These daring modern men show that masculinity is overrated a lot of men Essay

today, get uncomfortable when they do anything that jeopardizes their masculinity. A guy would most likely laugh at a request to wear a dress. Some fathers even look around to make sure no one is watching before they can carry their daughter’s pink bag. But then there are men who don’t care about social constructs like masculinity. All they care about is that they are comfortable or that they are responsible fathers. Here are the top daredevils that looked masculinity in the face and told it to bugger off.


At the 2003 MTV Europe Awards, Vin Diesel shocked everybody in a very fashionable black leather kilt. The kilt is a traditional Scottish garb that draws a lot of giggles when worn by normal guys. An action-film star like Vin Diesel seems immune to these reactions in his failed attempt to make the kilt trendy again. Not for the lack of trying though.


“Okay, I get it now; having a girl is a little different”Was the hilarious caption that followed an Instagram post by Tony Hawk, featuring this picture. Tony was not expecting to paint his nails glittery pink but he did to make his beautiful daughter happy.

Hawk doesn’t necessarily look excited about it, but his daughter did. Let’s just hope his wife was pissed when she found out where all her make-up went. That stuff is expensive.


Joe Jonas wearing hot pink has to be one of the bravest things to ever happen. It’s not only a bold fashion statement for the music superstar but he seemed pretty confident rocking it. This picture was shot during a spring stroll through New York City back in 2012 and it still looks bold.

Joe, being a celebrity at such a young age, is known to wear what he wants. Not everyone can be that brave.


Russell Brand took a dump on his masculinity at Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball in New York City, back in 2012. Not many men can pull off prancing around an international stage in skinny jeans and heeled booties. Do men even know what heeled booties are for?

This isn’t the first time that Russell has let go of his more feminine side. He’s often seen wearing clothes that most men would not dare to touch.


The story behind this picture is something to ponder on. According to the original post, this little girl was reluctant to wear her princess costume to an outing because she was shy. Her uncle, the loving man that he is, decided to go trick-or-treating to make her feel happy.

He has absolutely gotten our vote for “Uncle of the Decade.” We are not sure what costume she wore but it had to be a Disney princess.


For Lenny Kravitz, scarfs are not just accessories; they’re a statement. Kravitz could find an excuse to wear a lightweight and breezy scarf, even on a perfectly hot summer day.

He has been living the ultimate rock star life, starting out big with “Are You Gonna Go My Way” in 1993. It’s cool to see that he’s still vibing the same style that made him a music and fashion icon in the 50s.


There’s no shame in making yourself beautiful, most especially when your daughter asks. The little girl in the picture only likes to wear hair bows when her father does. He may look like he’s happy, but the fact that he shared his softer side online says enough.

We don’t know how she managed to get the message across but somehow, her awesome dad gets it and puts on the bow to make her happy.


Good Charlotte star Joel Madden has either done the least or most punk rock thing in history by dying his hair purple. Die-hard fans and followers of the pop punk singer are aware of his affinity for hair color change.

Pink is still his brightest color to try out but it doesn’t come close to his first hair dye. Joel Madden has dyed half blonde before purple, and then recently he went to the salon and had them dye it grey. You can say he is very experimental with the color of his hair.


This man’s daughter wanted to dress up as the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween. This fantastic father turns the costume idea into a father/daughter dress up to remember.

His daughter was obviously happy with this big decision. Her father single-handedly made her day by putting on a pretty dress and a wig with braids. Every Halloween from here on out will have to be a banger to be a match-up.


There seems to be nothing feminine about this photo of Dave Navarro. On a second look though, particularly at Navarro’s eyes, you can see he is wearing eyeliner. Guys are calling it the guyliner.

Navarro has been rocking long enough to get away with just about anything at all. Plus, with the kind of music he plays, the guyliner adds mystery to his already dark and dangerous style.


Long before Vin Diesel thought it was defiant to wear a kilt, David Bowie had been taking chances on the male fashion stereotype.

Bowie would don his most memorable garb as Ziggy Stardust. The show that turned Bowie into a superstar, featured Spiders from Mars and it was a great commercial success. Bowie confessed that this had a major effect on his emotions and how he later got better at expressing them.


Marc Jacobs, the iconic fashion designer chose to go bold with this mesh one piece at the MET GALA in 2012. He definitely left everyone at the event stunned and speechless.

When asked later why he chose such a daring outfit, Jacobs said that He didn’t want to be boring. There is absolutely nothing boring about his outfit; even his leprechaun shoes that are just plain crazy.


This man brought a whole new meaning to the word ‘lumberjack’ by mixing his feminine side with his masculine side in a denim kilt and plaids shirt combo. He looks ready for a long night in the forest, staying warm by the fire he built with his bare hands.

While denim kilts aren’t necessarily traditional, they have become famous in these times. They allow men the flexibility they need, while also providing the rugged material that they need to continue to work physically demanding jobs.


Jaden Smith pulls off this very bold look and makes it look easy. He is seen laughing his way off campus at the end of the day, wearing what looks like a skirt.

Smith has made a niche for himself already, with his non-traditional fashion choices. He has experimented with just about everything from clothing to hair. Talking of his moving on from these dreads to a buzz cut that was eventually dyed green. Jaden smith definitely has a style of his own.


Life as a father in the service can prove difficult. You may not get to see your kids often. So when you do see those little balls of joy, you have an obligation to make the most of that opportunity.

This incredible dad doesn’t bother even if that means attending his daughter’s tea party.

To him, she makes the best tea in the neighborhood and her crumpets are baked fresh. Plus the outdoor seating is epic. What could possibly be more rewarding than enjoying your afternoon tea with your beautiful daughter with a marvelous view of the lake?


We’re not completely sure why this dad had to carry his daughter’s pink princess backpack while he walked her to school, but it looks cute. In his little girl’s eyes, he has to be the best dad in the world. The pink theme also speaks volume. Obviously, young girls are crazy about pink, and they enjoy embarrass their dads by making them wear pink, too. Well, Good dads don’t care.

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