"The Usual Suspects" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

It is this postulate of a red line runs through the entire film. wonderful film. First of all, assembled cast and wonderful game the actors themselves, as well as an interesting plot and a stunning finale. In the film, played by Gabriel Byrne, Stephen Baldwin, Benicio Del Toro, Kevin Pollak and of course Kevin Spacey . The game is all great, great written dialogues, constructed mise en scene, everything worked out in the 10-plus
The plot of the film is built on is not original, but an interesting scheme, already used in many tapes -. About people collect dossiers, while they themselves They do not know it, then gather them all together and blackmailed, forced to do anything. I remember Agatha Christie novel "Ten Little Indians" is built on the same principle, but there is a villain does not make anything to fulfill their sacrifice, but simply execute them, but here the execution, which was originally designed for people clicked the way, is not there and what is covered by a joint operation. It seems to follow her and are free, go on all four sides. But no, everything in this macabre play written to the last line, and each assigned a role, but the villain is watching his victims and even participate in the action.
No one suspects that a nightmare all criminals, whose name many have heard, but no one have not seen - the phantom Kaizer Suze, in fact all the time there is beside him. How he deals with the agility of a magician did not obey him, or at least one would get in his way. It did not bother and nothing he does not cause pity. His punishment swift and extremely cruel, no one is not the most cowardly people, "the high road" does not want to come across even in his field of vision. And five of the criminals of different caliber have teamed up to save his life and off the hook Kaiser. All this tells crippled petty crook, a survivor of these five, and like the previous test phantom, the only one that was able to play a game with the devil himself, and come out the winner. So whether it?
Kevin Spacey . Great talent, that's just no other word to choose, if other actors about the debate under way at times: he is a good actor, he is not bad or anything special about Spacey can not be said. The end of the nineties, the beginning of the new century he stood out extremely fruitful on smart role in at least smart films that are at least "Secrets of the A-A", "Seven", "American Beauty", many other and certainly this one! And what a striking contrast to the cast !!! Chic, imposing a policeman in "Secrets of ..." and pathetic loser petty crook named talker in "... the people!" As he plays this petty criminal, super all - and this manner of speaking and smart, but scored some opinion, and even physical handicapped after a childhood illness. As he plays the sole survivor of the whole gang, as it truly protects him whom police called a notorious villain and cold-blooded cunning killer, the only one who reacted to the miserable cripple on a human, whom he considered his friend and sincerely to tears does not believe in his deception !
Dean Keaton ( Gabriel Byrne ) who served at one time been a time for an elaborate scam, and is now trying to establish an honest life. But the past does not let him and the police, time from time visited by him and spoil life without believing in his corrections and taking every possible way. The most skilled and intelligent in this gang. Game Byrne as always brilliant, very talented and enigmatic performed his character.
Michael McManus ( Stephen Baldwin ) and Fred Fenster ( Benicio Del Toro ) a couple of criminals working together and together fall into different scrapes, here and now find themselves on the hook and passed into the last road Kaiser themselves without realizing it. Baldwin probably played one of the most spectacular of their roles, although his character does not particularly shine intelligence. Del Toro is generally fine, his non-standard appearance and style of play came in the film can be very useful.
And the last member of the gang by Kevin Pollack, the only one, it seems, who really annoy Suze at large. Pollack long and firmly took its place in the actor, but from that his talent is no less than the star of the first magnitude, all the time, it truly fulfills its characters.
Here are a motley group one evening, reduce the room for identification, who does this have?
One of the most interesting detectives mid 90s. Thin, intelligent, warmhearted, built on the nuances and semitones, does not let the audience for a moment, look to be very carefully and attentively to listen, not to get lost in this maze of facts, stories and events. But this is not difficult because I did not feel in the game cast some falsehood, nor felt the work produced.
Filigree written out the story, smartly shot film that looks at one go. In the final, I want to burst into applause, he looked like a quality spectacle on the best theater scene. Here yes, the feeling remains the brilliant performance after watching this film, which is rare and really talented creations. And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the Spacey and the best scenario, speak for themselves. Although the meaning of all the awards and nominations, when you look in fascination at the screen, and in the final with bulging eyes and an open mouth and can only utter "Daaaaa»
finale is amazing and only remains to say sacramental re: « most devil's greatest achievement that he convinced the world in its unreality »
Everything! End of story!
10 out of 10!

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