comedians. It's like Danny DeVito would play a commando, one circus.
8) SHukshin played bad. Is drawn in the frame, and with a medal, hardly anyone then walked everywhere, stupid and lose again unmasking in combat conditions.
9) Bondarchuk played bad. I do not believe. Actually, I do not remember that ever came out well, when the director filmed himself in his own films, especially in the lead roles. The most famous example - Steven Seagal. At last his movies where he is an actor-producer-writer-director without tears impossible to watch.
10) There is no uniform and more intense development of the plot. That is sad, then funny, then fight, then peaceful life. 'Torn' plot allows distracted from watching.
11) Many actors are implausible. On explosions near 5 meters do not pay any attention. In the shelling and air strikes to the waist protrude out of the trench to see, instead of hiding in the cracks. At 10 meters the tank passes, they just look at it.
12) bayonet shows bad. And illogical to go with bayonets at the tanks and people with automatic weapons.
13) The regiment consists of 20 persons, it falls into 4 ~ 5 fights, carries heavy losses, but is still 15 ~ 20 people at the end.
14) the exploding shells often are staggered, it looks unnatural.
15) Pretty clumsy scene with a boy who at parting waves. Boy in life is simply to pozyrit soldiers, equipment or pomarshiroval next to a wooden gun and asked "Uncle, let me shoot a pestle ', but not the picture be waved.
16) Dialogues, damp scenario. The film breaks down into scenes, loosely connected one storyline. Clearly wanted to first make a topic about fighting way regiment. This is OK, but just the life of the whole regiment is not shown (HQ, kitchen, medical unit, transports, other kind except infantry troops). 20-30chel just somewhere to go, then dig trenches, take battle again go fight again, etc. Then we decided to make the theme of 'Cheerful man in war' in the style of Basil Terkina. It is also OK, the call of 41g killed 97%, ie in principle, it makes no sense to hysteria, but nedotyanul of humor story. SHukshin the humor, it starts to swear and generally gives the impression of a heavy person. Then he decided it all score, add explosions and make 'picture about the war' without explicit promise and the basic idea.
17) Finally, and most important. The film is ideologically harmful. War is shown as a fun summer lightning, fitness outdoors, shoot a machine gun, to touch the girls, khalyavnykh food, tourism again, and the enemy to beat is easy and pleasant, 10 tanks knock out 20 people do not matter, and the plane to shoot down from the PTR so generally a piece of cake . 'We can repeat the' it's all from the same
Good movies about the war:
1) go to fight some "old men" - spiritual.! Young talented actors
2) Saving Private Ryan -. Plot, Rodina you do not give up, what are you ready for her? '
3) Pearl Harbor - entertainment, love line
4) Life is Beautiful Benigni, Schindler's List - the Holocaust can not shoot bad, the Jews of Hollywood skharchat for such
5) Submarine -. the atmosphere. The film was shot by the Germans (I wonder how much they are likely to reflect on this topic). But they cheated. Showed not how valiant troops SS burnt Belarusian villages, and choose the perfect refined situation (sea war as a competition for intelligence), where there is no local residents, partisans, prisoners of concentration camps, the Holocaust, and occupation of the territories of other unsavory sides of the war. Here is a simple guy who from the village under some Munich professionally repaired the tractor, and then also do their job perfectly - drown the enemy ships. Well, the Allies first invented radar, radar, homing torpedoes, deciphered the Enigma and made a nuclear bomb would have been different, these guys are also meticulously and professionally would have cleared the whole world of all those who form the skull does not fit their standards.
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