The Work Of Web-Technique & Its Benefits For People Essay

The Work Of Web-Technique & Its Benefits For People

The amount of information that resides on the Internet is so great that web addresses have become infinitely long and difficult to remember. To solve this problem, URL shorteners (Uniform Resource Locator, or Uniform Resource Locator … in easy: the order number in the large library called Internet) were created.

Many people still do not know the benefits of this web technique and very few really know how they work. With the arrival of SMS and social networking platforms such as Twitter or , which support up to 140 characters per message, it became necessary to create a system to attach a link in the smallest possible space. That’s how these web tools were born, around the year 2001 with the first of these services:

The grace of these shorteners is that they allow long addresses to shrink by up to 90%, leaving behind those unattractive and inconvenient web addresses. But how do they work? Short URLs Photo: El Mercurio The main technique for generating these new URLs is called “base 36”. Basically, URL shorteners work based on a primary key associated with a top-level domain. This means that each shortened address belongs to a single website published on the network and is equivalent to your personal identification number.

The main technique for generating these new URLs is called “base 36”, assuming that combinations of 26 letters of the western alphabet and 10 numbers of 0 to 9 will be used. If you add letters in a can and a drop box, then the technique used is “base 62”. A third technique is to let the users themselves create their combinations. The way to generate these new URLs is simply random. The user enters the complete URL and the system assigns a short URL, in some cases customizable. Although URL shorteners services are very convenient, they can also cause problems.

Short URLs are much more likely to be badly linked (people, by mistake, usually delete a letter or write one at a time of low, etc). On the other hand, short URLs hide the destination to which the link directs, so it is easier to be victims of scams or be redirected to websites with ungrateful content. However, this has been improved over time and many of the current services allow you to preview the content of the link before clicking it.

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