There is a necessity to learn for life and not for getting marks Essay

Since the dawn of time, learning has always been an integral part of our lives. People have always wanted to acquire more knowledge in order to live better or to advance in their career. No matter what your primary reason is, getting a college or university degree will help you achieve all those goals you have set for yourself. However, there is one problem: the educational system in the United States of America is not as perfect as it is considered to be. To specify, in most cases students are focused on getting good grades instead of actually focusing on acquiring new knowledge. The educational system pushes kids through the same curriculum. However, the results show that students do not actually remember much of what they have studied at school. Apart from that, there are still different standards for what boys and girls can achieve in regards to the career field. For instance, the role of being a class president in a typical American school is usually sought by boys and those few girls who are brave enough to do it often feel discouraged when they lose. Yet, the most important thing in this respect is to never give up. Take a look at one of the reading letters which Hillary Clinton wrote to an 8-year-old girl who lost a class election, and you will be convinced that changes are happening. It takes more time to prove to the society that girls can be as effective at such positions as boys but the tendency is growing. That is the reason why it is so important to set goals even if they seem unachievable at first, and keep working hard in order to reach all of them.

Besides, marks are not everything, especially when you are applying to college or university. If you wish to be enrolled, you will have to submit an admissions essay together with your GCSE certificate and other documents. It is significant to highlight that application essays usually play a key role when it comes to choosing who is given the chance to study at a particular educational institution. There is no doubt that you have written lots of essays and courseworks at school. However, you need to be creative in order to submit a unique and impressive admissions essay. What is more, you will not be able to come up with an unconventional piece of writing if you have been focused merely on getting good grades while studying at school. Your brain is simply not trained enough to produce unique pieces of writing. Thinking outside the box is what matters the most. You can develop this skill but it takes a lot of time and effort.

Another huge problem in the recent years is the inability of students to complete all tasks by themselves. The thing is that a student may simply have no time to submit a well-written college coursework. The reasons for that may be various: lots of other tasks that need to be done as soon as possible, burnout, fatigue, and so on. Yet, no one wants to get a lower semester grade than their classmates. Besides, tons of students are afraid of being expelled if they do not hand in their papers on time. Therefore, some students decide to use various essay writing companies to get their assignments done and have at least some time off. If one is looking for a reliable coursework writing service, for instance, there is an abundance of options online. The only question is whether it is ethical to use such services. The main reason why students resort to getting coursework help is simple: getting better grades. However, the knowledge you acquire at college is not the only thing that matters. Life experience and the ability to adapt to the constantly changing world around us is as significant as having a university degree. The only thing is that acquiring various life experience is only possible when you go out there and try new things. So, it seems logical that sometimes allocating the task to an essay writing company may actually be beneficial as one will have more time on other aspects of life that are equally important, as well as save some time which can be spent on getting more rest.

In terms of those things which should definitely be taught at school are personal finance, logic and reasoning, relationships and self-awareness. So many people are reckless when it comes to money. The majority does not even know how to create a savings account, as well as why it matters in the first place. In addition to that, an average American has over $15, 000 in credit card debt. There are ways to avoid that but most people do not know how to avoid having this debt. Managing your own money is the most important skills in life. Speaking about relationships, the key aspect is to able to understand each other even when your opinions regarding a certain subject are totally difficult. The most vital thing is to learn how to communicate your feelings and emotions to another human being. Apart from that, it will also be helpful to know how to spot and stop manipulative behavior, as well as how to set personal boundaries. Logic and reasoning will help you make right decisions in order to avoid dire consequences of your actions while being self-aware simply helps you to feel better, be more focused and disciplined. In case you are looking for assistance with your academic writing task, take a look at this article and you will be convinced that high-quality and plagiarism-free custom essay writing samples exist. Sometimes it is much more beneficial to rely on experts rather than to spend lots of time racking your brain on a complex paper writing task and still coming up with something very average. Keep in mind that getting good grades is not only the way to become successful in life. Getting a degree is important. Yet, having a rich life experience and tons of useful skills will also play a vital role in your life. You need to know how to practically use all that knowledge you have acquired in the process of studying at an educational institution, as well as how to apply it in your everyday life.

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