The Truth Of A Religious Belief Essay

To a great extent my most cherished belief is one that is called into doubt by not only myself but by those around me as well. This most cherished belief was strongly inflected by my upbringing. Leading the question am I religious because of nature or nurture.

Similar to Descartes I do have somewhat of an idea of a greater being that is eternal and the creator of all things, yet I have no real proof or evidence that of his existence. Which causes myself to doubt everything I have previously known .Even though I hold this belief I often find myself questioning religion constantly. I hold this belief because in many ways it is expected of me to hold. Since my parents raised my family and I to be religious, believing in a higher power was something that was required of you. We went to church every Sunday, studied scripture together as a family, and attend seminary classes as we got older. Though being religious is not always ideal, it teaches the basics of good moral values. I was taught to be kind, help the poor and love one another. As a result I have always been given the chance to serve and volunteer for others on many different occasions. That the early experiences and my environment as a child had a large impact and made me the person I am today, but what is it that determines whether a person’s environment affects their beliefs. To some degree I feel as though ones upbringing and what we are taught as children is one of the biggest factors in determining whether you yourself believe in God or whether you believe in a higher power because your parents raised you to. A child will not question what a parent is teaching them, they will mindlessly follow.

Finally, it may be concluded that, believing what your parents taught you does not prove anything about the truth of a religious belief. If how we are raised was able to prove religious truth, then every religion and consequently no religion would be true. Therefore how someone is raised can provide a belief in the matter but it says nothing whatsoever about its religious truth .In proving that the bible is true you cannot use what is written in the book to prove the truth of the book itself, you would need further evidence. For example, many people claim to have had religious experiences that in some way validate their religion. The big complication with that is a religious experience is simply a mental event, or a feeling. Which is not in any way a piece of evidence. In addition, these events are usually indescribable and hard to believe if you did not experience it for yourself.

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