The Theme Of Behavioral Change In Sound And Fury By Dan Greenburg Essay

Sound and Fury is a story written by Dan Greenburg that revolves around him and his friend Lee Frank who is a stand-up comedian. This story focuses on human nature that how a behavioral change can either result in tense or in peaceful situation. This concept is beautifully explained by author by building certain situation of conflict, anger, suspense or tension.

Lee Frank works as a comedian in a New York comedy club. On day he had a night show so he went there along with author. The crowd there was full of energy and people were drunken and were enjoying the performance of Rusty, another comedian. After him it was the turn of Lee to perform and when he came crowd started shouting the name of Rusty. As a result of this Lee tried various methods to curb the enthusiasm of people but was failed badly. So, at end he left the stage went to the bar at the back of the club. Greenburg followed him to express sympathy. They started talking, Greenburg said that he was good but Lee did not agreed and said he could do better, when asked “how,” Lee had no answer to that. As they were conversing a man among crowd who created trouble for Lee came along with his friend and said Lee want to do something to them for they created menace ,and to this his friend replied that he is ready to fight. Afterwards Lee also agreed to this.

Apart from being a comedian Lee also had a black belt in Tai Kwon Do which is a martial art of Korea, and also once caught a robber-rapist. Author also knew some of these but was never trained. He stood by his friend and thought that this is getting to be tough as they were only two while opponents were in dozen. It was full on tensed scene and all were ready to fight. The young man in his mid-twenties came forward’ for fight and all the eyes of people present in bar were shifted toward them. All were in aggressive mood.

After that something unexpected happened, Lee asked the man that how is he doing, and that man replied “good”. Later questions him why was he here to the bar and learnt that it was his birthday. He figures out something and put forth his hand and wishes him “happy birthday”, man after a short pause shake his hand and went back to his friends.

Author thought that there was so much of anger an d people were in mood to fight which calmed down as a result of pleasant conversation and left no sign of hatred or dislike, and concludes that an act of provoking could lead to fight and at a same time bya few pleasant and soothing words , peace could be spread.

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