"The Usual Suspects" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Dark music and the band glare on the water, a mysterious man in a raincoat and sitting in front of him Dean Keaton was finishing his last cigarette in my life ... And, maybe not the last? At least, so says the customs detective Kuyan, pry cripple chatterbox in the office of the chief of police. And when the agent is trying to aggressively bring opponent to clean water, he just quietly dissuaded: "I'm not a rat 'and begins to rub about charges of coffee in Guatemala and do not seem related to the case of nonsense. That's what this talker Roger Kint, appearance Kevin Spacey passed the usual simpleton into a nondescript suit. So it tied up movie, which is destined to become one of the best creations in the whole long history of the thriller / detective, and with the best hand to characterize the trend of film noir in a time when seemingly it was not the case. And movies such as this, will act in the future is really closer to zero, which only approves its cult and resourcefulness director Bryan Singer. In general, the 1990s became the apogee nuarny aesthetics in cinema were filmed no less remarkable 'Seven', 'LA Confidential' and a few others, but 'The Usual Suspects' of the authority to approve a capital picture of the direction due to the prevalence of some dramatic advantages.
There is no psychological leader, really the main character. Five of extras, rounded up to the theatrical recognition - in fact, the usual suspects. Ordinary in the sense that they are not criminals universal scale, not professional conspirators and thieves. Five people tailor one whole character and no one stands out. Everyone has figuratively true features: McManus silly, corny Fenster, calm Hockney and so on. And the purpose of their children: plunder of small things. While greed is ruining fraerov, nobody suspects that he had fallen into the clutches of Kaiser Sauzee, that same mythical criminal who twirls them like puppets. He knew that in fact none of them does not shine so widely brains and prefers to deal a gun - he beat them, being unreal, illusory. Obsessed, suspects do not believe in the existence of the Turkish gangster, but do not have the moral right to evade the spirit.
Kaiser Sauzee. Devil in the Flesh possessed souls of their pawns in the party strictly calculated by purchasing them in exchange for a pittance, easy money. Kaiser acts like a father in his name, the legendary Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar - not an accidental coincidence after all. It was too dirty, but a clever politician, and his image during the life echoed in the cult of the lands of the Empire. That Sauzee, to convince the world is not existence itself, but still putting any thug to his knees. Around his personality built disclosure showdown at the port and intriguing, really discouraging. Singer was able to write truly multi-faceted character, each face of which is hidden in the words in the dialogues and bulges on the surface when the wind blows. He was and remains a minor hero of all timing, though, and takes hold of the attention - an amazing achievement. And this against a background of different characters that fall into the lens, great actors embodied, by the way, is not of the highest caliber -. To many role in 'suspicious persons' was the pinnacle of his career as well as in skill
And yet very different story that tells Kuyanu Chatterbox methodically. She did not put on a par with the classics in the spirit of Agatha Christie and yelling that the killer - the butler. For the time being it is not clear at all, what the narrative. The plot is impressive in that it is woven into the true crime thriller, not deceiving himself and balanced. All of these barbaric attacks with stockings on his head, march without imitating the legendary crime boss, no romance - very cold business, unfolding in the back of a black New York and Los Angeles, looking dark and in daylight. There is nothing special - and that's a plus, because history is kept from beginning to end, from the moment perfectly set the scene in the courtroom, where Chatterbox provides evidence under the spectral light bulbs. To some it may seem boring chatter odious (but its importance can not be omitted), but the film never hits the dirt face from an artistic point of view. Camera installation prudence no less heroes, along with the scale of the shadow recreating the unique shell of the city, filled with rot, where the main proceedings are held under the cover of night. Streets, skyscrapers, seashores appear even more enchanting than day. 'Suspicious persons' sometimes just nice to enjoy.
Still, the film breaks at the end of the thunder, and business structure fit together. You begin to find answers to all the questions 'why?', 'How?', 'Where?', 'Who?'. And then another surprise! When the outcome is clear, it is broken and it is not, like the devil. Dual finale becomes the key paintings and the emotional peak that may strike and upset, and inspire, and to kill. In this case, Singer openly leads one to the end viewer, surprise surprise in getting the overall picture for him. It seems that Dean Keaton dies in the beginning, and the flames, running at a trickle of gasoline explosion vessel carries his guts into the depths of the Gulf of ... clearly though. And like it's alive ... One answer is no, but then there is - and even later it turns out that it's all the same deception. The devil deceives mankind and the universe of the film, but did not deceive the film. As a spectator: detective isolation can not become a phenomenal if peering into the details. Flashbacks chatterbox - the only direct evidence. As if they did not hide the devil, it could get. Why Quint knows that speak Hungarian? Little things seep into the texts, and it is possible to begin to guess, but you must have a crazy insight
Anyway, 'The Usual Suspects' -. A delightful phenomenon. Notrump, the film takes the charisma of one or more characters, no meat and reproduces blood, guts and action, his picture is not filled with neon red and props from floor to ceiling. And the teachings are no special, except that in addition priority loved ones. But the picture of Bryan Singer - a real Klondike kinoindustrialnoy drama, fantastic, though seemingly something ordinary. But his blood from his nose must be prepared to look, otherwise there is a risk to be disappointed. Roger Ebert, for example entangled in the plot, and hated the movie - it was his negative review spoils rating on Metacritic. In general, no one was going to cuddle while watching. However, if you understand the movie, he was still a long time will not get out of my head. After all, it did not because of the ending - the ordinary means. As Hitchcock's brilliant 'Window into the yard' Singer throws the skin of the detective slowly fed to the enchanting, but a clever ending. And along the way - the investigation, its own part, the closest similar to the routine of work and detective. What were the Hannibal Lecter or the seven deadly sins? Entirely romantic ...
10 of 10

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