The Targeting Strategies Used By Dubai Islamic Bank Essay


1.Examine current Market Targeting, Segmentation and Positioning Theory.
2.Examine Current Process used by Dubai Islamic Bank to Target, Segment and Position it self in Banking Sector.



Just as the name says, Dubai Islamic Bank is an Islamic bank located in Dubai and whose headquarters are still in Dubai. Having been started in 1975, it became the first bank to implement traditional Islamic laws, rules and regulation in their business operations. To be precise it was the first bank in the whole of United Arab Emirates to implement such laws in its banking system and strives its best to be the pioneer and retainer of those laws and values. Just like any other bank, the DIB is public joint stock company whose shares are also recorded and documented in the Dubai Financial market. Therefore, this means that its operations are just like any other banks when it comes to any other business but differs slightly in the laws that govern the operations such as trust and innovation (Laketa et al, 2015). In addition to that, for the company, the customers are always a priority and therefore have to do what is best for them. In that case, this project will discuss the current process that the bank uses to target its customers, segment its market and position itself in the banking sector. However, despite the differences in which it operates, the bank manages to keep itself in the market and is currently growing and developing at a high rate.

2.Current Processed Used

Customer First Initiative

Just as mentioned earlier, the bank’s idea is to first put its customers’ needs before anything else. The bank has made this activity one of its most desired objective and goal, i.e. be it external or internal customers they are all treated equality and as a priority. Additionally, it has become the objective of every employee as well hence attracting more customers because of the special treatment they receive from the employee and services offered. Also, with this in mind, every activity that the bank undertakes is for the greater satisfaction of the customers’ needs (Mohamed et al, 2013). In general, this is actually the main reason every business exists and has always proved to be a very effective strategy to implement.

Branch Opening

It has been discovered that DIB has over 90 branches in the UAE which are currently operational. As every business continues to grow, it starts to expand and therefore open branches in different locations where there is promising and potential success. With this fact, DIB seem to be operating in many different countries in Pakistan and considering the fact that they are still operational, then the business is still thriving. Also, it means that it carries a large share of clients who help it keep running in all its branches.

Effective Technology Usage

The bank has currently devised a way to fasten the process of servicing the customers. When a customer wants to open an account or do any banking activity, they can do it electronically by use a seamless process which completes the processes in 15-20 minutes tops. The implementation of this technology was done simply because the demand for banking services was increasing and the process was so slow and tiresome. Therefore, by trying to fasten the process for the customers, it will definitely attract more and also increase their loyalty.

Customer Centered Organization

Basically, DIB is a customer centered bank which focuses on not only improving but also retaining the traditions and the laws that govern its operations but still relate to the culture and traditions of majority of its customers. The bank offers a lot of support for the customer groups, traditional events and other charitable events like fundraisings. In addition to that, it serves its customers through participating in community development, non-profitable organizations and other humanitarian organizations that serve the community juts for economic growth and development (Draghici, 2011).

Research Area

The research area is the precisely the Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) which is already discussed in the information above.

Research Question

How effective are the targeting strategies used by Dubai Islamic Bank?

Internal Data

This will certainly be derived from the bank’s accounting and financial reports, its reports from the customers, managers, market analysts and other people who are involved in the bank’s operations, especially those that are related to its market positioning and segmentation. These reports will be very current and relevant. For instance, the reports for the end of year 2016.

External Secondary Source

These are the sources listed in my reference section. The sources for my report information are certainly very informative and factual. The data that is contained there relates to the issue on how businesses would want to increase and improve its market share and segment. Additionally, they talk about techniques which businesses can use to attract more customers and keep itself in the market as well. The sources help me answer my research questions by giving a clear understanding of the topic with reference to DIB bank. With that information, I am able to source my research questions’ answers. Furthermore, they sources are very recent (less than 7years old) and are also very relevant to the topic itself besides the specific research questions. My sources certainly written from an academic point of view by educational researchers who were pretty curious about business growth and development and especially the market increase and market segment.






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Contains most of the information about the banking and market targeting strategies of most banks in the region and especially of the type as the DIB.

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Data on DIB’s infrastructure growth

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Has a lot of information on the financial status of the DIB therefore shedding light on its status in the international market.

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Scholarly paper on marketing and ethics in Islamic banking

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Shows the basic marketing, segment and positioning strategies of many businesses in general especially the Islamic business and customer relations.

Pricewaterhousecoopers PWC


Scholarly paper on Islamic banking Finance

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Contains information about the general Islamic banking techniques, procedures and rules which therefore governs the DIB bank.


The above processes are basically some of the easiest ways which any business can use to target, segment and position itself in its market. Additionally, every business’ objective is to satisfy its customers’ needs. Therefore, for DIB is no different because this being their very main aim and objective, they are to achieve it really well. Apparently, the bank also involves itself in many other activities that are likely to attract customers, increase their loyalty and maintain the customers for as long as it takes. Also, they are able to segment and position themselves in their market by starting up many branches in different locations where there operations are also popular, famous and well recognized by many.


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