The Theory Of Wormholes Essay


Wormholes in theory is a door or a gate between any two locations in space time dimension [1]. Even though perception of a wormhole is pretty difficult for a human being to understand. It can be explained and understood if the concept was projected. Imagine if space was a piece of paper of unimaginable length and width that can easily be folded on either side of the paper. On paper there are two points drawn 50 billion light years far away from each other. Fold the paper in such a way that two areas of location should overlapped each other. Pierce a hole between the two overlapped regions using a pencil. The hole that is present between two overlapped locations is called a wormhole and it is a gate between two locations. In theory if we tried to pass a payload through the wormhole it could cover so many distances at a few instances of time. As the payload is just a door or a gate far away from the location it has to arrive. In theory the payload has broken the speed of light with the help of a wormhole. If a payload is passed between these holes it could cover so much distance at a much less time and in theory could also break the “limit” of the speed of light. After imagining the wormhole concept in space we have now known and understood the basic working concept of a wormhole.

Wormholes do exists as it has been supported by not only by the means of observation or science fiction media but also by many religious books as well. For example in the Holy Quran it provides evidence that when angels travel in space they experience different time e than the time humans experience on earth. “The angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years [1].” The angels take only 1 day to travel from any location in space which is equivalent to 50000 human years and it is possible using the concept of wormholes. Even Science fiction related media also uses the concept and theory of wormholes. Like in “Interstellar [3]” which is a movie about wormholes released in the year 2014 by the director of the movie Christopher Nolan. In the movie it is shown that people are travelling to different galaxies using a wormhole and the reason is that they are trying to find other terrestrial planets that can sustain life. Worm holes comes in various shapes and sizes and these come with many different scientist who theorize about the types of wormholes in the first place.

Many scientist have debated each other on the subject of wormholes and have come up with a universal agreement that around six primary types of wormholes present in the space time dimension. Traversable worm hole which have the ability to transport object one location of space in one point to the other location. Non-traversable wormholes in which the door of the wormhole is not stable enough to let anyone out, it has a high probability of being collapsed. If a human or a payload would have to pass through it could easily destroy both of them. One-way wormholes that could only allow only the path of moving forward but no path of return. There are two types which are black holes and white holes. Black holes are really kinds of one-way wormholes. Anything can enter a dark opening, however because of its extraordinary gravitational draw nothing can get away. White holes which are the inverse of Black holes as nothing can enter a white opening. .Fourth there is a two way worm holes which can not only provide going route but there is always a return route provided by the two way worm hole as well. Intra Universe wormholes which can help the traveler or a travelling object to cover distances that are far apart from each other in space time but those distances would be within the single universe. Inter Universe wormholes which an object or a being can travel from one universe to the other.

These six types of wormholes mentioned above cannot be able to classify themselves properly and even if wormholes did classify itself the probability would be small. For example a “one way” wormhole can either be classified as a “Traversable” or a “Non-traversable”. Science fiction movie makers and story tellers usually use “Intra-Universe Two-Way Traversable Wormhole”. In which “Traversable” will allow humans and objects to pass through, “Intra-Universe” will allow us to travel within the universe and “Two way” will help us to go forward and backwards from the wormhole’s path. Naturally occurring wormholes called primordial wormholes can be observed by physicist. These types of wormholes allow tiny particle to travel from one location to the other [4].

Humans however cannot create an actual wormhole itself but humans have somehow learned to create the replica of it with the help of magnetism. There were a group of scientist who first created a magnetic wormhole with a help of device in a laboratory located in Spain. They created a spherical device that transfers a magnetic field from one location to the other in space Teleportation at a quantum level can also be a type of wormhole as it can basically teleport a beings and objects from one point of location to the other as well. If we talk about Quantum Teleportation then it is a type in which it relies on quantum entanglement. This is a phenomenon in which one set of quantum objects like photons, form at the same instant and point in space [5]. Still teleportation at any level have been appearing in stories and religious books but now it has been made possible with the help of few researches from China. They successfully teleported a small photon from Earth to Space and then the photon was orbiting at a speed of more than 311 miles. They achieved this with the help of quantum entanglement that creates a linkage which can be worked to transmit quantum information by the act of downloading the information associated with one photon over an entangled linkage and transferred the identity of one photon to the second photon and this second photon becomes the initial photon and that is how the photon was able to be teleported. This was the World’s first successful teleportation recorded in human history.

The researchers were able to detect this teleported photon with the help of a satellite called “Micius ” which is a highly sensitive photo receiver which can able to detect single photons of quantum level states that are fired at from ground in Earth[6]. Few scientist have also proposed mathematical equations related to wormholes. Professor Kip Thorne and his graduate student Mike Morris proposed their mathematical equation called the Morris-Thorne metric which is represented in spherical polar coordinates [7]. This metric describes two separate regions of space, connected by a tube. These different regions can be interpreted by a two locations on space in a same universe or a two different universes. The function b(r) describes the shape of the wormhole and the throat of the wormhole. The two different universes connected by a wormhole is shown as at r0 where b(r0)=r0. This condition has to obey a flare out condition, b’(r) < 1, which ensures that the throat of the wormhole remains open and stable. [7] This equation on above was to just display how physicist are working hard to make the concept of wormholes possible for the future generation. In conclusion wormholes do exists in many shape, sizes and forms but the problem is that it is not in practical situational conditions as it would take up a lot time, energy and research in order to achieve the target of making a wormhole into a proper working science of law.


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