The Theory of Utilitarianism Essay

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THEORY-- The theory of Utilitarianism states that actions must be judged since right or incorrect dependent on whether or not they result more happiness or unhappiness. It weighs the rightness and wrongness of an action based on consequences of this action.PRINCIPLES--(1) CONSEQUENCE PRINCIPLE:Actions should be judged appropriate or incorrect mainly by unique effects. Nothing else matters. Right actions are those which have the most effective consequences.-No act is right in and of it self.-No act is incorrect in and of it self.(2) PRINCIPLE OF UTILITY:The only thing that matters may be the quantity of pleasure and unhappiness that's triggered. Therefore the right actions are the ones that produce the best ratio of joy over…show more content…

A utilitarian believes that following your integrity when it conflicts because of the basic good is too self-regarding. Including: A talented doctor that has the information to execute a lifesaving operation, but get squeamish about cutting available flesh. If the surgery be done despite of inner conflict the better of mankind?  With regard to moral squeamishness, a utilitarian will over rule his feelings against doing an injustice in the event that good outweighs the injustice being done. PROBLEMS-- an issue with utilitarianism may be the psychological effect it has using one individual. The utilitarian plan of action is certainly one where in fact the effective is defined before the right. If the consequences prove bad, anyone with the integrity is going to feel bad and think that they did the incorrect thing. A utilitarian will think they did the proper thing due to how the result were prior to the actions happened.COMMON SENSE--  We are utilitarians. We simply have no idea what value to attach down ethical emotions to. However, our moral feelings are element of our moral reference to the world and by regarding those emotions from a utilitarian standpoint cause united states to get rid of our individual integrity. CONCLUSION--  After gaining better understanding towards the theory of utilitarianism using the booth individual. I'd think about my self more aware of a theory that is plain typical

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