The year i was born Essay

When I was born in 2004, my family was on cloud nine as they were having their first baby girl in the house. Being the youngest in the family, I was beloved. At the time of my birth, my whole family was at the hospital, excited to see the newborn baby. Everyone was eager to hold me in their arms and feel this tiny creature - so soft, white, and chubby. They were so happy to see me that we had the biggest celebration for my welcome. With this, my family went to sleep with a big smile and a new soul in their life. This makes 17th September a very important day in my life and in the life of people around me.

In Sikhism, giving a baby a name is considered very important. Names are usually selected by randomly picking Sikh scripture after a prayer is said. The first letter of the verse determines the name to be chosen. My dad always wanted my name to be unique so he named me ‘Kiran’ meaning a beam of light. But my grandfather didn’t like the name, he wanted my dad to change it. My dad is so creative and strong-willed changed it to ‘Kiron’ which was both unique and beautiful. My grandpa agreed and this is how I got my name. Therefore my name has no meaning in my language.

At that time, many things were happening in the world, many had happened and many were going to happen. We had just entered the new millennium a few years ago. The world was advancing in technology. The biggest invention of Facebook, which most of us have today, was started in February 2004 from a Harvard dorm room. In fact, Facebook is one of the most used social media sites in the world. Moreover, other inventions like Gmail was introduced in April 2004, without which life would be difficult in today's world. Its main idea was to communicate easily and send emails. Today we use Gmail in our school every day.

Also, we were stepping into the modern world and accepting everyone around us for who they were. A big step was taken on May 17, when Massachusetts became the first U.S. state to legalize same-sex marriage. In addition, it was the 6th state around the world to legalize same-sex marriage. I think it's really great that people are given the freedom to be whoever and with whomever, they want to be with. It's a privilege to live in a

There were some tragic incidents, which shook the world and affected many. 9.3 magnitude earthquake in the Indian ocean has created a tsunami causing devastation in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Maldives and edges of the Indian Ocean, killing 230",000 people. Many homes were destroyed and lives were lost. Indian Ocean earthquake is considered one of the worst earthquakes in history.

Other tragic events included the Madrid train bombings. The bombing killed 163 people and injured about 2000 people. The bombing happened in March 2004 just three days before Spain's general elections. Beslan school siege. This event started on September 1, 2004, and ended three days later. There were 334 deaths and over 1",100 people imprisoned. Hurricane Ivan caused damage over the Caribbean and the United States.

17th September 2004 was the 50th anniversary of Lord of the flies by William Golding. It's one of my favorite books. A very important event that happened in India was the 13th prime minister of India Manmohan Singh was elected. Other events included the construction of Burj Dubai started. 28th Olympics games in Greece. Premier of cartoon Peppa Pig.

It doesn't really matter when I was born because it doesn't change who I am. But I know that my parents are proud of me and love me. They are really happy to have me in their lives. My childhood was amazing and I wish I could relive every moment.

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