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Alan Parker's film "The Wall", filmed on the basis of a concept album "Pink Floyd" "The Wall" from a screenplay by Roger Waters - bass player, vocalist and author of many texts "Pink Floyd" - is one of the highlights of the rock culture of the 80s. The film reflects the many problems of social and intrapersonal character that troubled rock musicians and formed the theme of rock culture from the beginning of its existence, ie, since the early 60s. These themes - love, the Second World War, the problem of fascism, violence against the person and antiindividulny approach from the generation of the fathers of the person, the person of the closure problem in itself and psychological crisis as a result of such treatment, is also a problem bezottsovstva (paradox - a new generation fights "generation of the fathers", even though many of them do not have fathers - they died in the war). All these themes are reflected very clearly and symbolically in the film. The main means of expression - it's certainly talented and melodious music "Pink Floyd", an original and dynamic visuals Alan Parker and the beautiful animation by Gerald Scarfe
In the center of the film -. The fate of a boy named Pink. The lack of fatherly love, mother's inattention can often lead to tragic results, as in this case. Mercilessly filmmakers depict school - an institution for forming masks children who drop out on a conveyor belt in a meat grinder life. School is like a prison, a teacher at the guards, causing children to repeat the dead, once, long ago learned the truth, any deviation from the strict wording dissent ridiculed. "What we have here, kid? Poetry no more, no less! Attention all: poems "The public reading of poems kicks in its class (« Money »line from the song) is exhibiting at the show all the hidden and intimate. But the teacher, it is still, as it was the case to the inner feelings of the child, the main thing that was a good student, as a joke. "We do not need an education!" (Or rather "an education") - is the result of Waters' arguments. Yes, there is truth in this: schools often try to standardize everything, one size fits all, what there is individuality. It is no accident in the social survey of university students about the school is the most common answer is something like this: "educational establishment of strict regime." As a result, students, enraged teacher ratio (ie. E. "Generation of fathers") rebelling and attacking the school, thus indicating that it is impossible to put pressure on the person to infinity. He's like a spring - is compressed, compressed, but at some point breaks and splashes his violent energy. This school symbolizes rebellion war -. The same terrible, uncontrollable and senseless
worth mention, that time and space, reality and nightmare constantly mixed in the film. From time to time appear on the screen of the scene of hostilities. Story of a boy kicks a reminiscence of an adult, a rock musician by the name Pink Floyd. This man is in a state that is precisely expressed in «Comfortably Numb» ( «The cozy torpor"), song title. He does not care, he sits, staring blankly at the TV screen on which constantly twist films about military topics (the topic of his father). Drugs and alcohol took their toll. Even came to his hotel room the girl-fan could not get his attention. The only woman of whom he thinks is his wife, whom he had once loved, who left him and making love with one of the anti-war activist organizations, is very popular at the time.
The film uses symbolic animation by Gerald Scarfe. He created stunning images of war - a black eagle as a symbol of German aircraft, which breaks apart the dove - a symbol of peace. Romance and love are shown as the ratio of two flowers; at first they were beautiful and touching, and then become a purely carnal nature, and everything ends so that the female devours the male. And the hero of the film: his love sears it and then throws, taking some part of it with him. As a result of all this - a nervous breakdown hero. He withdraws into himself and builds a wall around himself, fenced off from the rest of the world. Does not feel anything, I did not feel anything. At one point, he is enraged, crushes his hotel room, is on the verge of suicide. But, breaking a window, he shouts TV at night void «Next time, fuckers!», They say, some other time. According to Waters, he too had depression after concerts, in particular after the final concert of the tour «Animals» at the end of the 70s. However, the numbers he had never smashed, only heard about what happened.
here partly affected by the fate of another member of the group, which by that time had left her. Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett (Roger Keith (Syd) Barrett) - the first songwriter, guitarist and singer of the band was not able to cope with his addiction to LSD and was forced to leave the band in 1967
As a result, he finds a kind. output: to freshen up, put on a uniform, which is very reminiscent of the fascist, gather a crowd fanateyuschih like-minded people, a kind of people-hammers, and fight against this decaying society. As acknowledged by Waters, people-hammers -. The most vivid image of the animated film
But the hero can not become a fascist leader, he is too humane for that cruel enough. The climax scene of the film - is the judgment of the hero, where he is accused of manifestation of human emotions. The judge - a disgusting worm (worms Waters presented the symbol of moral and intellectual degradation), the prosecutor - the puppet-master. The wall closes around Kick. On this stage it is difficult to judge unequivocally, its interpretation may not be straightforward. Here he writes Andy Mabbet, one of the editors of the magazine «The Amazing Pudding», studied the work of «Pink Floyd»: «To escape, Pink decides to spend on a court where he was - his own prosecutor, judge and jury all rolled into one. The only possible punishment and salvation Pink is to destroy the wall and resume life in the community. Creek, accompanied by destruction of the walls of the film shows that this decision was not easy for him given »
final scene of the film:. On the ruins of the walls of the children make out the stones, and the final shot - a little boy pours lighter fluid from the bottle, disarm it, as it were, I do not understand why it is generally necessary.

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