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The hero of the film 'The Wall', Pink Floyd - a boy whose father died during the war and whose childhood overshadowed by soulless system and pedantic, harmful teachers. The picture begins with the dawn of the frame in the dugout. Pink Father cleans his gun before the fight, burning oil lamp, chirping birds and fly over the heads of the audience invisible bullets. But here, the battle begins, the British are going to attack and explosion of the entire screen with the volume of one hundred decibels dugout spreads before our eyes into pieces ... That little Pink on the playground. Children on the carousel podsazhivayut on their swing swing mom and dad, and his swing nobody ... The scene at the train station. Little Pink welcoming home returning soldiers among the crowd. He knows that he met no one, it is suitable to any officer, pulls him by the jacket, but by then the platform is already running his wife and children ... Pink sick with fever, comes strict doctor tells the boy to bed, extinguishes the light. Outside the window, the wind, the shadows on the ceiling, jump, scary ... The teacher in the classroom is in Pink verses and exposes him to ridicule, then ruler has his hands ... This is a teacher at home, with the sedate dinner with his wife, whom he obviously fears . He wants to spit hryaschik, but the cold steely-eyed wife swallows it, grinding out a smile on his face. All these scenes, often without words - these are the building blocks from which gradually grows notorious wall. Its symbolic expression become cadres school lack of personal responsibility when a boring lesson students face mathematics gradually transformed into the same shapeless pink mask and they marched, under the sounds of the song, are on an endless conveyor belt to the end of his fall into a giant meat grinder hopper grinds all indistinguishable in stuffing.
Pink Floyd grows up, becomes a rock star. He has a lot of money from the girls just do not have a release. He marries, but gradually alienated relationship with his wife, and when he becomes a drug addict, his wife leaves him and starts dating a figure of the disarmament campaign
Here Pink on tour, his deep depression, he always calls his wife, but there either do not respond or the phone sounds rich man's voice, and the time - after curfew. In a state of near madness, Pink trashes room luxury hotel, breaking his guitar and finally thrown out of the TV screen. In the fevered brain Pink flashing images of his childhood, his father's face, pictures of his wife with another school, all the painful moments of his life.
Pink sits locked up for several days, his cheeks were overgrown with stiff bristles. He starts to shave, but to start, can not stop - first shave the hair on his chest and then his eyebrows. In the semi-delirium, he fancies himself the leader of hooliganism working youth, skinheads. They have - their own police in black uniforms, on their sleeves - the crossed hammers, their greeting - hands clenched into fists and raised crosswise over his head. These hammers in animation by Gerald Scarfe, live separate, independent life, walking in orderly rows on the vast expanses of space on the background of the future buildings. Hammers, these simple percussion instruments, transformed into a symbol, and - it is not clear why:. Whether valor, reductio ad absurdum, whether the winning pace of strong guys-hammers, ready to perform any task leading sledgehammer
Another important line of the film - lovingly -seksualnaya. The filmmakers are aware that this problem exists and is still relevant among young and sometimes even grown-up generation. Since the entire tape - it's basically the projection of inner turmoil of our hero, then this line becomes more painful and vociferous interpretation. By combining frames lonely, mentally exhausted Pink uncomfortable in the concrete cavern and picture luxury red-haired his wife, in ecstasy swept on pillows, the director achieves excitation jealousy each individual viewer.
The same love-sex line in animation developed differently. Two flowers, peering and sniffing each other, trying to pollen gradually come in excitement. Their stamens and pistils poured red, become familiar anatomical shape and, finally, under the loud music 'bam!' - merge in ecstasy. Confluent flowers as in the paintings of Dali, turn into the female form, full of eroticism, wove develop. Finally, sated female flower devours her partner. General theme of carnivorous flowers, carnivorous tsvetoobraznyh lips have Scarfe developed in some detail.
Scarfe first wanted to become a director of the film, but then decided that all the same it is necessary to invite the person with cinematic baggage. So on the scene by Alan Parker. Implementation undertaking was difficult also because the film did not have a script. Canvas paintings - it is the experience of the Waters in different periods of life, and these experiences he has not explained in any literary form. Then - you need an actor for the lead role, a man who would be embodied on the screen all the mental anguish Pink and would do it truthfully and convincingly. After much trial and views Alan Parker has chosen for the lead role of vocalist of the Boomtown Rats, Bob Geldof, who received it because, first of all, was an excellent improviser, and secondly, because he, as a singer of rock 'n' roll group, could, when necessary, laid out without a trace. Alan Parker remembers that in one scene Geldof had to break hands, ripping wood blinds. Edge in thin strips were like razors. Geldof in blood cut off his hand, but then, slapped wound plaster, was ready for a new take, who played with equal enthusiasm.
Wall, the symbol of alienation and separation at the end of the painting is destroyed, but it is not collapsing peacefully not brick by brick, as a system, but one massive explosion. The film also has a scene in which the anonymous students rip off his shapeless mask and in a fit of daring youth start breaking school property and everything that comes to hand. The whole scene is poured into a big mess with the burning of the building, with the arrival of the police in general -. A real orgy
walls stand today and there are not only between the classes of society - and classes continue to exist even where there seems to be they should not - but also between entire countries and peoples. They begin in the human representation, in theory, statutes, ideologies, racial prejudice, etc. All this is not only pointless, but dangerous - as people begin to hate each other and fear in imaginary lines. There is a wall that, sometimes you can not make out, but it only strengthens explosions. This is just what we would like to avoid. Through thick and thin.

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