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The film « Pink Floyd The Wall » mixed feelings, the film is controversial, but it has a manic energy on the verge of an emotional breakdown, exposing all of the absolute reality. Cinema, which has extraordinary momentum and emancipation, which is so difficult to perceive and understand people. Sverhtsinichnoe and bright, insightful and incredibly convincing, it seems that the screen or sent to preach, open your eyes. But of course, the film is set to a deep and philosophical mood, reason and analyze, discuss and draw your own conclusions, rather than simply look as entertainment or something sacramental. In my opinion, the movie does not turn into kitsch, it is worth and if not a masterpiece of art, something very close to it.
Director Alan Parker a great figure in British movie, a true professional and a magician. The director, who does not hesitate in its expression on the screen, trying to bring realism to any angle and covers topics across our vast life. Removes quite rare, high quality and not chasing money in his honor other values.
In 1982, the film created a furor and was almost a landmark event, especially when a few years later the Berlin Wall fell and a little more after Pink Floyd gave a concert at her, still hot from previous balances, it seems that great art is able to prophesy.
Pink Floyd is clearly distinguished from a number of rock artists. They create a real rock setting, large-scale and extremely timely, strong, full of spectacular ideas, giving to the mythology and the parable of the surrounding existence. The band, which plays in a style that is difficult to recognize (I am not a fan of this band, and not so it is important, what kind of style), while the music is easy to listen to and also seen. Nope, no elitism or snobbery.
Amazing music and melody. Phenomenal songs forces affecting the complex aspects of the main character, based on the biography of Roger Waters and Syd Barrett , as well as the whole movie. Another Brick in the Wall 1-3 and Comfortably Numb - this is something admirable and disturbing
Cinema. virtually everything in detail and it is important emphasized incredibly beautifully illustrated, carries a potential charge of human internal revolution, to break the complexes and stereotypes. The bright and clever show various aspects of human life, it is closed, the virtual, relativism, the ability to self-destruction and repeat the magic action of the Phoenix .
film affects the entire life of the protagonist, which provides an understanding of the painful way of Pink . In fact, this character is about a boy who would not grow up . The young man, who was angry with the whole world, shutting in yourself and trying, to understand their lives, put everything on the shelves, try to find a door that will lead from the wall of his ill-fated self-destruction. Wall is suffering, every brick which reflects all the harsh real world, ranging from the loss of his father and bullying at school, to complete failure in relationships with women and uneasy, anxious, devouring relationship with her mother. Brick as the basis of distance from reality, leaving to the world peace and security.
Bright scenes struggle with conformism, and quite well-established world look amazing and impressive. Fighting and submission zachinschestvo revolutions of all sizes - and a huge internal systems, mechanical and soulless. Frames and scenes that will be remembered for a lifetime, will remain and cause emotions in different shades of any person.
Great Gerald Scarfe mad and stunningly sharp animator. Cartoonist from God. The man who created the mood and atmosphere of the film. Sarcasm and ruthless humor, covering full life, mocking and breaking all the stereotypes, the basics of life. Stunning animation, known in history. I appreciate this work as a real art masterpiece
Bob Geldof -. Pink , an artist who by and large the account is not an actor. But he's terrific and charismatic in the form Pink . Acting transformation of vegetable in a person with no dyuzhey ability to lead the world in fact - makes a stunning effect. The depth and the whole gamut of human emotions have it all in the character Bob Geldof . He was laid out on the full and live the role. The big role the actor, without which the film is clearly a lot to lose.
Great, religious, unimaginable a movie that combines in itself all genres of cinema. Effective and incisive, withering borders and sizzling all conformity, stereotypes. The film creates the effect, no matter what the properties, it is important force. Terrific fun and not an ordinary movie. Cinema without giving a reason not to reflect on life.
It remains only to see .
9,5 out of 10

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