"The Usual Suspects" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

... or «The greatest trick the Devil was to convince the world that he does not exist»
The film «The Usual Suspects» put the true beginning of (their first film together, "Public access", passed completely unnoticed) celebrated many years of creative collaboration director Bryan Singer and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie , which subsequently collaborated on such high-profile projects as "Operation Valkyrie" and "Jack - the conqueror of giants". Of course, each of them separately had a hand in the mass of extraordinary films, including Singer put a few parts of the "X-Men" and McQuarrie debuted as a director with "Jack Reacher," but the true connoisseurs of the movie in the first place will associate these filmmakers is to criminal detectives extraordinary classic "The Usual Suspects" in 1995. Despite the relatively modest by American standards a budget of $ 6 million, the young director was able to gather a strikingly high-quality cast of the same enthusiasts like himself, as well as expand the action of the picture to the enlarged scale. "The Usual Suspects" were real benefit for the Gabriel Byrne , Benicio Del Toro , Kevin Pollack , Stephen Baldwin and, of course, Kevin Spacey . Singer's film gave a powerful charge to the career of each of the actors and for many years determined their popularity, though mostly because of associations with religious roles in "suspicious persons." Of course, as in the case of the incorruptible "rabid dogs" Tarantino, "The Usual Suspects" initially not too badly expressed himself in the box, but the true artistic value of the tape is undeniable, because then the film became almost standard detective thriller, winning with the two will certainly honored «Oscar» - McQuarrie for the screenplay and best supporting actor Spacey. Besides Bryan Singer had based the logo of his production company Bad Hat Harry productions silhouettes of the five main characters in the film, confirming that many people in my life owes "suspicious persons", paying tribute to them in each his new film.
So, subject of the film shows us the face of petty criminal bigwigs caught Roger "chatterbox" Clint (Spacey). As it turns out, some time ago, he and four other strangers personalities - Keaton (Byrne), Hockney (Pollack), Fenster (Del Toro) and McManus (Baldwin) delayed by one illegal business without having any evidence other than the general suspicion . No one was arrested, the police nevertheless brought the bandits together, which organized criminal group. But something went wrong and its last really killed all but chatterbox. And somehow this is someone involved in Kaiser Sauzee, elusive genius of the underworld, who was involved directly in the history of each of the characters in the movie. But who is hiding under the guise of a ghost in the flesh?
Gabriel Byrne nominally is the protagonist of the picture. His hero, Keaton is a retired gangster and a respectable businessman. However, the tie can not protect him from the police interest, especially Kuyana detective (Chazz Palminteri), who for a long time watching Keaton and suspects that he is the most elusive Kaiser. as we understand it, Keaton had no intention to return to crime, and only unusual events forced him to take up arms again. So it is quite logical that it was Keaton speaks the voice of reason and balanced for the whole group.
Kevin Spacey Get the most from your role in this film. Perhaps his "Oscar" is one of the most decorated in the history of the prize award ceremonies. His hero, Loudmouth is paralyzing a man who in spite of the inferiority still involved in the illegal machinations to give a lot of pleasure from the process. Also despite the imperfection of the body, Chatter is the smartest person in the group and all its actions are far-reaching plans.
Benicio Del Toro has appeared before us impossibly glamorous, pretentious and stylish figure who in all his ways holds the high reputation. Already from anyone, but from its hero, Fenster, threats do not wait. Moreover it he brings into the story a lot of quality humor that naturally adjacent to the tense intrigue of the film.
Stephen Baldwin embodied McManus, very unbalanced and emotional gang member. In all situations it is trying to conduct its own game, seeking benefits for themselves only. But logic and pure reason it is not very friendly, they find themselves on the hook at the criminal genius who manages his fate and lives of each member of the gang in its sole discretion.
Kevin Pollak by a former demolition, and now the average American, repair cars. Perhaps his hero, Hockney is the most ordinary, mundane party to a criminal group. But among so many colorful personalities, it is itself begins to stand
«The Usual Suspects." - a brilliant detective who keeps in suspense from beginning to end viewing. Singer and McQuarrie joined in the picture a lot of interesting dialogue style of Tarantino, as well as added by a serious intrigue about what is happening. "The Usual Suspects" is a classic detective story, which is a modernized parts and thus seems unique symbiosis of retro and modern. In addition the film is surprisingly dynamic. Five main characters over and over again is revealed to us in more and more detail, and are replaced by the locale like gloves. Thus, the "Usual Suspects" is a thriller not sealed, but a very large-scale project, which is reduced to one. Who is this Kaiser Sauzee? And like the motivation of the plot is more than a fascinating character. Every minute show makes to look forward to isolation, which not only affects and causes both admire scenic fiction, and her acting, which, of course, to the greatest height!
As a result, I want to say that the «The Usual Suspects" - this is a classic that deserves the attention of every lover of cinema. Everything is there to spend a half hour with a tail with one of the most exciting detective stories. The script, direction, acting, style of shooting, saundtre - find fault here is not happening, and minor tweaks to look just silly. So pleasant viewing!
10 of 10

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