"The Taming of the Shrew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

«Elia, what are you doing ?!" - "I opened the window ..." - "? And I'm allowed" - "No" - "Well»
Until that day, I somehow I hesitated for review of this film. Everyone thought he was not ready, I can not find the right words. But as you can see, I still collected his thoughts and started typing. I sit and write about what they want. Phrases that fall, so to speak, on the list are given with great love. Love for one Italian creation, which does not give reason to be sad. It never lets the viewer sit back and languid sigh. On the contrary, the film, which will be my speech, will do everything possible and impossible to watching his people first smiled and then laughed, and so contagious that others will pick up the laughter. In this film, there is no place of sadness and evil, because it is imbued with the optimistic energy, creative miracles in our view. Probably, for me this creature, forever, will remain the best in the genre of foreign comedies. And God forbid that it be with me all my life. By the way, do not know how it will respond to these rising generations, but I can say with confidence that they will not remain indifferent to what is displayed on the screen.
«What, exactly, will not talk to me ?! "-" Really? You force broke into my house, soaked my shirt, the dog gave me mate! Why should I talk to you »
In my opinion, the picture « The Taming of the Shrew » -? Is more than a picture. This is not just a movie, it's a great masterpiece that was created at least two great men. Hmm, which side, I would not have looked at this amazing miracle, I still see the same thing. Namely, funny and incredibly fun film that every time you watch gives me positive emotions. Actually, I have said many times that the creation of Italian cinema - very useful things. For them there are no barriers, especially when it comes to jokes. And in the «The Taming of the Shrew» . That is what is missing is the fun moments and provocative situations. Frames showing Elia, crushing grapes race with the robot; a scene where the main character is talking to the birds; fascinating and exciting time playing basketball .... I assure you, just so you will not stay the whole movie. You'll laugh, maybe cry until the pain in the abdomen. Believe me, I did the first times, the same suffering. And the native people for me, too, could not bear to see this movie. No no and one more time no. I am convinced, and I will argue that the picture of 80-year - it's a big explosion in the Italian cinema, which completely changed the views of many. Overall, the picture of the two artists from the peninsula - a classic that is clearly not the old never
«Do you have a TV?" -. "No, I do not have it" - "How ?! Here it is ... "-" Yes? And all the time I used it as a bench »
Now I'd like to talk a little bit about the story and its components. But to say a long time will not, because in the story "of the Shrew," you need to watch rather than read. So. The basis of the film. In one Italian village lives a gruff farmer named Elia Kodogno . He - a confirmed bachelor and a misogynist. Despite all the glances and the comments of the villagers, Elia is living in a big house and quietly engaged in farming. No one, including close friends and housekeeper Mammy, can not reason with «old despot» . But, one day, life presents a fateful gift to our beloved hero. One rainy evening, when Elia was sitting and playing chess, the door of his house knocked beautiful stranger ... Basically, this completes a measured life of a farmer. After exploring the beautiful Lisa, its existence is turned upside down, it will draw conclusions and reconsider their views, and the viewer, in turn, the heart merry over the many jokes that never-ending stream will flow from the mouth heroes. By the way, the jokes are very instructive
'My name is Lisa' -. 'I'm not guilty ...'
Probably unlikely to find such a person, able to play the role of a farmer Elia, better than a unique Adriano . Oh, I was moved to all that this amazing actor did on the screen. Jokes, phrases, movement. Yes, these individuals still need to search. In general, Adriano, you - the best! About Ornella Muti I still have a good impression. She is not only beautiful, but also a great actress. The image of a spoiled girl approached her perfectly.
As a result, I must say. "Taming of the Shrew" - sparkling comedy that is sure to leave its mark in the history of world cinema. I specifically wrote: "leave" because the time of the miracle has not passed yet, and is unlikely to pass. Stunning picture high score:
10 of 10

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