"The Taming of the Shrew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Inveterate bachelor and a killjoy, but very good and responsible farmer Elia is in my life all that is needed for the mere mortal happiness. All but loving girl who would be able to tolerate it coarse and vulgar antics. And then one ordinary rainy evening on his doorstep appears charming Lisa. Her car had broken down, and due to the lack of hotels in the vicinity there are no other options but to be asked to spend the night in the house hamovatogo Elia. But bad luck, because the spoiled city girl on the ears falls in love with a simple country boy. That, however, is not going to respond to her affection. Lisa is not going to keep this simple and inveterate bachelor is ready to prove that it can easily survive in conditions of rural workers. After all, in that just does not go for the sake of love. Will it have it perform this difficult task and if it succumbs to the charms of women so stubborn macho ...
Italian cinema is very extensive, but when it comes to comedy, that first comes to mind is this brilliant band. In terms of ideas and the main idea, it does not have anything that would distinguish it from many other similar projects. Here it enters into force, and a terrific actor duo to watch the confrontation which is a pleasure, as well as the ability of directors Castellano and Moccia to give his work an incredible lightness of everything going on. Even ridiculous and silly scenes look here a lot of fun. Similar examples of something like that, the first time quite difficult to remember.
Maybe story delights the authors have not been able to provide, but religious phrases and really funny scenes in "The Taming of the Shrew" a huge amount. With all the naivety and predictability, the creators have managed to create some original and memorable episodes of the eccentricity. That only is the time of the so-called "fertility dance" performed by the main character, which is the music of dancing provocatively squeezed grapes in order to prove to everyone that the machine can not replace the people in such a delicate matter. There are a few funny scenes: tearful watching comedies of Charlie Chaplin, or talk to a priest about how to tame the call of his own flesh
another interesting fact.. Even though the predictability of the storyline, what is happening is really interesting to watch. That's kind of the template and hiking in the restaurant, slow dancing, and all kinds of other times, without which no romantic comedy can not do. However, all this served so refined and unusual, that interest does not disappear until the beginning of the end credits. There were here and without spice, because the director's version shows a little more extended sex scenes, and sometimes even lit charms of the heroine, using her seductive body as a means of seduction. All these episodes were clearly cut for the Soviet hire for reasons that are clear without any explanation.
And yet, the film has turned out be so enchanting, if not fantastic actors in the lead roles, which came off as best they could. Best role played by both performers and a few years later even tried to repeat the success of "Crazy Love", again showing a loving couple, but only reversed. If you continue to talk about the film, the first thing I want to mention the inimitable Adriano, the hero of which turned out so brutal and bleary-eyed, that is able to kick out of bed naked and ready for all the girls, but would not lose freedom and habitual for living. In addition to smart game, Adriano also performed several songs in a hoarse, but a beautiful baritone voice. It was charming and Ornella Muti, which appears here in the juice and did not hesitate to play mainly on this aspect. As an actress, she is not so good, but that's such a stunning appearance will not tell. It is a pity that in recent years has gone smoothly Muti larger screens and now mostly removed on television.
As a result, we can say that "The Taming of the Shrew" is one of the best Italian comedies, with a bright acting duo Celentano-Muti and hilarious jokes some quotes from which even reached the people. Movie, unique, religious, and personally, I stayed after watching in admiration. So, the highest rating respectively:
10 of 10

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