Theoretical Perspectives In Relation To Personal Essay


1.Describe theoretical perspectives in relation to personal, social and emotional development. Analyse how theoretical perspectives in relation to personal, social and emotional development inform current frameworks?


Personal development of children:

Children are very important part of an individual’s life and and probably the most important part of a society or nation as they are the future representatives of that particular nation or society. Therefore, right development of a child in physical emotional and personal level is very important. Modern childcare emphasize upon less tedious work and more play time for the child. Personal development of a child includes behavioral development as well as communicational development. Parents are directly involved in the personal development of children. On a daily basis, a child interacts with his/her family. He or she grows with the norms, values, beliefs and traditions of the family. Therefore, this coordination will be the most prominent factor in the child’s own morals. In Qatar parents and families are now a days have become an open system and very interactive with their child. This helps increase the social skills and any behavioral issues a child may encounter in his or her life.

Social development:

From the very early age, children start developing social skills, which includes communicative skills as well. Children learn these skills in the early childhood from their parents and the family they belong. Parents monitor and assess their children almost every minute and the information they gather about their child and guide them according to their individual needs and interests. They provide their child the opportunity to move from one stage to the next by using rich language, good speech, communication, manners and practice hygiene. However, society also helps in a child’s development. When children are exposed to schools and playgroup, they start communicating outside their family and as children are fast and very good learners they easily adopt the norms outside their family. This may influence a child in both positive and negative way depending upon what the child is learning.

Emotional development:

Emotional development of a child depends upon four primary factors; the family they are raised in, the culture they belong to, the early experiences they encounter and if they face any biological challenge. Biological challenge may be either physical or mental. In both the cases children face difficulty communicating to others of their age and their emotional development may suffer for it. There are many institutes and organizations in Qatar, who deal with disabled children. Parents may seek their help while raising such children. No matter whether the child is physically and mentally sound or not it is very important to deal with a child’s physical and emotional need with patience and care.


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