"The Taming of the Shrew" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

reviewing all relevant movies with Pierre Richard (1970-1990), selecting the best currently 4 (well, so here I am nit-picker), and another 10 taking note (say, in my opinion, they are not finalized until the end of but there's a good joke), I decided to go with the French on the Italians. Selecting as a new "victim" Adriano, I decided immediately to "shoot" at the heart and see his most great comedy - "The Taming of the Shrew", 1980 ... I do not remember how many times have seen the film, but wanted to know the main : whether he has passed the test of time, or sunk into the river of oblivion, out there in pink childhood .. and sat down to watch ... it took no more than five minutes, and I said to myself that this is a masterpiece ...
it was enough to hear: "From the your permission Submitted by: my name is ... ". "In this and finish. I do not want to overload the memory. " And: "You see, I present the newspaper of Bergamo ...". "And I can not imagine," so I smiled. A careful look at Celentano, I could easily imagine a lonely woman-hater, who, perhaps, had an affair with some charming young lady, but a very long time - years, so back 10-15. And now, offended by the whole world, he only did it work, but chastised married people for their folly premature "arcane" (marriage), pandering to their wives and the loss of the male spirit (married people behave differently than free ).
Strong-willed, charismatic, in good physical shape, with a bright feed and artistry. Yes ... This actor, singer and TV presenter knows his worth. It is impossible not to look. It attracts the viewer, like a magnet. And this despite the fact that he had a specific person (well, I'm no expert, but there are some features that tell about it, no offense), falling hair (that women are, in theory, do not like), and too many antics ( indicating that existing pofigizme, or, to put it literally, that person too much thinks of himself, and yet he was boastful and arrogant). But! As soon as he begins to speak, so all prejudices disappear again! Pose in front! Five minutes later you start to root for him, as if all his life been doing. An actor from God, otherwise you will not tell ...
«People slips on a banana peel. And fall. It's fun! That's funny! Well, why do not you laugh? ". "He is sick." And crying ... But how!
genius ... Well, girl ... To any free man, sane, sober memory, and without the presence of the children would be able to resist such an unearthly beauty, the goddess, is not devoid of any grace or charm or charisma, no artistry ... it ... it ... out of the ordinary! Similarly Shakespearean passions ... If Ornella Muti, before taking part in the filming, set a goal: score yourself a few thousand fans, then I can assure you, with the task she coped brilliantly ... Bright, beautiful, madly attractive, sexy temptress with character, position and failure in love affairs - a real boon for the movie! As a fact, as a part of history as a good script, a woman is supposed to be his wife ... Yes ... It's something ... In fact, in real life, you can not be like that. This is a collective image. But he beat! Jokes, dialogues, pitch, expression, feelings! ..
«You have said nothing to me about my dress ...».
«And I need to say something?».
«Let it wears for you ... What do you like, do not like - can I learn about it »
« you were there yesterday ... »
« no, yesterday I was wearing a different dress, and now me?.. dress from Valentino. »
« from Valentino ... So he's not your ... ».
A job? High society ladies? Bag (gruzchitsa), field ... I think this point check out the many guys who once imagined as a man's job would be completed so that's pretty ... About
director and writer (Castellano & Pipolo) - I did not previously I heard. Perhaps, with this work, we will meet again ...
housekeeper Zhenuariyu reminded me of the "Slave Izaura". I look, and this envy takes that ... Like, how sincere a person plays. And most importantly - what type of person. Open, kind. He who is often in life is not enough, despite the fact that we have quite a few years, as a hero of the film. Yes, age is not important here! He has nothing to do with! Such a housekeeper like her grandmother as a child - his soul will invest in you ... And will be with you no matter what. Despite the heavy character, manners, attitude to life ... Oh, I envy, but was very glad that he has such a person ...
Here I painted all painted. I sing praises, and yet not all perfect. For example, I did not like a basketball game in the final. But! Against the background of everything else, I even hand is not raised to put on a score lower ... so many years ...
«Elijah, do you use my phone and did not even ask permission?».
«Yes», ​​was given a short, simple and indifferent response.
«Well, well ... Call» ...
Classic ... which is without any doubt, passed the test of time and deserves to be ... and here I'm not going to rush. The highest score - is indisputable. But the honorable list of the "100 best movies of all time," I will put it only when the View All significant works Celentano. View and come to the conclusion that "The Taming of the Shrew" - the greatest picture, worthy of this place. After all is learned in comparison. And suddenly will fall something more, and this story will be only just good? Who knows ... it is necessary to look, learn and celebrate the true talent and supplying energetic Italian singer and TV presenter, who at the time of release of the film "The Taming of the Shrew" was already 42 years. 42 ... How good ... Yes ... Age - the talent is not a hindrance ...
10 of 10
Thank you ..!

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