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Typically, the background music plays in the film, but not here. Films was created just to complement the music to vizualilzirovat her, and it was done amazingly well
Let us my favorite songs from the movie:!?
At the moment of conception teenagers burst through the double doors chains and move at will, like maddened sperm. Soldiers' third Royal Rifle Company "rush to the attack and drop dead. The police, trying to keep the youth rebellion, perform safety functions. Pink conceived, and we hear his heartbeat in the second minute of the song, but it is the heartbeat of the unborn child, whose physical body is not yet developed - hence the question mark in the title. All those wishing to "young fighters" ready to immediately go to the light, in order to get out of life some joy Virtual Pink-Nazi read-threatening solemn instruction, elegantly warning about the inevitable sorrows and hardships in life. Whereupon he took the stage director, ending the final preparations for shooting a scene of birth of the hero stories. He commands to give light and sound effects to start. After the words: "Action!" Sounds the command «Drop it!», Which can be attributed to the requirement that an obstetrician-gynecologist to introduce pain medication, and if desired - even to demand more to get rid of the burden. Another meaning of the phrase ( "Drop the bomb!") Is supplied to the listener, more particularly, to a roar of a dive bomber. Waters: "I would like to draw a parallel between a rock concert and war. During major events such people seem to like too rough handling that was loud and really devastating. "
Suddenly orphaned Pink comes in a sinful violent world where" the sea could be kept warm "to him and the heavens - "blue." In English, the adjective "blue" symbolizes both innocence and depression, the mother calls her child "poor thing", he unconsciously expressing grief. Following ubayukivayusche-mournful singing of the mother (Gilmore) takes harsh voice of reality (Waters), comparing life to slip on the ice brittle, falling under that is synonymous with the loss of innocence and madness. Parker accompanies the song torn frames soldiers, rapidly lost their innocence in the "modern life».
Here's the first song that represents the metaphor of the Wall. Pink here for the first time realizes that he has no father. Not wanting to live daily with this tragedy, he laid the first brick in the future protective wall. Waters:. "At the simplest level, when there is something bad, it is even more isolated, symbolically adding a wall brick by brick»
Parker completes the story about the young years Kick real episode from the childhood Waters when he was found in the mother's things military father form and official condolences King George VI. It sounds a second part of the song "When the Tigers broke" during which young Pink dresses up in his father's uniform, posing in front of a mirror in it. That's because, according to the filmmakers, the youth comes to replace the older generation, taking over from him all conceivable and inconceivable, including war.
empty seats
This short, almost instrumental passage was originally supposed to be included in the album after the song "Do not Leave I ", but after the withdrawal of" What do we do now? "she plugged the resulting hole.
Pinku left to fill only some few gaps in the wall, where his wife are" first find a common language. " Here it captured a moment in which Pink loses touch with reality and common sense. If you follow the "secret message", written in backwards album beforehand, Old Pink spends his days in a psychiatric hospital, but this time the new Pink degenerates into a fascist. Old Pink sends a message from the future, which is the New Pinku has not yet been conducted. If New Pinku be able to resist the dictatorial, Old Pink escape the dismal fate be in the house of mourning. Carolina, also referred to "the opposite message" - the second wife of Roger Waters (unlike his wife Kick it on the phone). Waters often said that if not for Carolina, he would have gone mad as Pink.
COZY daze
manager finds Kick fully sedated. All in horror: director of the hotel beside himself because of the terrible defeat, agents may not result in the Kick feeling Manager tries to call a doctor. The doctor arrives and injected Pinku Narcan - means instantly relieves the buzz, but not in the case of paranoid! Contrary to the desired effect, at Pink's vision is even more amplified. He remembers, as a child brought home a sick rat, but her mother did not accept this act of mercy and rejected poor little animal. The next morning rat izdohla, Pink drowned her in the subconscious - in the waters of a wide river - leaving there with the rat all his shattered hopes and illusions. When Pink began at the very high fever, his mother rejected him and leaving after a visit to the doctor alone in a dark room alone with nightmares. The child grew up, was a dream. And now Pink falls into a "comfortable numb».
Song that should be devoted to a separate study, her peers in the work of the group was not and is not. Bob Ezrin, who composed the music in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, substantially raised the artistic bar Pink Floyd, Waters and inspired to write the libretto, which is not always rhymes, but perfectly fulfills the most important task. We can only regret that only its finale "The Wall" reached the peak of theatricality.
Kick judge Worms, and the first witness giving evidence against him, is a teacher. His speech is chaotic, full of fussy self-justification and ends impulse to "finish" the defendant personally. The second witness acts Wife Pink. Her testimony - malice and revenge (complaining about the past a lack of communication with her husband give a hint to Judy Trim). Third witness acts Mom. It only does not want evil kicks and still wants to have power over her son, but her voice also sounds complex of self-justification. During the whole process Pink depicted as a rag doll. He does not care that he is on trial. He's just a doll, kicked from one prosecutor to another, - a doll that periodically whimpers, but never defended
Finally Judge shown Scarfe in the form of a hefty ass, passes sentence.. Suffering wife and mother (a teacher does not count), bring it to a boil: he was going to beat all. According to the judge, Pink - a notorious villain, deserves immediate death. But terrified Pink is no greater punishment than to remain without its protective shell in front of everybody. And the judge, supported by the crowd in chorus, ordered to break the wall.
there beyond the wall
And at the end of the people you just did not notice, "pious and compassionate," ready to lend a hand and to help stand up in front of your eyes .
gaining strength and energy, forgetting past disasters and overcoming daily minor troubles, enjoying an unexpected conversation or acquaintance, finding a new hobby, or trying himself in an unusual role, you cross your allotted space and reaches the next impasse. And for him - a new space
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