"The Usual Suspects" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The end of XX and beginning of XXI century, were the most successful years for the crime movie. David Fincher took a great gloomy thriller "Seven", Antoine Fuqua has produced a better job Denzel Washington, "Training Day" and Martin Scorsese won an Oscar for "The Departed." Of course, this movie is a little different in content and narrative than recognized by all "Scarface" and "The Godfather." But this film, characterized by bright in acting, potent lineup, strong directing and fascinating story. And, of course, to those iconic films should classify a picture that became virtually a classic crime movie - we are talking about "suspicious persons" Bryan Singer, which I recently had the opportunity to see
First and foremost, we must pay tribute to the director.. Clearly shows that the project is in good hands, the organizer and coordinator of the work on the film professional, and it gives excellent multi-staging that Singer proved later in the "X-Men". Here he has a lot of the central characters, united by a complex but fascinating storyline, which occupies a central place in the picture. Between the characters on-screen time is evenly distributed, each is in its place and gets as much attention as is required by the plot. There are no unnecessary scenes or any logical gaps. But the best thing in this picture (here is not so much praise is necessary to Singer, as author of the script) - a phenomenal ending that makes this picture a real triumph crime movie. But on the final later.
very important place in the movie it takes the story. This is not the usual typical history, viewed in a pile of tapes and written by the past for the sake of action and connection of several stars in one shot. Here the scenario framework plays a leading role, the entire film is built on it. And in the end, it is the text of the film is its greatest strength so to doubt the validity of an Oscar for the script is not necessary. The film is constructed in several time planes, affecting one long and complicated, but fascinating history. The offender disabled nicknamed Chatterbox (Kevin Spacey) is detained by US intelligence agencies and the police during the investigation of a brutal massacre on the boat, with which the film begins. Very gloomy and dynamic prologue, which already sets us on a curious spectacle. The story itself chatterbox is presented in the form of his story and numerous flash Beks, occupying most of the film, but a lot of attention paid to the questioning chatterbox Customs special agent (Chazz Palminteri) and investigation, the FBI special agent who deals with Bayer. As a result, the two plot lines (the investigation FBI agents and police story chatterbox customs officer) are woven into a single, whole story to the end of the film, and this interweaving really looks great.
Cast in the film really is not bad. The most famous, perhaps, is Kevin Spacey, rightly won an Oscar for her role chatterbox. With this way, he really mastered, although after the "Seven" in this actor, I see only villain. Stephen Baldwin was also quite good, though Spacey eclipsed all here. Pete Postlethwaite as an improvised Kaiser Sauzee looked passable, and as another familiar face on the other projects, will come down. Pleased young Benicio Del Toro, however, he was given a little time. Gabriel Byrne played well, though Spacey is still the king of the party. Chazz Palminteri in the image of the customs agent looked bad, but sometimes replayed. It's a pity only that the FBI special agents Giancarlo Esposito given enough screen time, the potential of his character was good.
I can not say that the film is very atmospheric (atmosphere more honor films Fincher and Nolan), but an urban legend about Kaiser Sauzee really looks scary . He is a mysterious man whose face was never seen (or did not know who he is). He is considered a fiction, his fear, his name is not pronounced aloud. It is not just the king of the underworld, to play with people on your own. This elusive and mysterious supervillain of his time, as if endowed with mystical supernatural powers. And, of course, he - the main secret of the film, murky and discouraging unsuspecting viewer
nothing like the picture soundtrack, too, match the spectacle, demonstrates on the screen.. Mostly the movie has a very dark, for example, in episodes of carnage on the ship or in the legend of the story about the Kaiser Sauzee. Soundtrack rose to the occasion and during the main sequence in the film, the last seven minutes. By the way, at the end of the film especially liked operator solution, add a movie swiftness, entertainment and some anxiety atmosphere
finale of "suspicious persons." - the triumph of the criminal genre. In fact, it is a double unexpected ending, which at first shocked by your answer, which lies on the surface, and then, not yet had time to recover the viewer, all events turns the picture upside down. After that will rethink virtually the entire film, admiring so powerful and so unexpected turn of history. I knew about the unexpected final picture, but "The Usual Suspects" were more interesting than I expected. Knowing the phenomenal final picture, I allowed myself to be deceived. A picture of an unprepared viewer does fall down on the spot, although I count myself among those. In general, over the last seven minutes worth of supply of "suspicious persons" praised it is worth a close eye on the small cons.
Speaking of cons. Mostly the film becomes dull, sometimes tightened, the atmosphere is not always maintained, but in individual episodes she is very lively, and bleak. Stephen Baldwin places replays (and reminiscent of Tom Hardy, but it is a plus), as Chazz Palminteri. But, in general, a brilliant finale of "suspicious persons" covers all these cons, and the film definitely deserves a viewing
Total:. 'The Usual Suspects' - not a true masterpiece, but definitely significant for crime movie with great picture and truly shocking ending, for which, perhaps, a picture is worth a look.
9 of 10

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