"The Taming of the Shrew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

- It seems that you are very fond of animals
-. I love
-. What about the people
-? Put up, but not very
seems the plot of this classic Italian masterpiece. cinema is known to every fan of the movie worldwide. For Russia, this film, I think, has a very special significance, as well as playing the main roles. Russia has always liked Adriano Celentano, it dances on the barrel with grapes, charming motifs from the film, familiar to anyone ... This film is probably already part of history, not only the history of Italy, but also in our country.
city babe Lisa (Ornella Muti) by coincidence absurd circumstances turns away from the city in favor of a farmer who has a reputation in the neighborhood as a bachelor and a misogynist with a terrible temper. if he so terrible? This question was given by Lisa, the more that the owner of the house, where she was so 'polite' sheltered a man very, very attractive. Going to some tricks, it remains, but, of course, for a certain period. Without even noticing, she falls in love ...
unusual love story that is relevant at all times, which is based on the social distinction that really is often a problem. In this movie, which I reviewed at least a hundred times, I am most interested in the characters and the images of the heroes, who, by the way, just brilliant prescribed. It is the merit of both actors and directors, famous and acclaimed at the time the duo Franco Castellano and Giuseppe Moccia. Thank them for the miracle that they have created on screen
Lisa Selvestri -. A young, beautiful, accustomed to live in his pleasure, and, as I thought, a little bitchy. She is self-confident, even arrogant at times, which, incidentally, is quite natural - it's too good-looking, and the man she did not refuse. Used to achieve everything without thinking about the consequences, breaking heart, driven only by their desires and emotions. She appeared in Elia house unexpectedly and was surprised by such a rude reception. There he is - the only inaccessible to her man. First, it acts because of interest, if you will, because of its uschemlonnoy pride, but then her actions become more soft and sensual character. Although it is up to the last plays arrogant woman, who was not used to running after men (although it is of Elia runs)
Elia codon -. Farmer, who turned 40 years old now, and he still does not married and, as it turns out later, had a close relationship with the opposite sex. Beautiful, stately, such as self-confidence and even rude to all others. With the people he addresses as well as the cattle on his farm. While there, judging by a quote Elia, he loves animals a lot more. This uncouth lout, as it was called Lisa. Celentano I like this character because of its low profile, the compressed charisma, visual inaccessibility.
Light good story with a lot of funny moments that make you smile. Quotes from the film, thanks to a stunning transfer, stored, memorized, and even become a cruise (such as, '- My name is Lisa -. It's not your fault ") And of course the famous scene when Elia rolled down the street bed, prikleplonnuyu cable to the tractor, at which sat half-naked Lisa - it is a classic of the genre
Adriano Celentano ... this man, actors, singers, this miracle I can talk for a long time.. I love him with all my heart and every time, seeing his charming smile, the screen feel a sense of joy and pride from the fact that we found this legend. He's great! In the role of Elia delicious and so convincing, that you involuntarily ask a question - would he be like that in your life? Probably not, but nonetheless, Elia codon in his performance is something brilliant. He hits his restraint, non-emotional integrity. But at the same time from that person comes so powerful boost of energy, so terrific charisma that from him is really impossible to look away. And yet I would be added (for those who watched the movie with a new translation with voiceover actors) - from Celentano just delightful tone of voice. Not only when he sings, but when he speaks.
Ornella Muti as always beautiful and charming. Love her mysterious passionate glances, her demeanor in the frame, smooth movements and a beautiful smile. With Adriano they made a lovely memorable duo, even though they had an impressive difference in age. Ornella beautiful woman and a good actress. In this film, she is beautiful. Perhaps this is one of the best films of her, even though he is not complex and is very bright.
I would like to say a huge thank the creators of this picture, which for many has become one of his childhood memories. Bright, sincere, good-naturedly funny, sometimes very sharp. More than one generation grew up on this film, and I'm sure it will look and our children. Is this melodrama? Of course, it does not quite typical for all its typical (pardon the tautology and intentional pun) picture. Comedy? Naturally, healthy Italian humor leaves a good impression and adds spice to the story. Thank you and God forbid health brilliant Adriano Celentano, long life to this Master. Look, if not watched the movie you will remember forever.
10 of 10

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