The Thankful Diary For Two Weeks Essay

“Probably the greatest consciousness … is that bliss is not just a place, but a process … joy is a continuous process of sharp difficulties and it takes the right states of mind and exercise to be enthusiastic …” (Ed Diener 2014). According to Shawn Achor, it is a pleasure to have the feeling that our potential will be fulfilled (“happiness can be characterized in many ways”, 2017). The investigation prescribes that euphoria be a blend of how fulfilled you are with your life and how extraordinary you feel in an everyday commence. Both are modestly steady that is, our life changes and our perspective vacillates, yet our general bliss is more innately decided than whatever else. The inspiring news is, with consistent exertion, this can be countered. Consider it as though you think about weight: on the off chance that you eat as you require it and on the off chance that you are as unique as fundamental, your body will balance out at a particular weight. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you eat short of what you might want or exercise more, your weight will change suitably. In the event that this new eating standard or new exercise program ends up being a piece of your day by day schedule, right then and there you remain at this new weight. On the off chance that you return to eating and honing as previously, your weight will return to where it began. In this way, that is fine as well, with bliss. Toward the day’s end, you can control how you feel and, with unsurprising practice. (“What is joy, at any rate?” 2017). As per Dr. Seligmana: Writing day by day magazines, offering thanks, taking part in side interests, positive written work/considering, consideration, contemplation, cleansing misery, absolution and pardoning, and so forth. Are viable approaches to advance satisfaction and live however much as could reasonably be expected? Of every one of these sorts of articulations of appreciation can be a decent method to advance joy, to be thankful for your life and for the immense things in it. Be appreciative that you have sustenance and asylum, that you have allies, or what little or considerable things you have. Be thankful for the sun and the rain, or whatever anticipates you cheerful

Day 1:

My therapist said I should start keeping a Thanksgiving magazine. It is difficult to find something that is suddenly grateful. I suppose I can be grateful for the roof above my head – today is a rainy day. The hot tea I have. And the simple fact that I have at least one thing for which I am grateful.

Day 2:

It’s the second day. Now I am ready to find bonuses today. It will be an honest challenge. My shrinking “Imagine laughing.” In that sense, it may be the water rains that fell down yesterday.

Because they give me a reason for delaying the class. Get sick. I’m grabbing the grass for some reason for laying a day in school. Today I am grateful for the rain. All day long lectures.


To begin, I am grateful that I’m wise to make this choice.

Day 4:

There was this young lady, remaining under the apple tree of my neighbor toward the beginning of the day, sitting tight for his van. She kept running along the trees out and about, with her senior sibling. He was shaking the trees for her, so the morning dew and the previous evening’s water would overflow her sister (I get it’s her sister). At whatever point it drizzled, she hopped with delight with happiness. It sort of influenced me to grin. It advised me that something many refer to as “Fun without thought” still exists. You could make your own little moronic motivations to be upbeat. Perhaps they are not all that phony or dumb either. I was appreciative that she influenced me to grin.

Day 5:

There was this girl in our batch who was bragging about her time in Canada. I don’t mind the mindless fumbling. There was this one bit that caught my attention. She was talking about the grey skies in winter. It made me grateful. I like the color and the clear skies.

Day 6:

This grateful magazine comes to me. Our car is broken down today. A temple in the morning. Our city is one of the most holy temples. The bonnet is shattered like a cuckoo. It was a shock. I do not know what’s going on. The girl does not grateful for her gratitude.

Day 7:

I am very pleased that I am this new person who is still grateful. Today my mother had to embrace. I did it. I admired her smile

Day 8:

Today is a typical day. The addresses in the school are an entire day. I am thankful that my inquiry, my sight, the essence of taste and my faculties and the sensory system relate to it. I am appreciative that my clinical wellbeing is great.

Day 9:

I am so grateful to be in a sister today. We had good times. We protected each other. It’s hard to think about life without her.

Day 10:

I am thankful to the music. I was dependably there. I am appreciative for how it can be communicated. I am appreciative that the profundity of quiet is comprehended. When you see music, it doesn’t record, and is made of quiet. So I esteem it, a developing requirement for peace and peacefulness and quietness. Presently, at last, I figure, I ought to thank the music to comprehend that I am genuinely appreciative for not realizing what a major part of my life is.

Day 11:

I am thankful for the noodle organizations that deliver noodles at the cut. Pour bubbling water, eat. I am appreciative not to need to go to bed hungry. I’m thankful for the shower this evening. I am appreciative that nature is in concordance with my feelings. It’s not tied in with putting on a show to grin and tossing gatherings to endeavor to brighten me up.

Day 12:

I went to the temple today with my family and we did all the traditional work for hours and took the blessings from the blessed monks. I was so grateful of religious work with family today.

Day 13:

I went to college today, during the lunch break, me and my friends went out to buy ice-cream and we saw a poor kid walking down with his mother in the street in the hot sun where it burns people alive. We bought them ice cream too and they were so happy that they blessed us for such a small thing. I was grateful of our good doings.

Day 14:

Today, I want to take the courage to be thankful for something that I avoided all these 14 days. I will meet my therapist tomorrow. The therapy made me skeptical at first. I’m so grateful today for completing the 2 weeks gratitude journal, taking the challenge and experiencing the thankful diary for two weeks.

As I mentioned above, writing a recognition journal was a difficult task and a bit infuriating, but after a few days, it went well and it was in my daily schedule. The experience of writing a recognition journal was a good practice and involved promoting happiness. I felt good after that because even the smallest things can be updated in the recognition journal and when we come back to see these lists, it makes me calm and happy. I felt really good and grateful for my god for giving me a good time.

Before finishing up, I might want to state that it isn’t bona fide vulnerability that the lion’s offer of people should need to be cheerful in their lives. In spite of the fact that the individual thought of bliss renders portrayal troublesome, it appears some typical needs, all in all, identify with the gathering or satisfaction of delight. Rapture is hard to portray on the grounds that it includes an option that is other than what is anticipated from every person. It’s not possible for anyone to totally comprehend or meet another person’s sentiments and, all in all, we have our own particular advantages that we appreciate. A few people, for instance, decide a feeling of fulfilment with profiting or pushing ahead, while for others, prosperity and family are substantially more basic. Meanwhile, a scope of various feelings, going from vitality to peacefulness, could be related with the likelihood of satisfaction, and a comparative individual may well feel idealistic in various ways (“IELTS Writing Task 2: ‘bliss ‘paper’, 2017). There are numerous techniques that can be utilized to advance bliss, for example, care, contemplation, the end of misery, et cetera. Bliss is ageless. As the proponents of the textbook appear, individuals throughout history have sought and sought satisfaction. In any case, with the rise of positive cerebral science and advances in the organic and sociological sciences, assumptions and research on bliss have grown.

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