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At the time, 'The Wall' shocked society. What is not only accused the film. And of promoting violence and Nazi approval. There were cases of suicide after watching this. But all this only because of the literal interpretation of 'Walls'. In fact, in the film there is no aggressive connotations, the creators did not try to have something of a shock, they learn many of the problems of modern man. Just society was never ready for such films. Unusual, deep, not going on about are not the audience or the critics.
So what is due to yourself 'Wall'?
The film is not the usual eye composition . We see a set of clips, but it is not just spontaneous video clips, they are all united by a common theme and the protagonist. All are aimed at disclosing his identity.
That person. Indeed, 'The Wall' is one of those rare films that put the task is not to analyze the life of the protagonist, and he himself.
We were kindly invited to head kicks. Go through his mind, and look at the thoughts, feelings, experiences
It follows another feature film -. We see the world not as it is, and eyes Pink. Therefore, the wife appears in the image skorpionopodobnoy critters, kids at school fall into the grinder, etc.
creators exploring human psychology, who is on the other side of the wall. And not just a particular hero of the film, but in general. Each of us. After on-site Kick can be you and me.
walled off very easy, it is difficult to get out of the wall.
Pink Eyes
In order to show the world through the eyes Pink, convey to the audience their thought the creators chosen an unusual way of feeding. By means of music and visual effects.
'Wall' is a case where the music is not the background, and a very important part.
compositions Group 'Pink Floyd' base pattern (because the film is an adaptation of a musical album of this group). In fact, the plot, which then builds a script.
Plus they are also a full-fledged participants in the action, commenting on the events.
Equally important is the visual part. Alan Parker, with the help of Gerald Scarfe, animates the lyrics, well, adds, of course, his.
symbols. Signs. This is pretty much in the picture. Walking hammers, flowers turn into barbed wire, bestial men in gas masks and more.
All this is not a product of a sick mind, and is not done just so. Each sign has a meaning inherent creators. He was not so deeply hidden, as it seems at first glance, it is just necessary to understand and to think about what they wanted to say Alan Parker and Roger Waters.
Another worth noting inimitable animation created by Gerald Scarfe. Not one computer spetsifekt does not strike the imagination so the data cartoons. Describe it is not confusing, it must be seen. And to know that the animation data is not fun, every cartoon also have a clear meaning, philosophical supply.
Well, let's finally move on to the analysis of one of the meanings of the picture. I must say that further written is intended for those familiar with the film. No spoilers (spoiler in this movie put impossible) just watch the film and get it yourself.
On the other side of the wall .
Life in Pink has not worked since childhood. He was alone. The father died in the war, and the mother too loves him to distraction. Plus, when it grows, there is a new problem - school teachers. They strongly mock children.
'For whatever we undertook. All the fun of us.
And all the weaknesses that we have, trying to hide it, flaunt '.
At some point, Pink tries to fight in his mind the children are pulled out from under the control, begin to destroy the school, teachers burn at the stake. But it is too small it would have to deal with the world, small and lonely.
difficulties at school + childhood without a father + mother = fanaticism of the foundation walls.
Years pass. Pink becomes a musician. Fame, money, and there is no happiness. A wall higher and higher.
hope of returning to the bright world can become his wife, but the main character is too caught up in themselves. He sees in his wife's mother, which began to appreciate too late. That just does not stand up and throw kicks. He loses the last link with the world and with the help of drugs completes the wall to the end.
And then all attempts to break it will be miserable and unsuccessful.
Time passes, and the emptiness inside the wall turns into anger, hatred.
pink explodes, throws all his aggression and the dark side. In his mind, he turns to the Fuhrer of Nazi groups, he says to kill blacks, Jews, gays, and just not popular with his people. So Pink tries to break down the wall of hatred to destroy it. But at one point realizes that cruelty to a fall, and says, 'Stop!'.
And then will the court. The Court will take place in his mind, with the participation of a school teacher, a wife and mother. Court painful, difficult, but the only way to clear
witnesses heard, the jury conferred, there is no need
judge read out the sentence:.. Tear down the walls
On the ruins of the walls
world sometimes! It is cruel. Not everyone is strong enough to fight him. Simply build a wall and hide there. But inside it there is no salvation, only darkness, but all human vices.
Wall is easy to build, difficult to break. You can not isolate themselves from the world. After all, should always be white for each stripe of black life. You can not give up, discouraged and feeling sorry for yourself. We have to fight, fight and you win.
That came the end of my review. A thousand words can not fit even a quarter of what the creators want to tell.
In addition to the study of man's inner world, where criticism of the war and the state apparatus, monitoring the topic, the topic of Nazism in modern society, and more.
I barely described the first.
Brilliant film. Ingenious. An unforgettable journey into the human soul, which you should see. "The Wall" is not only about Pinky. She and about us. All and of each.
Look and remember the picture a little to understand, it must feel.
express my special gratitude to profile Tima_005 . Much in the movie, I realized thanks to him.

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